Talk About a Party School!!!

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    Dhhas been telling me things about the small 4yr univ he was temping at. He was in the admissions dept there. Apparently they consider "admitted" and "enrolled" very different, but many things are available with only admission and proof of enrollment is never asked for. Seems they are working on changing the rules because for the last few years they have had a significant number of students who are admitted, come to the school, move into the dorms and then NEVER ENROLL!! Most are on grants and loans, but manage to get them with-o proof that they ever took a course!

    I sure wouldn't want to live in those dorms and try to actually study - and it is no wonder they have such a rep locally as a major party school. I have known a LOT of profs in my life and never heard of this before!! Seems in addition to grants/loans, these non-enrolled students are dealing drugs to pay the bills and keep partying.

    Is this something that other universities are dealing with? WHen I was in college if you did not have at least a min number of hours you were kicked out of the dorms or other campus housing. You had to show proof that you were enrolled before your second payment for the semester was accepted. If you did not pay your tuition by the cut-off date you were not only dropped from classes, you were also locked out of your dorm room.

    Either students are looking for more loopholes or the admin at this univ is seriously lax about some things. Or they have a HUGE number of difficult children there!!! (seeing as someone with a high school GPA of 0.9 can be accepted, it makes me curious as to how many difficult children they actually have!)
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    I dont know about the gpa and I dont know about dorms but from what I understand, you have to maintain at least a C average to continue getting financial aid. Or so I thought.

    Now I can see how someone could be admitted to a college and then not enroll once but more than that I dont get. I would think that enrolling in classes would be something that had to be done before they would be allowed to actually move into the dorms. They wouldnt actually start classes before moving in because they move in at least a few days before that. I would assume it would take a college at least till mid-term to get those reports in that state the student is attending classes. You know, the ones where they send them to the government to not send them remaining pell checks.
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    After the private university Miss KT was attending last year shut down due to their 8-million-dollar-plus debt, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some convoluted way of operating that brought in the money without actually providing the classes.
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    I attended a great party school. You had to maintain a C average to stay enrolled. on the other hand, GFGmom has gotten more blanking Pell Grant money for taking one or two courses at a time that I fear the whole system is skewed. Even though it is hard to shock me (regarding GFGmom, at least) my jaw did drop when I found out that she signed little difficult child up for two classes at the local community college. He signed up for two classes and then dropped one...and still got the Pell Grant money. WTH! DDD