Taz will be there waiting on Molly

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    ...because I'll be sure to tell him all about her. We too are putting a fuzzbutt down tomorrow. He's 12 1/2 (over 100 according to a chart at the vet's) and while the spirit is still very healthy, his hind end is in terrible shape. Even with pain pills he can barely walk and is in pain. It's been getting worse and yesterday he drug himself halfway across the yard because he couldn't walk. It's time. husband isn't one that handles death of any kind well and he's a bigger mess than I am right now. He is off tomorrow but wants to wait till he has a couple of days in a row off so he can spend some time with Taz. He knows we can't wait without making Taz suffer more but it's killing him.

    Taz too was a rotten puppy. LOL When husband and I went to pick him out, I sat on the kitchen floor where we got him and just let all the puppies romp on me. Some were already spoken for but there was still a good selection. I played and laughed and then looked up. There across the room, huddled as far under the cabinets as he could get was Taz. Poor thing was scared to death. That was it.....he was ours. We took him home, fixed up a nice cozy box for him and he lasted all of 10 minutes in it before we had him in bed with us snuggled between us. He was such a fuzzy pup and so darn cute!


    He grew.

    And developed an attitude.

    And teeth.

    AND evidently, a cast iron stomach.

    To my recollection, in addition to the usual "puppy chew on" stuff, he has chewed or eaten:
    Pepsi cans, a nice big chunk out of a wooden stair, a cake from the BACK of the stove, a half thawed roasting chicken, many wooden spoons retrieved from the kitchen sink, my mother in law's FALSE TEETH (both plates) and has "cleaned" numerous pans/skillets that he pulled off the stove.

    He was also an escape artist. If there was the slightest gap under a fence, he was gone. We would chain him outside when we were gone. One night we came home to find him in the neighbors yard, still on his chain. Another time when he got out, he came home green, slimy and ecstatic. Never did figure out what he got into but he loved it.

    And smart? OMG........One place where we lived had no shade. So when he was outside during the day, we put a plastic wading pool full of water out for him. He could drink out of it or soak, whichever he preferred. Befoe putting it out, we had filled in his holes...especially his favorite which was under the pool. The pool lasted 2 1/2 days. We came home to find he had dug at the bottom of the pool enough to get ahold of it, pulled a nice section back, let the pool drain, drug it off to the side and dug his hole back up.

    That in not so much of a nutshell is my baby. We'll be taking him to the vet sometime tomorrow. The vet is nice enough to come to the car to administer the shot and then we will take him to my mom's in the country where I dug a hole today.
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    Oooh, Taz, what a character you were! Everyone will miss you.
    So sorry, Mstng.
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    I am so sorry. Many hugs being sent.

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    {{{Taz}}} {{{Mstangchic}}} I'm so sorry for the family's loss...
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    OMG, you guys, let me just go buy a case of tissues.

    Stang, you and yours are in my prayers, also. Who'd have thought dogs could mean so much, but they do.

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    I'm so sorry...sending many hugs.
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    All I can say is sincere hugs. He sounds like he gave you all a lifetime of enjoyment.

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    He sounds like a real character indeed. I'm sorry about your furry friend.

    Now, I'm going to go cry in my cereal. I feel so bad for you and Suz.
  9. Suz

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    I'm just so sorry that Molly and Taz have to meet this way.

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    I'm so sorry. Gentle hugs.
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    So sorry - I know it hurts to have to let go of one of your furbabies..

  12. Star*

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    The way you wrote about Taz, was with such love. I couldn't help in between wiping tears laughing and thinking about the fact that Taz will be the only dog I've ever known to get into heaven with 2 sets of teeth - apparently he was planning ahead for his twilight years and possiblity of tooth loss.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sure he is romping with Molly today as I type. No more pain.

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    I am sooooo sorry for your loss. I loved reading about your Taz. My sister has a Taz that sounds just like yours! Prayers for you, Taz and your whole family. What a lovely resting place your fuzzy best friend will have!!

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    Sending more hugs to bolster your spirit today. I suspect we will be going through this b4 the holidays ...
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    Sending sympathy to you and yours.
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    Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. It really bites that they have to grow old. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.