Sweet Piglet

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Feb 1, 2012.

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    My sweet little girl has had a great day! She got her braces off and can't stop smiling.

    We also got her high school placement test results and she did so well ! Her reading score was a bit low as expected but high enough for the regular level mandatory reading class (instead of remedial). Her Math and Science scores placed her very solidly into the regular classes. The highlight of the scores was her English...she got a 19 and she only would have needed a 20 for the honors program!!! This is outstanding because (1) she had an IEP for academics for 5 years and she has NEVER been in our gifted and talented classes, yet she tested very close to getting into an honors class as a freshman! I'm so proud of her!!!
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    Give her a big old congrats hug from Auntie Step!!! Woo hoo!!!

    ...And you, too, Mama!
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    Way To Go Piglet!!! Auntie TeDo is a proud auntie too!! I bet mom can't stop smiling either!
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    How great is that? Way to go, Piglet!
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    She has worked so hard.I remember getting my braces off and how good it felt. 1994 LOL Good for Piglet getting such good scores!!!
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    I'm very proud of her too.
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    Congrats to her!
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    YAY to Miss Piglet. She should be so very proud of herself. She obviously worked very hard to get to this point. How great for her. And getting her braces off on the same day? Bonus!!
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    Way To Go piglet!
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    :you_go_girl:Great Job!