Talked to the homebound teacher tonight.....

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    So, they start Monday at the local library for 1.5 hours per day five days a week (they were trying to say he needs only a couple of hours a week, LOL come on)

    I dont really want to have him do speech or DAPE on home bound..since we have private speech, Occupational Therapist (OT) and such going on we will just do this routine it is enough of a change for him.

    So, here is her bio... she has been a sp ed teacher for 18 years, has taught in EBD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and just recently added an Learning Disability (LD) license to her list. She now works at the district level with the behavior team that is the group that comes and set up the plan that the administration destroyed. They are not happy with our admin so I am glad to have someone from that team. I talked to her and she said things like... I think zero tolerance is so inappropriate for our kids and asked what kinds of manipulatives he likes so she can do that kind of teaching with him instead of paper pen work. HMMM???? sounds promising. She said, I want you to know I have taught kids who swear, hit, etc...and I am good at working with that. She said she thinks that rewards and consequences went out of her behavior mod efforts by her third year of teaching....she said they simply dont work....

    then she got down to it... she said his teacher hasn't gotten back to her so she is not sure of what he is doing now but she does have the IEP and has read it. I warned her that the BIP is triggering him and so she may want to just tone that down for now (the zone talk became... YOU NEED TO BE IN GREEN... so they might as well have said, you need to be good, duh if you are upset then he gets scared/ I just warned to use it for the good parts, the identification of feelings and states and tools to use but nto to use when she didn't like what he was doing)

    It told her he was doing word ladders, reading/question sheets, what kinds of math etc...

    The library will only let reserve a room each day on the day... I am going to talk to my cousin who works there...she may be able to help us. Would be better for him to not move around and certainly not be in public.

    If she is good, I might push for this to go to the end of the year. then we have a natural break and change. I would then be able to see who they are hiring for the SUN program when the teacher that is there leaves. (she is getting married so that huge unknown has been a big reservation for is not a newbie/entry level teacher and they said well, it is hard to find teachers for this. OK then fine, but it woudl not be a good place for Q)

    She works full time already but will be coming there from 10-11:30 daily to work with Q. Send good thoughts that this goes well! In the mean time my search for placement continues.....sigh

    (today was a rough day...he is very very upset over this and it is all hitting him now. He took it out on me...just really raising his voice, fighting for control, he actually slept till 10:45 am this morning. He is out with Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) now and she texted me that he is doing great so I am glad he got that time and break from me. So getting mad at them for causing this extra anxiety for him)
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    Home-bound sounds hopeful. Probably a better interim solution than SUN? Teacher at least has some clue... hope she and Q can hit it off!
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    Crossing every crossable body part and sending good vibes your way. As long as you KNOW where the behavior is coming from, it's much easier to deal with and you know there will be an end. I hope this teacher is as good as she sells herself to be. THAT is my biggest concern for Q. This has all got to be so hard for him and therefore even harder for you BUT...things are moving in a more positive way. You guys deserve a break and I hope this is it.
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    She sounds well qualified and caring. I'm back in finger crossing mode. Hugs DDD
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    Crossing my fingers and sending hugs. As always we will keep u and Q in our prayers. Rabbit