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    I sent difficult child to Teen Challenge. Unfortunately, he did not stay! I know several people who have been helped immensely by the program. We have a small chapter in my county but they are more of an outreach than a program right now.

    I actually heard David Wilkerson speak when I was a teen. I read The Cross and the Switchblade back then and it is a very good book.
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    Yes I havae atried to get my son to go to Teen Challenge too. I have talked to them a lot over the years. He never wanted to go of course. I have heard it is a great program.
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    A few years back (maybe '02 '03) a couple of CD families reached out to this source. One felt it was truly successful. No, I don't remember who but I do recall the results. DDD
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    Sweet Betsy spent a year in Teen Challenge in Indianapolis from age 14-15. I am one of the belief that healing spiritually is as important as healing physically & mentally and the program provided that base.

    After the first couple of weeks Sweet Betsy buckled down and worked the program intensively. She let go of the behaviors that were causing so many problems, got back to where she had been spiritually for years, and turned her life around.

    The staff was remarkable. I didn't worry for her safety the entire year she was there. We attended family therapy sessions and worked on how to resolve the issues we were having at home. She excelled in their home school program, and became the sweet girl she had been in the past. I must tell you that we had endured a series of deaths in our family in a very short period of time, which caused her alot of anger. She worked on how to channel that anger and became accountable. Of all the things she gained from the program, I think accountability was the biggest. She stopped blaming everyone for all of her problems and to this day-almost 5 years later, she continues to be accountable.

    TC is a wonderful program and works well for those who cannot pay outrageous amounts for treatment. It is based on income and is affordable for anyone. We actually had sponsers from our church to help pay her tuition.

    Even now, Sweet Betsy contiues to use what she learned at TC in her everyday life. It was a positive experience for all.


    Mrs. McNear
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    Be very cautious when you are researching this program. It is more controversial than the previous posts would indicate.
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    I can only put forward what our experiences were, which were positive in every aspect.
    We each seek treatment for our children that best fits their particular situation. For my Sweet Betsy, TC was a god send.

    Mrs. McNear
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    I edited the url in Habibi's response. I just don't feel comfortable. We do not allow specific places to be listed, so perhaps I should have edited this earlier. I felt that this program had been listed before and talked about in a postive light (such as for Sweet Betsey), but I just want to caution other posters.

    Star was only listing the url to the place thinking it could be helpful to others.