Teacher's help for spelling :)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Sep 30, 2008.

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    Today was pre-spelling test day. As we were leaving school, difficult child's spelling teacher told me that she noticed difficult child struggling with two words. He got them wrong :( However, she called him over to her desk before he had a chance to review them and asked him how to spell them. He then got them correct so she gave him credit and he gets 100% and doesn't need to retake the test on Friday :)

    I am also going to help this teacher with 2nd grade Social Studies. It is every other day at 1:40. I start next week! I hope this will work out.
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    Good for your difficult child. I give pre-tests on Mondays in spelling and if they get 100% they don't need to retest on Friday but have to do the work for the week.

    How great that you are going to be helping out with the social studies class-enjoy!
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    Wow. I really really like teachers who can think outside the box. :D :D Sounds like a good match for difficult child.

    Nichole had a witch for 3rd grade (not just my opinion, every other parent in the class agreed). Nichole could spell all her words outloud perfectly. But because of the dyslexia, getting it from her head to the paper was another matter altogether. Letters were almost always out of order. And she flunked every test. That was when her self esteem went into the toilet. Teacher flat out refused to do anything other than a written test. sigh

    I hope you enjoy helping out in the class. :D