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    so i wanted to send a thank you to so very many of you who have provided such amazing support, friendship and insight through the years. It has come in handy and has helped me through alot of ups and downs my life has thrown me and my family the past year or so. I'd name names yet you know who you are.... :)

    Yet i find it time to find a new group, and i'll repeat what i wrote in my other thread about my child. I think this is a great group, yet as with most things in life improvements can be made and quite honestly should i think in my opinion.

    The responses ive recvd. from a few members here and yes just a few have been crass, judgemental, nasty, and even saying i lie about the crazy life i've lead for the past year. It's just ridiculous for a lack of better words.

    I have learned that when posting to others, especially in this capacity and in a place where alot of stressed out parents run to using words and phrases such as "i have learned", or "from my experience", those are terms that are not only non threatening yet their kind, supportive and also do not seem as though you are basically cramming your opinion down someone elses throat. Also to ever fight or make a poster defend the validity of their posts due to either being confused by them or what have you is very wrong and harmful. I as I said have made a decision to leave here because it's what is best for me, yet do any of you really want to portray that type of language or emotion for a new member to see? I am clearly not a Mod yet I felt it necessary to get that off my chest because dealing with children like ours is so taxing and it is important to support ppl the right way

    This is a great place, and let it continue to be that. Be kind to eachother, and think before posting as i'm sure many of you thought I should at times and maybe your right I'm not going to apologize for not taking advice I didn't feel good, or repeating myself which the doctor says is Ms yet I think some of it is also just me. Yet truth is think to yourself what am i trying to achieve here, what info am i trying to get across? It'll not only help you yet it'll truly help the poster in whatever is going on in their lives.

    As I said i do thank alot of ppl for being so wonderful and the handful of ppl with whom have basically sent me running to a new group i'm sure you'll be more supportive and think more next time you do respond to someone. If that comes from this than great and that's awesome. Yet a place like this is supposed to be kind, support, gentle not what i've been running into as of late.

    I can't come here and be stressed because than it just defeats the purpose of me being here afterall. So, i will unfortunately close out my account in a few days. For any of you who would like to email, facebook etc. please feel free to email me here and we'll exchange info.

    Please dont' be offended the great ppl here who have provided the support to me, I just cant' come in here seeking advice and take hit after hit from other's it's too draining and time consuming and as my husband said becoming far stressful.

    Have a great reunion, a great summer all of you, be good to yourselves and difficult child's well hope it's a calm summer. yes, i will probably go thru some type of cd withdrawal for a while, got soo used to sharing probably too much here. Yet alot to be said for venting, it's a great tool to empty one's cup and keep on going... :)

    :) Jen
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