Teen AA Groups?

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I'm not talking about Ala-teen. I mean a bonafied AA meeting specifically for teens to young adults. We're trying to find one with much difficulty.

Does anyone have any experience with them? My sister in law told me that many of the younger adults who attend those meetings have cross addictions going on. I know I must sound so ignorant when I say this, but that worries me - the last thing difficult child needs is to be introduced to other addictions. Her personality type is that she would be enthralled by this.

Her new counselor suggested that she attend an AA meeting or two and chose one that is really far far away. difficult child told me that she liked the idea it was far away because she really didn't want to run the risk of seeing someone she knew locally, which I totally understand, but this meeting is on Wed 8AM and about an hour away. That seems a little too much to me. Especially considering the time & day, and that difficult child lost her car till Sept 4th when school begins (she was ticketed for having beer in her possession - $136). She may even lose her license for 150 days apparently, but we don't know for sure yet.

I am not so sure she's an alcoholic, but I can see her headed that way. Plus, our family is predisposed to alcoholism and drug abuse, so overall I think it would be at least a good thing for her to learn a thing or two and just hear what others have to say. Maybe I don't know all of her encounters with alcohol so I really could be in the dark on this with her. She said she doesn't feel like she's "out of control with alcohol - YET" - but that she feels she "could become out of control". Her words.

Well, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Find a list of AA meetings in your area and they are usually labeled. I know in our area that have one that is called young member meeting or something like that, so it's geared towards a younger group
The greatest chance you will have if finding a young persons meeting is if you find an AA club. Some AA meetings are held in church basements, a lot are held at clubs that are specifically there for AA meetings. There are many of these clubs around, and these clubs often have meetings around the clock. Often, they will have one or two young persons meetings per week.


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I, too, sought a teen group without success as we live in a rural
community. Even when I was prepared to drive over an hour away
it was not available. In the nearest "big city", Orlando, there
was no youth AA group so when we signed our easy child/difficult child into a teen
rehab center they bussed the kids to adult meetings. It was
frustrating. Sorry you are having a hard time reaching out. DDD

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Well, I found 4 meetings: 2 are fairly local and 2 are quite a distance away (about an hour) and of course, those are the ones she would rather attend. She's so fearful of running into someone she knows. We live in a fairly rural area and it's true, even between the 3 surrounding towns, everyone knows everyone.

So, we're going to look at some town in the opposite direction but that are still within a 30 minute drive.

Her counselor gave her some information about a day program that offers AA/Drug counseling and meetings. But that place is also really far from home...so we're still looking.

Thanks for all the info! I'd really love to hear from a parent whose older teen attended AA and what their experience was.