Teacher called ... almost 10 at night ...

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  1. TerryJ2

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    When a teacher calls that late, it must be important, eh? :(
    She apologized for not responding to an earlier email I had sent, but wanted to check back (they had a huge activity theme day today and lots of prep work Mon and Tue).
    difficult child had a 27 pp. math assessment in his backpack. Two copies, in fact. One was completely blank and one was partially completed. I could tell that he had misplaced it and gotten another packet.
    He insisted that he didn't need to do it. Hmm. :mad:
    I emailed the teacher and didn't receive a response.
    Well, I got the response tonight--over the ph.
    He was supposed to do it but it was not an "assignment," per se.
    It was her assessment of all the students' progress to see what she needed to cover the rest of the yr.
    difficult child was the only one who didn't do it.
    Sigh. :faint::anxious::sad-very:
    She said he's in the "I don't care" mode again (some of you may recall that we/they put him in ISS for a few days until he caught up, and his attitude improved immensely) so she's going to make him complete this assessment tomorrow (probably in the principal's ofc) and hoped I could do something at home to reinforce a good attitude.
    She said he made a comment that if he flunked out, he got to go to a different private school next yr.
    HuH? He has repeatedly told me how much he hates that school and doesn't want to go.
    I haven't confirmed with-his current school that he's not returning but I really have to ... they are holding a spot for him.
    I was trying to avoid this, the giving up thing, where he just coasts until the end of the yr, knowing he's going to be leaving.
    I have told him that we're considering our options and haven't decided yet.
    I did not tell the teacher that he was going there for sure, either. (I suspect she was fishing, too, hence, the ph call.)
    She also said he is giving her attitude. Not mean, just stubborn. That's unusual ... he's usually much better for the teachers than he is for me. I told her he's on new medications but she said it wasn't like the reaction he had b4. No complaining, no sleeping, no stomach upsets. Just stubborn, She thinks it's more the end-of-the yr attitude.
    So, wish me luck tomorrow. He'll surely have a meltdown when he finds out he has no computer and is stuck in his rm when he gets home from school.
    I bought him a new paperback and will use that as a carrot. (Remind me not to use the carrot-and-stick expression with-him. He'll argue that a book is not a carrot.:laugh:)
  2. Andy

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    Doesn't he like carrots? How about throwing him off guard and instead of taking his computer away start tomorrow off with, "Hey difficult child! Your teacher called me last night. She really needs you to complete that assessment so you will be doing it in school today. I know it is really long but you can do it. And to celebrate when it is done, I will take you for an ice cream treat after school tomorrow."
  3. TerryJ2

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    Well, he got out the door b4 I could think of that, LOL, but I did tell him to have a good day and helped him gather his clothes together. And I gave him a new book to read, a really easy one, for fun.
  4. Shari

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    Gee. We're night owls, but a 10pm call? Hope the kids aren't still up then! lol

    I hope he gets the assignment done and turns it around. We only have 16 more days that difficult child will be in school, and I'm the one that's fighting the slacker attitude. LOL
  5. TerryJ2

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    Yes, he finished it.
    When I picked him up today, he said, "I guess I'm on my teacher's good side today." I asked him if it had to do with-completing his math assessment and he said yes. :) Then he asked if he was still grounded off of his computer. I told him he could read for an hr and if he had no homework, he could play his games.
    He read all the way home in the car and then asked, "Was that an hr?"
    Uhhh ... no ... it was 20 min. I thought he really liked the book but he was trying to get his hr over with, LOL!
  6. Andy

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    I am proud of him. He really did well today in finishing the assignment and following the rules you laid out for the evening!

    Way To Go difficult child!
  7. tiredmommy

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    Maybe his next reward should be a watch?