Tales from the workplace, or difficult child in la-la-land

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    difficult child got sent home from work today. I wasn't involved in the direct conversation, so husband "interpreted" for me. As best as husband can piece it together from difficult child's description of events:

    difficult child was innocently walking down the hall, minding his own business. He passed a friend of his in the hallway, they fist-bumped (?), chatted for a while. difficult child then said, "see you back on the work floor". Apparently this enraged another co-worker, who came over and lifted difficult child bodily off the floor (all 6 ft 5 of him). So...difficult child got sent home from work.

    Since it's impossible to get a straight story out of difficult child, the least he could do for me is make it a ripping yarn. This one is a bit thin in the plot department. I'm also highly entertained at the thought of someone lifting my very-very-tall lad a foot off the floor without using a crane, or at least some sort of rig-and-pulley system...

    Tee hee.

    (I'm sure I'll get the straight story from his supervisor eventually)
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    Oh Dear! I sympathize. I could easily get the same story, with being lifted an all (and yeah, about the same height.) And he isn't even considered disabled. He just has an unique perspective :rofl:
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    Okay. Got the straight story from the Supervisor, after a few rounds of phone tag.

    It turns out that difficult child "fist-bumping" the co-worker was actually difficult child slugging him repeatedly, causing the other fellow to get angry, hoist difficult child off the floor and slam him up against the wall. Both of them got sent home for the day.

    Fist bump, indeed. sigh...
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    Good Grief! Hugs, DDD