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    So it sounds like Kanga attempted to get alone with one of the girls on her unit (for sex). She had her roommate and another girl lined up to create a distraction on their next off-campus outing. The girl told on her and it didn't happen. But I'm so aggravated.

    1. I only found out about this because I called unit staff to check on her on Friday (it happened either Tuesday or Wednesday).

    2. Why the heck is the child not restricted to campus???

    3. Her goal is technically 'return home' although we all know it is really independent living. If it really was return home, the lack of consequences from staff would really set her up for failure here.

    4. I knew she was turning down multiple off-campus outings. She told me it was because she had spent all her money and didn't want to just watch the other girls shop. Nope, she liked being able to hang out near the boys as the only girl (even if staff made her sit on the balcony (30-40 ft away from the bball court), she still got to see and be seen.

    I am so grateful that she is there and not here. I cannot imagine the hell our lives would be in our ultra-conservative small town (well, technically not small anymore but the attitudes remain).
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    Oh, dear.
    Well, it sounds more like natural consequences, and this time, you're the one not being blamed.
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    Sorry, JJJ.
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    She called tonight. She's definitely hypomanic: pressured speech, racing thoughts, grandiose thinking.

    Kanga: I want to take Auto Shop this semester.

    Me: Why?

    Kanga: So I can learn stuff...you know to fix car stuff.

    Me: It is because the class is all boys and you would love to get out of your all girls classroom and be around the boys again.

    Kanga: No way. You know I am not like that.

    Me: (laughing out loud at this point) Really? Cause you are EXACTLY like that.

    Kanga: I'm hanging up now.

    Seriously? Does the girl think I sustained a serious head injury recently??? She is on a PROTECTION PLAN due to sexual misconduct. She was JUST CAUGHT making plans to violate the protection plan. She is so deeply deluded - I have my weekly call from her staff tomorrow, I wonder if she has shared this plan with them yet...
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    Wish I was near. I'd come teach her auto shop class. lol Girls only.
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    At this point, I think all you CAN do is laugh. The whole situation is just so pathetic.
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    It is awesome that you call her out immediately like that when she tries to pull something over on you!

    I'm sorry she's still struggling with this behavior~
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    husband's family owns an auto repair shop. His uncle is a race car driver. She has had tons of opportunities to learn about cars if she wants. No interest, hated having to go to the shop. Gee, wonder why I'm suspicious???

    I do wish you were nearer -- mainly cause I'd be able to picket Wee's school!!!!
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    No interest, hated having to go to the shop.

    Yep. I can see how this works.
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    Honey, I'm laughing with you ~ I know exactly how you're feeling in so many ways.
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    I just hope some day this young lady can see, at least at some level, how true you are to her...

    And as for Wee's school, feel free to picket from afar! lol
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    I spoke with her staff. Kanga is definitely off in her own little world as far as expectations.

    She will be taking gardening in an all-girls class :) Staff laughed and said there is no way she's eligible for auto shop.

    Due to her recent 'plans' to violate the protection plan while out in the community, they are reevaluating her protection plan for community outings. She thinks she is going to a MLB game in the city this weekend. Um, not. Staff can refuse to take any child on an outing if they do not feel comfortable that it will be safe. Kanga has already been 'not selected' for several outings due to lack of staff willing to take her. Kanga likely doesn't know about those because they were mixed-unit outings and no one from her unit went. Her case manager is going to double check but she would be shocked if Kanga was going anywhere besides their local destinations for quite some time (they have some places that are used to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) bringing the kids and tend to be smaller and easier to supervise).

    Family therapy on Wednesday -- this will be interesting....
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