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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mandcc96, Apr 16, 2008.

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    First I guess I'll say good morning since I'm wishing for that for everyone here. My morning started out fine but I swear I'm talking to the wall. I guess I should be thankful difficult child changed the catbox this morning like she was asked (considering her father's been asking for the last 3 days) but everything after that was just ignored. She decided 10 minutes before the bus came to take a shower, even though I told her she'd have to wait until tonight since she'd miss the bus. I don't think she has any concept of time either since her promised 5 minutes was 20 (even with reminders of time). Then when she left for the bus I told her that if she missed it to come home, that I would give her a ride to school. She told me someone else would take her but because of last night's behavior I told her no, I would take her. She called 10 minutes later to say that our neighbor was dropping her at school (they were already enroute or I would have told her to leave her). Everything I say is deliberately ignored. If I confront her she becomes enraged. Last night this happened and she proceeded to tell me that I didn't love her and that she was just a mistake that I never wanted in the first place. Talk about a dagger. But this morning her mood was chipper since she was doing exactly what she wanted regardless. I'm going to call her dr today and get a list of mental health doctors in the area before I go insane.
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    Is she currently taking any medications? If so, what medication/dose? What kind of doctor is treating her?
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    Hi, sorry for the delay. No she is not currently taking any medications. Her original pediatrician is a firm believer in medications first questions later. (he recently told me that my 2 yo's choking issues were completely anxiety related and he tried to put her on Risperdal. She is now seeing a speech dr since she has confirmed aspirations due to dysphagia). He'd been handing me medications for her since she was 3. I decided to go a food route and monitor what she eats and how it pertains to her behavior. It worked well for the most part until now. I can't control everything she eats every second of the day (but I can pay for it though! LOL).