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    I'm not sure if you have the same provider I do but there was a feature on Richard and "THE" scene in Pretty Woman where he shut the box as she was trying to get the gift. Evidently it was not intended to be part of the movie and the Director (I think) suggested to Richard that he snap the box shut just to be funny. Turned out to be THE scene that everyone remembers from the movie. I loved that scene.
    Every single time I read about Richard I wonder if he has already shared the info with you. Great story. DDD
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    Yes, I'm here D3. I read that story a long time ago. I thought I'd read that it was just Richard teasing Julia but it doesn't matter- it's a great scene and it explains why Julia's laugh sounds so genuine- because it was!
    Wish I'd been able to see the feature you're referring to. Any time spent with Richard is time well spent. :flirtysmile3: