Suspended for Racism

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Our school is overall a great place to be but sometimes their view of what needs to be punished is a little off.

    Tigger, Nino and Carl are all in the ED room. They have been having problems with the 3 of them arguing and they have all earned various punishment (mostly loss of 20 minute freetime and lunchtime detentions/social work) for name calling and pushing.

    Friday, the argument (in the ED room so this wasn't a public display) included Nino saying to Tigger "I'm going to hit your black face." and Tigger responded that "you better keep your stupid Mexican hands off me". No idea what Carl said but it was something similar.

    All three boys "should have" gotten a 3-day out of school suspension for "racial harassment". But they considered their disability and gave them a 1-day punishment (parental choice of "out of school" or they could serve it at the BD school in a private room)

    So, if they push each other, it is a 20-minute punishment but for this the school wanted to give a 3-day suspension????
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    Seriously don't know what to say. :sigh:
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    Gee, whatever happened to "sensitivity training"?
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    Wow. I'm with Keista, speechless!! And Tino started it to begin with. Good grief!
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    Considering the school is about 88% white and less than 2 percent black, I do find it ironic that the anti-racial harassment rules put in place to (supposedly) protect my child are being used to punish him.

    His feelings were hurt by the comment but his feelings also get hurt when they call him "weird".
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    You know, this is what kids do. Sigh.

    So sorry, but glad that the punishment is of such short duration. I'd just get it overwith and chalk it up to typical administration do-gooder stupidity.
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    I agree, just stupid to take things that far. The priorities are skewed. Q has been called the R word and has been told in writing that no one likes him even his mother hates him etc... and nothing was done to that kid. But Q blurts out strings of words that have the n word and he is banished. And he is the only Black person in the class... so frustrating.
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    I heard there is a brouhaha about some sports celeb who is Asian, and the use of an old cliche', "A chink in the armor," a word choice that is getting people fired. Never drink while writing cliche' headlines, I always say. :itwashim3: