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    so if many of you remember i had an issue not so long ago with my easy child and her boyfriend.

    So, today after many times of trying to schedule a sit down we finally had it. I think it's better I waited this long, I was calm and in control. I was not 3 weeks ago, far far from it.

    I began with the new rules and how they are not to be crossed in definite terms. The consequences for her and boyfriend if they infact go against the rules again. I also spoke of teenage pregnancy, I asked her boyfriend flat out are you ready to be a father?? He turned white. I said are you ready to quite school and the softball team and go get a job to feed that child???

    I asked easy child the same question. Than I spoke in broad terms regarding sex, oral and intercourse, etc. I was as blunt as I could be with both of them. I also spoke to the both of them regarding the fact that part of growing up is learning a certain level of self control, it's about having a responsible relationship as opposed to a harmful one. One in which cutting class, and doing what they did a few weeks ago is not. Tha'Tourette's Syndrome baby bs I told them.

    I said if the both of you truly think you are in love, and there's some longivity to this relationship than prove it by acting like the growing teenagers into adults that you are becoming. I said the rate the both of you are going you are going to wind up nowhere and quick!! Academically you will both fall further behind, college will be a memory or hopes of ever going. I painted the ugliest picture possible for the both of them. I hope it sinks in. It looked like it did for her boyfriend, easy child had her sweatshirt over her head for most of the talk like a two year old.

    I told her boyfriend that i am going to allow the two of them to continue seeing one another under supervision here at my home, and that she, easy child is not allowed in his under any circumstances. That if i am to find out that she has been there, I will be on his doorstep and I will blow the lid of the entire thing and his parents will get involved. Things are hectic there and he does not want that at all. I also told him that if I am to find out that he is in my home ever again without me or anothe adult home that he will find me on his doorstep and after him. In no uncertain terms, and not just me, myself, my ex, and my boyfriend.

    So, I'm hoping that calms it for a while. We're still working on finding volunteer work for easy child, her guidance counselor and I are both still searching for a group for her they aren't easy to find. I have increased my time with easy child. It was already alot, yet i'm kicking it up a notch and talking alot about the future, pregnancy, not obtaining the things she wants in life, etc.

    I tried my best we'll see what the future brings or if these two ding dongs will screw up again. In one ear and out the other sort of thing.

    The one thing I will say that seemed to hold their attention was the part when I explained what responsible and TRUE relationship was, a heatlhy one. The fact that if these two really plan on staying together, it isn't one where academics fall behind, their sneeking off like hormonally deranged teenagers :) it's about learning self control, being respectful to one another, and her boyfriend learning to find other safer outlets for his hormonal needs and desires.

    So, we shall see. I think i covered it all, right?? I threatened his life, lol, did the sex ed talk, rules consequences.

    nothing like a peaceful sunday NOT!!!!!!!