Sweet Pea has a phonological disorder

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    Just a little update for who ever cares! lol
    Sweet Pea had her first session with her new Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) (after the disaster with the old one... who never cared to show up again or call to let me know).
    Funny thing: I knew this Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) from about 3 years back when we had just moved to NC. Partner was still delayed in his speech and she helped him get completely caught up!
    Now, she is treating Sweet Pea as she started her own company and does not work for the hospital anymore.
    It took her about 20minutes of interaction with Sweet Pea to tell me what is going on with her.
    It's not apraxia, but phonological disorder. Sweet Pea's vowel are very clear but her consonant are either distorted or dropped altogether.
    She said that her speech pattern was not age appropriate and not typical (the other $%^U Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) kept on telling me that Sweet Pea was so close to be caught up, she was almost age appropriate, bla bla bla).
    The Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) seemed to be a woman with a plan and using gestures and pictures was able to make Sweet Pea say several sentences! Sure her words are distorted, but Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) was telling the importance of making sentences even if it's hard to understand her.
    She will be working on the first few consonnants Sweet Pea should have but does not.
    I cannot relay all the info she has shared as it a bit technical and really did not digest it all. But what she said makes sense to me and I recognize Sweet Pea in it. (the other Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)'s comments never added up).
    I did not ask about the prognosis as I would imagine it is a bit to soon for Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) to have an opinion on that.
    But now that I have a name for it and have read a bit about it, I think it will be a little while before she overcomes it. I imagine she will have to be in special preschool when she turns 3 next year.
    But with a good Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), I'm hoping she will give Sweet Pea some new tools to express herself and minimize tantrums.
    Her early intervention specialist got us started with PECS and it already makes a difference.
    The other day, Sweet Pea started having a tantrum. I asked her to give the pictures of what she wants: a dry diaper and a hug!! And she stopped screaming right away. It just melted my heart of course.
    So lots of hope.
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    Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) just GAVE you a prognosis... that she thinks Sweat Pea can make significant progress with intervention, AND she's prepared to work with her... WOW. It just means so much to have professionals who see what we see... and have ANSWERS!
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    YIPPEEEEEEE! More answers in your house. Doesn't the "RIGHT" professional make all the difference in the world?!? I just love it when the planets align just right sometimes.

    I admire all you do for your kids. You really are an inspiration.