Sweet Puppy's sister and my possible medical procedure

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Andy

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    Sweet puppy was perfect for our home. We loved her very much and was so devistated when she died just a few weeks ago.

    I had a hard choice to make. School is out the end of May and difficult child will be 15 years old in September with dreams of driving and a job to fullfill. In light of this, I have decided that even though it may seem too soon to do so, we will be getting another puppy when school is out. I want difficult child to have a puppy to work with this summer and most importantly, I want the puppy to be older and settled into our home BEFORE difficult child gets busy with drivers ed and/or a job. To ease any doubt, drivers ed and a job will NOT take difficult child's attention away from puppy. He will still find lots of time to be with her - he is that kind of a kid. (otherwise I wouldn't be doing this)

    I found out that sweet puppy's parents had babies the middle of March who will be looking for homes after the middle of May. I would like to wait until the first week in June when difficult child is out of school but will need to bring the puppy home when she is ready. It will be a hard few weeks until difficult child is able to step in all day to help but we will make it work. And who knows, Spring flooding may prevent us from picking her up before the end of May! We are excited that this will be Sweet Puppy's baby sister. Easier to receive her as an extension to the family - not a replacement!

    A co-worker stated her fiance' is willing to come work one on one with difficult child to train the new puppy. They agree that it is good for difficult child to enjoy working with the puppy. The trainer at the dog class had gruffly told difficult child, "This is not a game" because difficult child was so patient and was enjoying the class. The trainer did not know difficult child's heart and willingness to work so faithfully on this, something not every kid has such a deep interest in doing. difficult child was very dedicated to learning how to train her. He and sweet puppy had attended one dog training class and they were faithfully doing daily homework assignments from that class even though difficult child didn't understand the purpose of the task. If you could have seen difficult child working with sweet puppy, you would know that he NEEDS a dog.

    Sweet puppy taught us a lot and we are excited to share what we learned with her sister.

    difficult child cried for two days and is handling his mourning so maturely. He admits that he knows he will not hurt so deeply and instensly for forever and will always remember her.

    Today I had a doctors appointment. Being I had a physical a few weeks ago, difficult child is questioning what is wrong. So as not to get into the details, I told difficult child that it was just normal female stuff, nothing to worry about, just something that may have to be done. I told him that one of the options would have me off of work for 6 weeks.

    He answered that it would be perfect if I could have it when the puppy came so that I could be home 24/7 to take care of the puppy for 6 weeks.

    NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!! (yes, I would wait until puppy is much older and can come up with a schedule that she will be take care of) Fortunately as of now there is no hurry for me - just in the early planning stage of gathering info on what my options are so I can make a plan and be prepared when/if that plan needs to be implemented. Isn't it fun to be a girl? LOL!

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    :cool_dog:Ohhhhhhhhhh, that's SO sweet!

    Not so much the part about a (hysterectomy?) and housebreaking a puppy simultaneously ...
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    Yep, that is what I am looking at. There is a newer outpatient procedure that has 30% elimination of the issue, 30% decrease of the issue, and 30% no change of the issue that we may try first if need be - outpatient/same day procedure and could go to work the next day! :) Doing some testing to see if I fit the criteria, if so and I decide I need to, I will go through that 1st. :)

    But can you imagine taking care of a new puppy within a 6 week recovery of any surgery? You can tell who difficult child was thinking about and it wasn't me. He is going to be a great care giver to the puppy! :)
  4. TerryJ2

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    I had the "other" procedure and it didn't work for me. I have an acqaintance who had it done, and it was like a miracle. Everyone is different. Fingers crossed!
  5. Andy

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    O.K. Terry, that makes 3 of us (if I do it). If 30% eliminates the issue, 30% finds no change, and 30% has a decrease in the issue then I conclude:

    Your friend = miracle -most likely means eliminated the issue
    You = failed - most likely means no change

    Than means I am the 3rd (1/3 or 30%) so mine might be decrease which would help a lot!

    :) LOL! If only life was that simple - I could just push someone ahead of me and be the next in line for the miracle turn!
  6. ML

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    Adding my wishes for the miracle. I'm sorry about the loss of you sweet puppy and excited about your new arrival.
  7. HaoZi

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    Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.
  8. cubsgirl

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    I had the other procedure and it eliminated the issue entirely. I had a very positive experience with it :) I hope it works out for you too.
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    Well, congrats on the new puppy. Gtg sounds like one of those kids that are almost a kindred spirit with the critters.

    As for the other...ugh. But good luck!
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    I'm very sorry about sweet puppy. It is hard when a furbaby dies.

    It is awesome that difficult child is willing to work so hard to train his dog. Getting the dog before he has a job/driver's license is very wise planning. Dog training requires a LOT of patience and dedication. It sounds like difficult child is perfect for the job, esp after the way he was so diligent and patient with sweet puppy. I don't know why some people think it has to be so serious, or that if you enjoy something and are a kid you automatically are not putting forth the effort and work required. Other trainer guy sounded like a curmudgeon. If your friend's husband is good at training dogs that might be a better answer. I know my mom used a Barbara Wodehouse book when we got Friday (childhood dog) and that dog was incredible. Anyone could take anything out of her mouth with-o getting bitten or snapped at. Even steak!

    If SP's little sis is ready before you can take her, could you pay the adoption fee and maybe a boarding fee to have them keep her the extra week or so? Bringing her home when it is so busy can make life really hectic and the end of the year is usually pretty eventful and often a difficult child's anxiety is higher then. So having the puppy come a day or two after school is out would give difficult child something to have planned and make the transition smoother for you, difficult child and new sweetie pup. Just a thought.

    As for the surgery, I am sorry you are having plumbing problems. I had a hysterectomy a few years back and it was one of the best things I ever did. My doctor wouldn't do the ablation unless I demanded it because he felt that it just didn't help enough for enough of his patients to justify the pain and expense. He did them for several years and stayed on top of the best methods to do it, but after a couple of years realized that almost every patient had to either have it done again or have the hysterectomy within 5 years because the problems started again. He felt the cost and pain simply were too much for 5 years of relief, esp with the results you mentioned. He kept up with his partners to see if changes in the procedure changed the 5 year outlook, but at the time I had my surgery things had not changed.

    I did a lot of research on the internet when I had my hysterectome and it was almost all negative and scary. Many women who had blogs about it seemed to feel their docs treated them like dogs being spayed than women with a serious health problem who needed high quality care and compassion from the doctor and his staff. I only found one positive site, something about a happy hysterectomy was in the name. I finally concluded that women who had good results from their hysterectomies were out living full and interesting lives with no pain and no problems and not sitting in front of a computer talking about it all day. Maybe not accurate, but it let me not worry, lol! (Having an amazing doctor helped with that also, of course!)

    Whatever you choose, I hope the results are that you are pain and problem free after recovery!! difficult child's comment about the dog were funny and cute. He sure wasn't thinking about YOUR well being, but he was thinking about the puppy, lol! I am sure he will be a wonderful dog servant!!