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    These are the moments I appreciate difficult child's team. He was up and down and teacher said she finally told him, you have to use your words to tell me what is going on because I can see something is bothering you. He finally told her his throat hurts a little (it does all the time and really, no strep, he does have one side of his throat swell out over and over....had cat scan and still can't figure it out, not a current infection BUT he did test positive for mono end of last school year and for a few it can go on and on....so maybe???)

    Anyway, he was also worried I would not let him play with friends today. This is one of those times I hate the whole needing to give a consequence thing. Last night he wouldn't come in when I asked. Not EVERYONE was coming in and no matte where we are he HATES to not be the last to go. I could see he was struggling and dont want him to go over the deep end and not be welcome in the group anymore, they are just kids after all and he wouldn't learn from that natural consequence, just be hurt. He walked off calling me names. I then said if he can't come in when I call (and I reminded him how kid x, y and z went in when their parents called) then it is not safe for me to let him play outside at night with the kids. If he can't follow directions, then I can't risk his going out. We decided if he had a good day following directions we could try it again.... So he was worried about that all day.

    She asked if it would help to call home and talk to me about it to make sure that if he could follow directions he could try again. She said he could only call me if he is in green zone (he calls sometimes and just goes off on me so I have to hang up when he wont say goodbye ). He was in green, talked to me nicely and we agreed again, if he continues to follow directions safely, he can try again tonight. (truth is he goes with his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker after school and wont be home but I didn't remind him of that) Same thing over and over and over....lots of reps. but if it helps him reduce anxiety and get thru the day. i wish I could just say YES you can just go play with the kids, but with the one time having injuries among the kids I can't risk that.

    Still, I wish ONE day could go by without an email or phone call about a problem. Would be kind of cool.
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    The first time it happens you'll be in shock. It'll need to happen a few times before it sinks in that its o.k. lol.

    Have you gotten him checked for mono lately?
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    We always go in when his throat swells up (it is one sided, the first time it involved his face too and it showed a blocked salivary gland, but that hasn't happened for a long time, now just the throat...) It is really scary at first, ER was scared too but he had no airway issues, no blood work problems, they were confused too. One of his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers had mono so during all of this I had him checked and he was "faintly positive" so he may have given it to Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker, and now looking back at all of the struggles when we were first changing to this complex bip==that was going on too! Poor kid.
    I will tell doctor tomorrow when we go in since we need to go anyway. Just because any little physical thing makes his behavior plan go out the window some days.
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    Good luck at the doctors.
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    Thanks this is the one that will likely prescribe a new medication (after all of us talking) so we will see....
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