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    My parents told me to schedule the removal of my teeth an the dentures. I am having an oral surgeon knock me out totally and take out all my teeth on June 11. YAY!!! I will go an get the dentures after I heal. The dentist who is doing the dentures will do them right away or wait until I heal, so I am waiting. The ONLY people who recommend the immediate dentures are the laces who do them, at least around here. Other dentists will do them if you insist, but they all say that there are a lot more problems fi you go for immediate ones.

    My question is about infection. I have some swelling where teeth are broken/crumbling. Would it be a good idea to get a course of antibiotics for before the removal? I thought maybe taking a course of antibiotics starting 2 weeks or so before the removal would help keep infection from beng so much of a problem afterward. Is this a good idea?
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    My mother had the same procedure and so did my father.
    My mother waited for the dentures and hers fit well, she also took a fingernail file to the sharper edges

    But my dad didn't wait and resultingly only wore his dentures seldomly.
    So I think you are making the right choice.

    As far as antibiotics if they suspect any infection they should prescribe your antibiotics and postpone the surgery. Which will result in an extra doctor visit wasted time and longer to get your dentures. If you can get them to prescribe antibiotics ahead of time I would make the effort if you think you are already dealing with infection.

    Everyone in my fam has horrible teeth and I'm only speaking from personal experience and from others. My sister has been turned away because she keeps a constant infection in her teeth and does not have medical coverage so it is very difficult for her to even get an emergency extraction done because of the infection.
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    I waited for mine but not sure it made any difference in the end. If you don't get implants, the bones constantly shrink. I am already needing to go get a new one because my jaw bones have shrunk in the past couple of years...

    I am dying to get my bottom teeth removed and get a full false set of dentures. I only have 10 full teeth at the bottom and they are falling apart anyway. I am just really afraid of the bottom ones because everyone I know doesn't wear them. I don't want to not wear them but it is only a matter of time...
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    If you suspect infection......let the dentist know and get on the antibiotics early enough to make sure they work. Otherwise you'll get in there and the surgeon will be like........oh heck no! in my opinion you've opted for the best way to do it. My upper denture fits perfectly, not a single issue after he did a small adjustment for tight spots. And no I didn't believe him at first.......but once I forced myself to get used to them I discovered he was right about the fit. lol I put it that way because I let him talk me into a partial for the lower. Dumbest thing I ever did because what I knew would happen did. It caused the enamel on the one anchor molar I had to crumble the 2nd time I put the darn thing in. I stopped using it at that point. Can't say I've had an issue not using it and no one has noticed because I still have the 4 front teeth on the bottom too. Still makes me mad though, if he'd have just listened to me (they're MY teeth, I know how they do due to my kidney disease for pete's sake) I'd have the lowers and it wouldn't be an issue at all. Getting used to the dentures is an experience unto itself, lemme tell you. Well.......you probably remember me posting about it. LOL But you DO get used to them and then they seem as natural to be in your mouth as your reg teeth were as long as the fit is right. You'll have sore spots and pinching feeling at first when you eat and it's for 2 reasons: 1. they will need to be adjusted a bit after you heal and 2. your mouth has to get used to them......think new well fitting pair of shoes. I'm going to tell you a secret that dentist usually DON"T tell these days. These new modern dentures are made from resin. They're not made to last the way dentures used to be. IF you use the OTC denture cleaner..........they're not going to last long, maybe 5-6 yrs tops before you need a new set. (many don't make it 6 months) My dentist said to put them into the denture container in COLD water with a DROP of antibacterial dish soap, make sure to rinse them well the next morning again with COLD water. HOT water can alter the fit/shape.......as that is one of the ways they mold them to fit, Know what I mean?? Once in a while it doesn't hurt to use the OTC denture cleaner (stains) but it's too harsh for the resin and I think it dissolves it over time making it weaker.......and they can actually fall apart. Happened to 2 of my aunts who got their dentures the same time I did. One within that 6 month mark (she was furious) and the other within a year. (she was also furious) The one aunt needs a new dentist. She's on her 3rd pair. omg Other aunt listen to me on her 2nd pair and won't use the denture cleaner or hot water. There is a wide variety of foods you can eat post pulling: mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, meatloaf (yes, truly!) any soft foods..........and trust me, pudding and jello get old FAST.
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    And I'm sorry..................but I dunno if it's my computer or a forum issue but I didn't type that out as one paragraph. ??? I had it happen in another forum too. hmm
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    Im down to my last 4 teeth and will have them out soon and once they heal up Im headed to get my dentures done. I have no bottom teeth at all. I can still eat a lot of things even though I dont really chew well. Mostly I gum it. You will be sore as hell for a few days. I find lortabs work better for me than percocets. Just my body.
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    The dentist or surgeon should have picked up on the infection. She or he may give you antibiotics a week before, and you'll definitely get them afterward.
    Best of luck! You'll be smiling in no time.

    Wow, good catch about the wrong day!!!