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    Does anyone else have a child with this? Do they have temporal lobe seizures too? Are they on the spectrum?

    Just wondering of the prevalence of any of our kids on the board and statistically where they might fall with one of the other 2 as well.

    Apparently Ms Queen has this (middle difficult child). Now just have to figure out if she is having silent seizures (we've done sleep deprevation EEGs twice), and while she does display some Asperger like symptoms, no one is willing to go there as of yet since she has so much going on.

    It's all new to me as I just learned that she can or rather does this.

    It is fascinating and now makes very much sense all the other "connected dots" that she also has going on such as struggling with math for example for one.
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    Well after reading about it, I would say that I think I could be dxd with it to some form or degree. I especially see the year in a circular way and decades tend to be in a long tunnel type thing. And months are definitely colors to me.

    I never knew this was odd or any sort of label though. I just thought it was one of my little oddities.
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    I have synesthesia. I never knew I had it until I read about it in Time years ago. I thought everyone saw numbers letters etc in color and form, saw time spatially and gave material characteristics to feelings, sounds and tastes! I was stunned that my kids and husband did not. For months after learning I had it, I asked relatives and friends "what color is the letter F?" And I was always surprised when they looked at me like I am nuts. (It's green by the way!)

    No seizures and I'm not on the spectrum to my knowledge. I did take an extensive online test for it and did test positive. I made my h and my kids and my mom take the test too and they were not. I still can't believe most people don't think this way!

    What I did learn about myself - and I was in college by then- is that I learn by seeing. I can take a million notes- paying attention- yet they won't help me learn the material. I need to pay strict visual attention to learn things. I finally stopped struggling in math (as a college senior in basic algebra 101 which I needed to graduate) when I stopped taking notes and started sitting up front. After learning the material thru watching it literally being drawn on the board - I would then illustrate it to myself in my notebook after class. And I am not an artist! Economics too. If i could associate a color with a portion if a formula, I could understand it and work it. I did well in literature classes because I saw the words - I didn't read them. I excelled in and loved art history because it was well suited to my visual learning style. (It was intended to satisfy my 3 credit art requirement and became my minor)

    To this day, I need to see things to understand them. I create visuals when necessary because I NEED a visual representation in order to "own" any new information. I had middle & hs teachers grow frustrated with me because I did well when I seemed to be daydreaming when in fact I was seeing their lecture. I actually received A numerical grades with D "effort" grades. (Catholic schools gave both grades) When I struggled in math and science, I was told I needed to take better notes & that always made things worse. More notes meant less visualization which was a disaster fur me.

    So never tell me something- you need to SHOW me something!