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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by KarenB, May 28, 2008.

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    Well, now he took a knife to school and is suspended. I spoke with the principal and guidance counselor. They both said his behavior is getting progressively worse, and he spun a huge web of lies (AGAIN) when asked about the knife. He was tested recently at school and does not qualify for an IEP and assistance. I don't know what to do with him anymore, and today I feel like nothing I ever do will help change things with him. I'm mentally exhausted, and feel like I'm the one who needs medication!
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    I'm glad no one was hurt. Some questions (sorry!): Did he give a reason for bringing the knife? How long is the suspension? Will the district be changing his school placement? Is there any chance the medications are fueling this?
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    Hugs to you...why does he not qualify for an IEP? Seems to me behavioral issues would make him qualify.
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    Karen, ask yourself if he's better or worse since starting Zoloft. If he's worse, you have your answer to what's going on with your son's behavior.

    Obviously, we're not doctors and can't diagnosis over the internet, but Zoloft can cause this kind of behavior. I know, because it happened to all three of my children.

    Please talk to the psychiatrist TODAY about what's going on. It can and will get better.
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    I would suggest that you call his psychiatrist immediately. Taking a knife to school is extremely serious business. Thank goodness that noone was hurt.

    You need to let his doctor know about this, and about his spiraling behavior. In my school district, a knife would be a pretty sure expulsion (or at least a change of placement). What were the terms of his suspension? What reason (lies) did he give for taking the knife to school?

    Hugs to you, this is serious business.

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    I second Sharon and the others on this. My son went on a 2 hour "crime spree" last year and my first reaction was to give up on treatment- thinking he had truly "gone bad". But, I called the psychiatrist to inform him and the psychiatrist told me difficult child was manic and to take him off his current medications (prozac) immediately. I hate to think how much worse things could have gotten if I had not called psychiatrist.
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    PS I haven't completely followed your other posts, but it sounds like it would be a good idea to put a rush on finding out what is going on with your difficult child and get an IEP in place for next year.
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    I know you are exhausted. I am so sorry.
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    From someone who has been there done that
    Many, many hugs.
    You WILL get through this!!!!!!!
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    He said he got it from his cousin over the weekend, it was in his pants pocket packed up with his clothes, he forgot it was there, put the pants on, and went to school, etc.. lie, lie, lie. Then why was he showing it to someone?
    They only suspended him for today(what was left of the school day) and tomorrow. The reason is because he's only been in trouble like this one other time this year, and that was from him stealing library books.

    They can't do an IEP based on behavior/ mental issues. It's based on how much of a gap there is between his IQ and his performance. From what they told me basically there isn't a gap.

    After reading here I believe the increase in Zoloft has fueled it. His doctor doubled his dose from 50mg about 6 weeks ago. Perhaps Zoloft has been a problem all along. I don't even see any depression anyway, even before.
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    Just remember to wean the Zoloft if you and the psychiatrist decide to stop it.
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    I will certainly do that. I'll call the doctor tomorrow. Thanks so much for the replies!!!
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    Karen, I am so sorry he's been acting up lately. You've gotten some great advice and sound like you're on the right track. Good luck!
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    The school district is not being forthright with you. #1, the difference IQ and performance scores is no longer applicable according to the 2004 regs; #2, IEPs are for academic and/OR behavior problems if the student qualifies. Behavior problems such as bringing a knife to school should be a huge red flag for the sd.

    If you want additional info, you may want to consider visiting the Special Education forum on this site.

    Big hug for you.
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    Thank you for the info! I'll check that forum out, but do you have any suggestions on how I should approach the school about this? The guidance counselor has told me what I posted earlier about academic performance twice now, and she never mentioned that he could get an IEP based on his behavior. She's right in the thick of it with him lately, and she knows what he's been up to. She even told me his lying is, "out of control", and the principal said his behavior is "escalating."
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    No words of wisdom but I just wanted to my support. Sorry for the situation, hopefully weaning off the zoloft will be the answer.

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    I can only sympathize, my difficult child has been suspended multiple times. Hopefully it is the medications and he will get better.