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    The outpatient one that is. The rehab called me this morning for his number. They called him and then he called me to confirm everything. i really think this is the right guy for my son to see... he knows my son, knows his issues, knows his history so they dont have to start from scratch. The therapist is in recovery himself and so really gets addiction but also understands other issues. I think in the past when my son was doing well he really connected with him and trusted him..... my son didn't want to call him when he got kicked out of the first sober house because I don't think he wanted to face him. I think this guy will call my son on stuff and be very nonest and direct and my son needs that. So I think it is a good sign that he is choosing to go back to him.

    But in talking to the therapist today I told him how when my husband was down there my son was saying he still felt he would be able to drink and smoke pot. J said "well at least he is being honest, that is good!!". He said the kids that really worry me are the ones who get out of rehab and say "I will never touch the stuff again" because then you feel like they are telling you what you think they should say and its not as honest.

    So that was interesting.... and a very good point I think. At least my son was being honest (for once in his life).

    So I am very very wary but very very cautiously hopeful....although I am starting to get stomach aches agaain... I think because I know he is being discharged on Monday.

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    husband, my difficult child's counselor said something very similar. My difficult child was very resistant to going to a halfway house and kept refusing to even entertain the idea. The counselor said she would rather hear that than someone who just says the "right" things even though they don't mean it.

    I will be keeping a good thought for you and your husband on Monday. This halfway house counselor sounds like a good fit for your difficult child.

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    TL, I understand your angst. You have been through so much with him and you haven't had much to show you he will get sober. You have been doing so well. Please try to take care of your self and know that we care about you here and fully understand.