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It must be individual per state or facility or insurance or something. My oldest child was discharged after 3 days.....no medication changes, nothing was different, her behavior was identical to going in......psychiatric hospital tried to get a blood draw and failed miserably, hurting her severely in the process....
husband was in several times over the years, sometimes for hours, sometimes weeks or months. 2nd to last time he was literally standing ON the nurses station, screaming his darned head off and the docs were demanding I take him home.....I was in a wheelchair, had 3 children.and I refused. psychiatric hospital called police....police suggested I reconsider my idea about leaving him there or bringing him home....
Next time my husband was also having physical health issues such as respiratory distress on top of mental health issues of psychosis. psychiatric hospital is in same bldg as reg hospital- but neither were agreeable to keep him in their unit. Reg hospital said they could not ensure his safety and psychiatric hospital said they could not accomodate his physical health issues. Sadly, I was gone to univ hospital 5 hours away having my sons first eye surgery and frikking hospital put my husband in a cab in winter in a hospital gown and sent him home to an empty house..delusional, psychotic, hallucinating and in resp distress. ---almost 2 hours ride from hospital.
No medications, no discharge intructions, nothing.

I cannot even count how many times our crisis intervention people have refused to come out when paged by me or school or ER..or how many times we sat 10,12,15,18 or 20 hours in ER only to be sent home and when I refused to leave security came.- "escorted" us out. with both my husband and my dtr..even when I was in a wheelchair. Even when they were clearly psychotic, raving, delusional, etc.

It depends a LOT on the facility, the location of facility, your insurance etc.
I also know some of the facilities we have been at do no more "assessing" or evaluating that me flying to the moon. and no more "treating" than I do brain surgery.