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    So before difficult child left wr had a carpool set up with a lady I worked with. Worked great, she only works 2 days during the week so I only had to do 2 days and she did not mind picking up 3. She had had her own difficult child and her son had a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as an infant, so she does great with difficult child.

    I called tonight I hopes we could resume the car pool......which we can and she was really excited about. Said she and her son both missed difficult child.

    I told her about his new diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and she said she could see it. She had worked with autistic kids and said that he is not severe (he shows affection) and I agree but she agreed it fit. She knew about his BiPolar (BP) diagnosis and said she always thought there was something else. It feels really good to know she knows difficult child, knows his issues and where he had been for the last 2 months, and still likes him. There is a naive innocence about him that some people can really see, and it is heartwarming.

    And also? Found out today that the ssi is a sure thing, and we get more than I thought we would.

    And the random $60? When someone who is on medicaid is in a hospital they give then $30 a month for incidentals. So it was not a mistake.
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    Out of all of the good news, to me the best part is you have someone in real life who is supportive, who really sees both sides of your difficult child...
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    Isn't nice to have someone who gets it? Also great news about the ssi and it being a good amount and that you can just go ahead and use the sixty dollars. He probably needs stuff and your food bill is going to go up again now that he is home, LOL.

    Really nice that you can share the driving and it is with a caring supportive mom.

    How is he doing by the way??
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    I'm so happy for you. That is nothing shy of a blessing that she understands, has knowledge and that the shared transportatin is possible with-o fearing your difficult child will start the school day on the wrong foot. Gee, I wish I had found such a friend. You're a lucky duck. LOL DDD
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    It is really nice to have such a friend. I am very lucky, I have a couple friends who get it, and I have a very supportive work environment. Thursday my coworkers had a drinks and appetizers celebration as one of the nurses had passed her wound care test. I had an appointment with difficult child at 4pm, and they were meeting at 5pm. They invited difficult child. He said he wanted to go so we went. They included him, talked with him in the conversation, and he was trying so hard to be polite. It was so nice. He has big time problems interupting, and he was trying so hard not too. He was very excited as he got a virgin pina colada. And then when they were done? They would not let me pay for our food and drinks..........they paid. I am blessed in many ways.

    difficult child is doing well, he has had a few moments, and yesterday was a rough morning. I am going to sit down and talk with him today and see what he thinks about making him a schedule for mornings, and then he can just follow it without my intervention. It was hard yesterday as he lost his temper and then I lost mine and it was a mess. I don't expect him to be perfect, we will always have moments. I expect him to be better overall, and so far? He is.
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    Glad you've gotten the car pool worked out, and especially that the other mom gets difficult child's issues.