Teens with ADHD at risk behind the wheel

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    Teens with ADHD at risk behind the wheel - Reuters

    Teenaged boys are more likely than any other drivers to have car accidents, and a diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) increases their risk even further, a new study finds.

    Looking at more than 3,000 teenaged boys who had been in car accidents, a group of Canadian researchers found those who had been diagnosed with various forms of ADHD were more than a third likelier to be involved in a car accident than teenaged boys without ADHD.

    The most important steps teenagers (particularly those with ADHD) can take to stay safe behind the wheel include avoiding speeding as well as alcohol, minimizing distractions, using a seatbelt, keeping a safe distance from other cars and obeying doctor's orders, Redelmeier said. Of course, parents can't prevent their teenagers with ADHD from driving, but it makes sense to take extra precautions in this group, the researcher suggested.