Susiestar, wondering how the day went...

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    Check in when you can...just hoping things went well today.
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    Just echoing Shari's inquiry. I've been thinking about you and Jess all day.
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    We are finally back. The appointment was quite long. Then we had to go to Sams and take it slow so she could manage. (I did make husband stop at krispy kreme because the HOT light was on. Even talked him into a dozen because he liked the snowman donuts they make!)

    We saw the pain doctor. Got there very early, checked in and then went to get a snack for her. Then we went up and they took us back right away. husband stayed in the waiting room per Jessie's request.

    I LIKE the pain doctor. She sees that something is VERY wrong. Also that Jessie is in a LOT of pain. Jess did an amazing job of really showing the doctor and nurse what is going on. So often she hides it because she hates the look on her dad's face - he just aches for her and cannot control his expressions well. She also hates the looks in public when she is shaking all over.

    The doctor encouraged her to see her therapist as often as possible because it can help. Said it is normal to have situational depression and anxiety with this. Jess commented that she would be crazy if she wasn't depressed by this. VERY SARCASTICALLY. The doctor and nurse LOVED it. (They are quite informal and down to earth.)

    doctor suggested amitryptiline until we explained that it caused problems. She wants the neuro to increase the lyrica. She is not a neuro so she doesn't want to do it. Also since he rx'd it he should be the one to adjust it.

    She was surprised that the neuro is unwilling to do anything to search this out. And kinda disgusted. She knows the neuro I want us to see, says she is excellent. So that is good. Mostly, she was very approachable, understanding and she BELIEVED that Jess hurt and something needed to be done about it.

    She did give us a lortab prescription. Not for long term, but until we can get other medications in place to help she wants Jess to have some relief.

    It was a great appointment. The do APOLOGIZED TWICE because she had to do a neurological exam and it hurt!! She also got a firm mom voice and told her that she had to really listen. Then she said that there is nothing wrong with Jessie's mind, she is not crazy, there is a real problem and seeing a therapist is just another tool to help make things better.

    I was so glad she did both of those. It is one thing for mom to tell you that you are not seeing a therapist because you are defective or broken or nuts. A whole 'nother thing to have a doctor say it.

    Jess LOVES her. I like her and think I will continue to respect her. Seems like we have found a doctor who will really do what she can to help, rather than hiding from the problem.

    Of course then we had to go to Sams. Jessie and I both had riding carts, thank heaven! We got a lot of stuff to make easy meals and have healthy snacks. I even got some indiv. packs of peanuts so when husband works at a universtiy function (he is in crowd control for games and stuff) he can have a healthier snack to keep him going.

    It was a LONG and rough day. We got through it with NO fussing or arguments! We all worked together to make sure everyone was as OK as possible.

    Then we got home, got thank you from my parents and he has an upset tummy and headache. But he is settled for the moment.

    THank you all for your thoughts and prayers. They are appreciated!
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    Is there anyway this pain doctor could give you a referral to the neuro you want to see? Just thinking that might get you in faster.

    I'm glad it went well and that the doctor listened.
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    I may ask, but the pediatrician probably needs to do it. It is not an insurance referral. They need the chart notes and other things from the other docs before they agree to see her. Pain doctor doesn't have much in the way of records about her.

    I will check though.
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    I'm so glad this doctor validated Jess. That probably meant more to her than anything. I'm also glad they see that further investigation into this is needed to find out what is really wrong. It pains me to read the descriptions of what she is going through in your posts. I hope the medications give her some relief and I hope they figure out what's going on really soon.
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    Susie, sounds like you and Jess found a winner.

    I am so happy that the doctor listened to Jess and saw her pain. Sounds like she knows what she's about. Also wonderful that she talked to Jess about the therapist and situational depression. To be taken seriously AND to get someone who's really motivated to make Jess's pain better is a blessing.

    I hope that you're able to get the referral to the neuro.

    Give Jess many soft gentle hugs from Auntie Trinity, and smiley smiles from the bambinos.