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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Feb 5, 2012.

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    He went out with his mentor today and made me a get well card (i cracked my head hard in friday, I am ok, just taking it easy this weekend) and bought me a candy bar. very sweet and thoughtful. He also called his mentor and told him to park in the street and not the driveway so the dogs would not bark and wake me from my nap.

    He is so young in so many ways, after he got home he had me help him make valentines day cards, cutting out hearts from construction paper as he glued them together. Chronologically he may be 14? But in reality? He is 10 or 11.
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    Always good to have those nice moments to hold on to, isn't it?
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    Oh so sweet. I love those moments. He was way more thoughtful that I have ever experienced but today I got the best softest real hug...not one to make up or save him or get him out of trouble.. just a nice hug.

    I think it is even more meaningful to us, right? Those special times are really earned.

    Q too is much younger developmentally but he is looking more and more like a teenager and so it's hard that people don't really get that. It is sometimes really nice though, that I can still get away with younger explanations of things and skirting my way around things if I need to.

    Very sweet that he still wants to make his valentines.

    How is he doing in school? Is he settling in ok??
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    Thank you for sharing! I love this story especially the part where he didn't want anyone waking you from your nap!
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    I love this. So sweet!!!!
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    How sweet... Savor this one!
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    I imagine that even when you are older than I am you'll secretly smile everytime you see a Valentine's card made from red construction paper. Super moment. DDD
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    When I think of my difficult child, I try to always remember the sweet moments. They are truly precious memories of an innocent time.
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    Most Excellent! Enjoy these moments!
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    Ohh, that's so sweet! So sorry you had to nearly split your head open for it to happen, lol! Feel better and continue to take it easy. Hugs to your and your sweet difficult child.
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    That is lovely. Isn't it weird how our kids can just melt our hearts one moment and a bit later just drive us insane?
    Hang on to those moments.