Sweet Betsy-Life is Good

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    Hi Family-

    It's been a few months, so thought I'd give you all an update. I see so many of you struggling with your adult children, it really breaks my heart. Thank God for this forum and the support here. I don't know how I would have survived the last 10 years without your support. THANK YOU!

    We've had a few bumps in the road, but overall, SB is doing really well. She is in therapy, finally getting to the root of what causes her self loathing and working on how to move past it and have a happy life. She is also working on impulse control, which has been a huge issue for her since she was a toddler. She struggles sometimes to overcome it, but is working really hard to keep control. I am so very proud of her for doing the work it takes to have a healthy life.

    She is working with Lincolns dad on a parenting agreement and shared custody. Lincoln is almost 5 and has been living with his dad in NC for the last 2 years. He has visited, but everyone felt it was best to let him continue to live there until SB could be a responsible parent. He is well taken care of and is doing great. We skype with him and keep in touch.

    We found out a few weeks ago that SB is pregnant. I had really mixed feelings in the beginning, but now am grateful that she is well enough to handle it this time. She is almost 24 and has been a good mom to her boyfriend's daughter for the last year. She is close to our family again and has the support from all of us. I believe this is a blessing to us all.

    Thank you all for your loving support. I pray daily for you all. Stay strong and know that anything is possible.

    Love and Blessings,

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    Hi Julie, thanks for the update and it's good to hear things are going well. Angel hit a stable patch 2010-2011 did I come share my joy with my internet friends? No I went camping and to concerts and visited friends and watched movies & tv and read about 200 books that had nothing to do with mental illness, child rearing or Special Education law.

    Then last winter my youngest was chatting on facebook with Willy (Angel's cyber twin) and willy's mom pm's her with her phone# and a message have your mother call me ASAP!!! Turned out while I was running around enjoying the freedom a stable child allows my online support group over at bpkids site thought Angel had off'd herself!!! They were kind enough not to bring up the rumor ( I had read the 1000's of emails from back then in the archives) when I did my blast from the past email and came back out of the woodwork.

    So again thank you for the update and anyone else who see's this if they find a cure for whatever ails your kid and you decide to drop out of sight to party the way I did make sure you post a BBL (be back later) thread to let people know where you went if they do a search for you. It was comforting they cared but upsetting I broke so many hearts in that support group by my ignorance of internet etiquette.

    Though I doubt you are dropping out of sight, gonna have some cute baby pictures to post in the water cooler in a few months, congratulations Gma!
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    Wow, Julie, I'm pleased to hear the sweet Betsy is stepping up to the plate in terms of her pregnancy and dealing with Lincoln's dad-that is HUGE. Blessing abound, despite the situation's origin! Glad to hear things have turned a corner for her. And you. Hugs, you're such a loving mom.
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    Thanks for the wonderful update!

    I'm so very proud of SB that I'm just sitting here beaming, a grin spread from ear to ear!! :)

    Congrats on the new grandchild. I hope SB continues to do so well.

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    That's a really great update. I'm happy to see everything is working out nicely for your family.
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    Hi Julie,
    Thank you for the very hopeful update on sweet Bets. You've never given up on her. And I'm so glad she's getting help, getting honest and uncovering what's been hurting her for so long.

    Really pleased to hear how well Lincoln is doing and that Bets is still very much involved in his life.

    Congrats on becoming a grandma again too!!! Maybe a girl this time??? smile.
    And as always...Thank you for your thoughtfulness and prayers for my J's and family.
    Love, care, and prayer to you Bets and family.
    Your friend,
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    Thank you so much for the update. It made me smile this morning :) Glad SB is doing well.
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    I love good news.