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Quick question. I know many women take Synthroid for hypothyroid.

I was taking Cytomel only. Very unusual. After some tests, doctor put me on low dose of Synthoird too.

I'm bloating like crazy and seem to be gaining weight! It might be from the bloat. I don't know. It's crazy.
But then again, my body can be goofy.

Anyone else have a weird experience with Synthroid?


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I have Hashimoto's disease.

It takes a while to get the dose right. Your body takes about 6 weeks to respond to new thyroid medication or a change in dose. You should get a new blood test after 6 weeks and see what your TSH level says. If you've only just started taking this then I don't think it would act that fast but I could be wrong of course. How long have you been taking it?

Thyroid imbalance causes so many side-effects. I'd recommend reading a good book and taking control away from your doctor. It's your thyroid and you know your body best. Find a good doctor you trust and who listens to your input. Then you need patience to try a few things until you find what suits you. It took a couple of years for me to feel properly well and my dose still gets adjusted yearly.


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I had issues with Synthroid, which is the brand medication. Since I switched to Levothyroxin, which is a generic version, I have not had problems. Plus, the medicine is cheaper. Make sure that you get your blood tested at least twice a year so that the dose can be calibrated properly.

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I didn't do well on Synthroid and my doctor switched me to Levothyroxine which was much better. Unfortunately that was years ago and my insurance switched three years ago. They recently stopped paying for the Levothryroxine and I just recently switched back to Synthroid.