SYTYC DANCE -- and results


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3333FF"> what an interesting show last night was. first nigel came as close to apologizing for a wrong call as i've ever seen him virtually assuring cedric he would be departing this week. then debbie allen tells him when he goes he has a place at her world famous dance academy....with-nigel insuring that it will be a scholarship. smooth move, nigel.

then we have jessi getting so sick placing pasha, in spite of a great performance in danger of being sent home with or with-o a solo. jessie must have been terribly sick. dancers don't walk away from a performance of any kind....unless they chained her to the bed. since she's had two days to get back on her feet ~~~ they taped wednesday's show on tuesday ~~~ she will hopefully be back tonight. she will have to perform a solo however. hopefully pasha won't be in the bottom three at all tonight.

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I agree. I thought Pasha danced great last night. I thought he was gonna drop that girl though. Yikes.

I thought it was neat to have Debbie Allen on the show, but I thought she was too wishy washy in her judging. She told everyone that they were great.

My personal faves last night were Lacey & whatever her partner's name is (I can't keep track of all their names). I also like Shauna and hope that Cedric does not bring her down. She dances beautifully.


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I didn't realize that I hadn't watched the last dance, until your post. We had a nasty storm, here last night and I turned it off to watch the weather and forgot to watch the rest. I just went and watched and let me tell you, I'm fanning myself right now! Pasha was HOT!

I doubt he'll end up in the bottom. He did amazing with a woman that he's never really danced with before. I noticed that he didn't do that one move of sliding her through his legs and her flipping up. I was wondering how he was going to hold her up. I guess they switched it to the move when she slid around on his back. Still, that must have taken some strength and control.

Hok and Jaimie's dance was fabulous! Amazing choreography.

I was disappointed with Mia's choreography this week. I usually love her choreography so much, but I think Mary was right about her use of Cedric, but I still didn't care for the dance on the whole, even though Shauna is an amazing dancer.

I do really like Lacey and Kameron. Dominic surprises me each week and Sabra is just adorable.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3366FF"> i'm not a hok fan, but OMG he was amazing last night....& his art work. wow.

mia was between a rock & a hard place. while she clearly supports cedric the guy just doesn't have the chops (tho if he takes debbie up on her offer he will have in a year or four). i thought she did a wonderful job of portraying the trials cedric has faced the past three weeks while at the same time allowing shawna to show that she really belongs there. mia obviously was heartbroken watching the dance.

props to cedric for showing such dedication to dance & maturity when he shushed the boo~ing audience. real class.

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I thought Hok and Jaimie's dance was amazing, also!

I felt kind of bad for the fill in dancer. Debbie Allen's comments about Pasha having to dance with Bette Midler wasn't very nice. Mary quickly pointed out that she was kind to fill in at the last minute and that she was a former American champion.

Really, though, I can't pick one to leave. They are all great.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3366FF"> maybe next time the judges have already decided who they want to go home they should keep it closer to their vests. from reading the FOX boards i know many thought they were unduly harsh with-cedric & i think that spurred people to vote for him thus keeping him & shawna out of the bottom three. nigel was pretty obvious that he was angry with-those results.

i knew as soon as the bottom three men were announced it would be jesus going home. no way were they sending neil or DANNY. i always thought jessi would be going. even with-doctor's clearance i think the concerns for her health cinched it for her, but her solo was pretty awful. didn't she have to dance for her life once before & they didn't like her solo then either. she really never lived up to the potential of her audition (the oil dance lol).

cedric won't be able to maintain the support. i think america only prolonged his agony. he was ready to go this week & put a lot of effort into going out with-a great deal of dignity.

i was looking forward to pasha & shawna being partnered actually.

ah well individual voting will be starting soon.

i wish that the judging was different. judges pick the bottom three....america either votes who to save or who goes.

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Yeah, I wasn't surprised about Jessie going home......and, of the 3 guys, I guess the guy who went had to be the pick.

I don't think there's a foolproof way to judge these shows but I prefer the way they do it on this one. I don't recall ever disagreeing with, of the choices they are given, the judges' choice to leave...but I have certainly disagreed with who the public votes for because of how they sometimes rally around the worst contestant.