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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Oct 20, 2009.

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    She posted about her daughter wanting to find some online friends and I had a thought. (Freaky, I know! :tongue: )

    As parents, this board is such a great thing. Information, understanding, support, adult conversation, laughs....we get everything here. But what about our kids? easy child, difficult child...doesn't matter although the first thing that popped into my mind was for the easy child's. We as parents have a hard time finding friends who can understand what we go through. I imagine it's just as tough for the easy child's to find friends who can understand what THEY go through. And for the difficult child's, a lot of times, our kids have a hard time making and keeping friends. Maybe online would be a good way for them to connect.

    How hard would it be to set up a seperate board similar to ours but for the kids? And, for that matter, what do you all think about it? I realize that a lot of our kids, both easy child and difficult child, have restrictions/time limits for internet usage but do you think this would be something they would be interested in for the time they do have?

    I just think that something like this could be a great outlet for them. For the easy child's, they can connect with other kids who are living with a difficult child and actually get their frustrations and how it affects their lives. For the difficult child's...maybe they can encourage each other or use their own board as a place to express the things they are scared to talk about to people who aren't in a similar situation. Know what I mean??

    So....what do you think?
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    This was tried many moons ago as a spin off of this board and it just didnt fly. Maybe it would now...who knows. I cant remember whose kid basically ran it. Wasnt mine. Maybe Fran or Nancy remembers. I do know it got little to no action.
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    Yeah, I recall it bombing too. I think easy child got on it once or twice......but there was no real activity and she didn't go back.

    Might be different now, who knows.

    Of course I could see a lot of potential for problems as well. How could you be utterly certain members were actually kids, not adults? Behavior on the board.......let's face it, kids can be far more vicious than adults.

    It would require alot of supervision. Alot. I go to other boards where kids are allowed.......and yeah, it can get ugly......and pretty foul quite easily.:faint: Adults on those boards do as much watching out for the younger members as they do posting.

    easy child got lucky. She discovered by accident other kids she was friends with who also had difficult child sibs at home. One in particular with a difficult child brother with almost the same dxes as Travis........which gave her new insights into her brother and improved their relationship. (the other girl reaped the same benefits)