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    I called psychiatrist last Friday. He didn't call back until today.
    I was concerned because he has been on Lamictal for 3 years now, and he originally was put on it because of anger issues, but haven't seen anger issues in a long time. So, I was questioning whether the anger has been under control because of the medications or if he doesn't need it. I told psychiatrist that he has never had any kind of testing done, and with all the issues at school, I would like a neuropsychologist test done. I told him I called the insurance and the initial intake has been approved. He told me no. He said just because he is "forgetting" things doesn't mean he needs an evaluation. They are too expensive and there is no need for one. I tried telling him about all the issues every day at school, his blinking, mouth movements, being kicked out of class he kept telling me that isn't a reason for an evaluation. I told him about him passing out this morning, still, no reason. He said you bring him back here next week and I'll talk to him. So, Next monday we go to him.

    I would just like to know once and for all what kind of diagnosis he has. psychiatrist never did any kind of test at all. He did have so much anger, but that is gone and now we have a whole other set of issues. I need to know if he is on medication because he needs it or if he no longer needs it. I want to know why he can't remember anything (at school). He remembers information, but not his books, papers, supplies. Is he just being lazy? It is just beyond me to think you go to class, work on a paper then walk out without books or the paper you were working on?!?! :hammer:

    And, when he does his work at home. It is mostly done on the computer and is very neat and a lot of thought put into it. He forgets to turn it in.

    Now, he can rattle of who plays for what sports team, the college their stats...but can't remember to bring books to class?
    Is he just being difficult on purpose? difficult child tells me he gets kicked out for talking, even though everyone else is talking.

    If it were a focusing issue, would it only apply with school?

    Don't know how to get psychiatrist to agree to the evaluation. The evaluation would be done through childrens hospital, not through psychiatrist. I do believe he does them though. He is through Rogers Memorial Hospital, board certified pediatric psychiatrist. But, he never listens to me. Talks real fast like to hurry and get us out. difficult child even said he says the same thing every time we go. We are only there maybe 10 minutes from the time we walk into the room. Maybe even less. Just frustrated today.
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    Does it even matter if psychiatrist agrees to neuropsychologist evaluation? Do you need his approval for anything?
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    I was just wondering the same thing as crazymama. Does it matter? It sounds like you need a new psychiatrist. After visiting with a few over the last two years I've decided that I'm never going to stay with one that doesn't take time to listen to my concerns or my kids. There are ones out there that do this, they just take some searching.

    I'm sorry for what you're dealing with. My middle and youngest difficult child forget everything too. Drives me batty.
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    Get it done through the children's hospital and get a new psychiatrist there. Your son is showing some clear signs that he needs help. You know it.


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    My goodness, Between your husband, your SD, and your docs, you are just fighting uphill everywhere you go.

    ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) I really wish I had advice or could help in some way.
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    I agree with the rest...I took difficult child#3 to his annual physical and let psychiatrist KNOW I was going to schedule a neuropsychologist for him. My psychiatrist actually gave me a name of someone that took medicaid. YOU are the parent and unless you need a referral, the psychiatrist doesn't decide what services you get for your child, in my opinion anyway!
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    Also, Why don't you consider getting a 2nd opinion from another psychiatrist?
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    I guess I have been thinking this for a long time. Just afraid if I go against psychiatrist he won't see difficult child or prescribe his medication.

    I am at the point with school and him that I just have to have a definate answer one way or another.

    He isn't a bad kid. He is smart, funny, sports kid. Just cannot remember anything. Hasn't had an anger outburst in a very long time. Even when he is upset he keeps his anger in check. I feel bad that he is singled out at school. He really needs to buckle down, remember his things and work hard atleast for a while. Maybe then he could win some teachers over and prove to them he IS a good kid.
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    My guess is your difficult child is suffering from executive function issues, a hallmark of BiPolar (BP)

    Check out this website, it's Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation. Best info on the educational needs of BiPolar (BP) kids that I've found, and I've combed through a lot :hammer:

    click here and for educational issues/executive function (the forgetting books, papers et al) click here
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    I recieved the call from Childrens Hospital yesterday. They set up the initial intake as well as the testing date. November and December. The psychologist who will see him I looked up on-line. She specializes in pediatric Bipolar. So, I am really hoping she will shed some light on this.

    I did ask his teachers yesterday when they called if they though his behavior was similiar to ADHD. They said NO. I was shocked, as I was leaning that way in my mind.

    Guess I just have to wait and see. Monday he is suppose to go back to psychiatrist. I am afraid to tell him of our appointments. He told me "no need" for this kind of testing, he just wants to talk to him again. So, I am afraid to tell him.

    Monday morning he goes to the neurologist to get the wires attached for a 48hr EEG. He can go places, just wear a hat. So, he will have these wires on at psychiatrist.

    I wonder if I am over reacting to things. After so many years struggling with him I just need to know once and for all what is really going on. Do you guys think I am over reacting?
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    I know the feeling!
    I'm the wrong person to ask. My husband is always telling me I'm looking for too many things.
    But what else can you do?
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    I don't think you are over-reacting. As a mother, you know your child and you know when something is just not right. You've had a child that has not shown these symptoms and although their personalities may be different, it is worth it to follow through with the neurologist. When you go back to psychiatrist, just tell him that you would just feel more comfortable having these evaluations done...Period. If the psychiatrist doesn't agree or doesn't like that you went ahead and scheduled anyway, OH WELL! Think about if you followed psychiatrist's opinion...Then you wouldn't know either way. Don't doubt yourself so much. Your son is clearly having some issues and you are doing the right thing by getting him the help he needs. :warrior: