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    Anyone have any suggestions for my fourteen year old? She is adopted and her birthmother warned me that she had TERRIBLE acne that lasted into adulthood and that N's birthfather also had trouble with acne. We're trying to be proactive, but N is breaking out and is starting to get very upset over it. We have the topical medications. She was prescribed tetracycline twice a day, but due to it being summer and her weird sleeping hours, she and I keep forgetting it and my oldest daughter, who also has had a real battle with acne, said that didn't help her (I don't remember...we tried so hard for her and nothing worked). My older daughter does think a low dose of the birth control pill helps. I'm "iffy" on asking about that because of the health risks (I don't believe it will make t his particulr daughter feel like she can be sexually active...she's not into that at all right now).

    Anyone have any suggestions for Miss Fourteen? She spends a lot of time doing over-the-counter stuff to her face. Thanks in advance!
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    MWM, with really bad acne, take her to a dermatologist. There are many new treatments. If you can prevent scarring and escalation of break outs, it will be much cheaper than to help her try to just cover it up.
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    I agree with Fran. One of my Sunday school teens had really rough teen ache - upper arms, back, upper chest, and face. Her parents tried many of the over the counter and tv order products, but it's not until they took her to the dermatologist and she started using a topical solution and oral medication that things really subsided. A dermo would be the logical next step.

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    Definately visit a dermatologist. However, about the cleaning products - they are not all helpful and some can make it worse. Especially if she is over using them to try to make the acne go away quicker. I swear by Proactiv. But, it is expensive. When I was using it I swear it was the best my face ever looked.
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    The biggest problem I faced was the over-cleaning mentioned before. If the skin is irritated, you get even worse acne. Something that worked for me was hot water - NO SOAP/cleaning products - then fragrance/color-free makeup remover wipes (cheap at Wal Mart). Finish off with Clean & Clear moisturizer. It comes in oil-free too.

    husband has super dry skin and the more dry his skin gets, the worse his acne gets. Most of the stuff with salicylic acid in it is really drying.

    If this doesn't help at all... dermo!!!
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    I think my first thought would be - IF you invest the money to help her IS SHE GOING TO FOLLOW THE REGIEM? Certain kids are pro-active in their personal care and others? Not. Dude had bad facial acne, and didn't listen to anything anyone told him until it got very bad. When I say VERY bad, I mean to the point of "If you don't do this - you are going to have MORE (not some) but MORE permanent scaring. At that point he took an interest. He actually started using the glycerine soap, and the cream. Step is right a lot of the OTC medications and washes will aggrivate the skin - dry it out too much.

    A lady I used to work with had a son who had body acne. She got him the herbal pills that they sell in the grocery store for boys or girls and it cleared him up in a month - you have to keep taking it, and he did, but his skin looke markedly improved.

    I'm all for dermatologists and see one when I have insurance because to me? Looking good makes me feel good inside, boosts my confidence and therefore I do better at things. I don't believe it's vein at all - your skin is the largest organ in your entire body and usually the most neglected. Again - I'd make sure she's going to DO what the doctor tells her - if not? No sense in going.
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    OTC stuff never helped my son's acne. He first was rx'd BenziClin and it didn't help much but he didn't use it regularly. He was later rx'd Tretinoin cream, used it faithfully as rx'd, and it helped a ton. I had been told that most kids get pimples but all pimples aren't acne. If it's true acne, they need an rx'd medication.
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    A derm is a good idea if you can afford it - many of the treatments that cost the earth when we were kids are now generic. Be sure to ask the doctor to try treatments that are available in generic first.

    If she uses ANY acne treatment, including just washing her face several times a day, she MUST use a moisturizer. Dry skin develops teeny cracks in it and acne causing bacteria enter through these cracks. Even if her face feels oily to her she needs a moisturizer. Chances are that if it feels oily she will use products to dry it out. Right after she washes it, her skin will feel dry and tight. This will actually cause her body to create even more oil than usual because oil is how the body keeps it from developing those cracks. It is a major reason that she MUST wear moisturizer. Another is because the skin is the body's first line of defense against any bacteria or other problems, and is the body's largest organ.

    If she uses a washcloth she MUST have a clean one to use EVERY SINGLE TIME she washes her face - in the shower her face must be the first thing she washes with the cloth, then any body areas with acne.

    Phisoderm makes a great body wash for people with acne. You may need to find it online - I can only find it at WM occasionally.

    ProActive helps some people, but it should be introduced in steps. First use the face wash for a couple of weeks. When your skin is used to it, then add the toner/astringent/step 2 stuff (not sure what they call it and too lazy to go hunt up the name from the other bathroom - gma buys it for Jessamess). Give that a few weeks before you add the lotion. in my opinion it is not likely to help you daughter. It helps Jess a little bit, but not a lot.

    We use a topical product that really speeds the healing of acne after it appears. It is NOT sold for acne treatment. BurnJel Plus is about $5-$6 at Walmart and is available in the first aid section of the pharmacy area. It is a gel that contains lidocaine and tea tree oil - does not cause more breakouts, helps with any pain associated (acne can be quite painful - at least it was for me, and is for Jessie and Wiz), and speeds healing of any zit from about 6-7 days to 3 or fewer days. She doesn't use it as a moisturizer most of the time, just puts a dab on anything that is bothering her. It works whether she pops the zit or not (she has a hard time not messing with them when they are very painful).

    It isn't a treatment to prevent them, but it does make living with them less difficult.

    If your daughter wears makeup, ELF sells a concealer pencil/brush combo for $3 that has tea tree oil and salicylic acid in it and treats while it covers (http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/face/concealer/concealer_pencil_&_brush). They also have a 30% off code for the line this is in (studio line) if you buy $20 worth before discount. Their items are good quality and make great gifts - esp their big kabuki brush for $8.

    Regardless of whether she wears makeup or not, she MUST MUST MUST wear sunscreen every day if she uses any acne treatment, including oral medications. Most make your skin sunburn quite badly - even friends who had very dark or dark African American skin burned badly, often for the very first time. If she goes to play a sport after school, or has outside gym after lunch she needs to wash her face and put sunscreen on about 30 minutes before (or as close to that as possible).

    Using moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning will not give her coverage all day, not by a long shot.

    I am sorry this is a problem for her. I know how miserable it is.
  9. SomewhereOutThere

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    Hi and thanks for answering. I'm sorry I didn't explain. Although daughter is taking care with her face, she is also on two prescriptions. One is RetinA (generic) and one is something AD...lol. Her face isn't THAT bad yet. I think I AM going to take her to a dermatologist though. Can't hurt. So far it's on her face, but not on her body. It's strange that I have two adopted daughters, no genetic relation at all, not even the same race, and they both really struggle with acne. My twenty-six year old pretty much gave up having a clear face. She has tried everyone and she's pretty, but you can tell that she has some scarring. (I'm sure using drugs as a teen didn't help her complexion. But it's been eight years already...)
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    I agree about the tetracycline and the BCP, neither helped my daughter. After 2 years of severe acne, but not wanting to put her on Accutane (!!), our dermo prescribed Septra (Bactrim) -- a miracle antibiotic -- her senior year was changed dramatically when her skin cleared up! I had acne as well, took Accutane, and I'm convinced it caused residual problems in my health, including recurrent miscarriage. Good luck.
  11. susiestar

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    I was browsing around the eyeslipsface.com site and found some new acne products. One is called a "zit zapper" and has tea tree oil, salicylic acid, witch hazel and camphor. Priced at just $1 it seems worth a try. http://www.eyeslipsface.com/face/cleansers/zit_zapper

    They also have a mineral blemish kit for $8, including a brush. It is a powder makeup like the various mineral lines, and contains various things that are good for clearing up acne. http://www.eyeslipsface.com/face/powder/mineral_blemish_kit

    If anyone wants to order makeup from this site before Aug 30 there is a code to get 50% off their studio line of products. This includes their various kits - i got the master collection around Xmas and it has more than I will ever use, but for half off of $45 it was cheaper than getting the eyeshadows and blush I wanted from that line (most of my makeup was purchased 5+ years before that so I tossed all the old stuff).

    The code for 50% off is ESTUDHA - good through the 30th. The website itself offers a 30% off code for the studio line.

    If you use ebates you can go to elf via that site and get a % back that way along with the elf discount.
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    My friend's son had the worst acne I'd ever seen. I used to see people turn away when they faced him. He was put on Accutane and within a couple of weeks, his skin had cleared up almost completely. This was about 15 years ago. I ran into him recently and he is now in his mid-30's with amazing skin and no scarring. I know Accutane has a bad reputation but used under the supervision of a competent dermatologist, it can be life changing.
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    One other thing I noticed - if she wears makeup - it's a good thing to take it off before bed, every day. Sheets will be cleaner, and there won't be anything on them to get in the pores...

    Warm water is good for this. Steer clear of waterproof mascara - hard to get off this way - but no soap. If there is residual (I usually have some left), I use the no-fragrance no-nothing wipes from Wal-Mart.
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    This summer I had my grand son for a couple of weeks he is just entering puberty and had a breakout. They were large and very sore looking. He is a picker so I wanted to give him something to do that would not encourage that. I remembered my grandmother's remedy of using a tea bag. I gave him one twice a day to place over the affected area. The tanic acid in the tea acts as a very mild astrigent witout drying or harming the skin. His face was clear in three days. He was happy and so was I no picking = no scars.
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    When I was little we had a neighbor who was the sweetest guy and had the WORST acne. He had the greatest smile but the acne was truly hideous. It was also extremely painful and ALL the kids teased him. Accutane was a miracle drug for him.

    There are other very effective things the doctors can rx and can do, some even do laser treatments. There is also a gadget that was in Sharper Image and Brookstone that is supposed to truly get rid of the zit when it shows. It was expensive though.

    If you have tried OTC and home remedy things and it hasn't done much, then it is time to talk to a doctor.