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  1. susiestar

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    For those who have not done taxes - remember to check the IRS website to see if you can use FreeFile BEFORE you purchase tax software or see a professional.

    TaxCut is advertising on the web about FreeFile. You still have to pay for the state, but the federal, including efiling or printing it out, is FREE.

    You can choose the company (there are many) OR they will help you pick one.

    I did ours using the H & R Block software and am awaiting our refund.
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    Someone at work told me TaxAct is free for anyone:

    Just make sure you print a copy to keep, because they charge you a fee after a certain date if you need a copy later (I think you can access it free until sometime in October following the end of tax season).

    You can do your Indiana state return free on the Indiana Department of Revenue's website:

    I did just the federal return on TaxAct, then did the state on the above website, so I did my whole return free of charge. I don't know for sure about other states, but I can't imagine Indiana is the only state that has this.
  3. susiestar

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    If you need a copy of the return and forgot to print, you can get a copy from the IRS very easily. Check to find out how.
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    A copy of your return from the IRS will cost you $57 (which is ridiculous):

    You can get a transcript free, but that's not usually helpful when doing your return.