Tales From the Crypt (er...Broom Closet) Absurd.

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    So back in Sept, Two Brooms bought my stock trailer. She was at her lake house, so she had her banker give me the money right away, on September 21, to be exact, (which was not necessary) and said she'd get the title when they came home.
    So, October 9th, they finally came home. We were at a couples shower that night at a friend's house. She called FOUR TIMES on her way home telling husband to leave the shower to get her that title. He said no. They were planning to be in until the following Wednesday, she could get it another time.
    That was the weekend that we do a fundraiser for our saddle club that I was in charge of. I was not home all weekend, which she knew, but she called husband every day, anyway, just in case.
    On Sunday, October 11 (also my birthday), I got home at 7:30pm from the fundraiser. Two Brooms had called husband and said she was a half hour from home, and said she was going to stop by and get the title. husband told her that was fine. I had to pick some things up from the ex-in-law's, so I ran to their house. I was back home by 7:45. Two Brooms had been there already. She "didn't have time to wait" for me, so she left.
    She called me later that night and told me to send it with husband when he came to their house the next night (Monday). (notice no birthday mentioning in there...)
    husband didn't go to their house on Monday. Again, she calls me about it. husband claims he's going out the next night (Tuesday), so she instructs me to send it with him then.
    So come Tuesday night, October 13, I fill it out with the date, signature, sale price, etc, and send it with husband. She's not home. husband gets back home after doing their chores and calls her. She had to run to the grocery store. She's home now, but they are leaving to go to her sister's house to play cards.
    Cool. Our house is on the way to her sister's house, she can stop in.
    So we wait 20 minutes and she stops in. husband takes the title and bill of sale out to her and asks her to sign the bill of sale. She "doesn't have time to sign that" so she leaves, without the title. The following day, they go back to the lake.
    They came home from the lake again last night. husband took the @&$%ing title out to her.
    Now she's mad at me because its dated October 13.
    (PS - the trailer is still at our house, too!)
    I find the absurdity of this woman absolutely hysterical.
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    I got lost in that. I seriously don't know how you keep that stuff straight. I thought she stopped by on your birthday (by the way happy belated birthday) and picked it up then??

    Seriously, husband needs to tell her off. You can't be over zealous one sec to get your hands on a title you can be bothered with signing and taking with you later. sheesh

    What a nutjob.

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    She sounds pretty scatter-brained! My mother in law gets like that sometimes. I think it's her anxiety that gets her wound up tight and they only way she can deal with it is to go-go-go-go-go. It's kind of hypomanic in a way. It can drive me nuts, but most of the time I just ignore her demands for people to JUMP and I get to it when I get to it. Which usually makes her even MORE anxious and demanding. :p Am I sick, or what?
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    Hey shari...I was watching hln last night and saw the news about the little girl. OMG...so horrible! Horrific enough that the child was murdered but to have it be at the hands of her playmates 15 year old sister is just so unreal. Even more unreal when you consider this isnt in some gang infested, inner city area. I know that is stereo-typing but you would almost believe it if it was a gang initiation type thing. This seems more awful. I feel so badly for both sets of parents.
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    Yeah, is that just not sick?

    The whole situation is very, very sad. The number of violent crimes in the "cities" here are a few, but the small towns surrounding, are just nil. It rocks the foundation.

    My prayers go out to them all, including the accused and her family. Its just awful.