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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 27, 2009.

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    I just had a call from a survey company hired by the hospital that I was in for the cellulitis. The gentleman who called was clearly fairly young (college aged based on some comments) and was very nice.

    Near the end of the survey he asked what language was spoken most often in our home. He gave choices for this, just like he did for all the other questions.

    I thought he gave me the following choices, "English, Spanish, or Slum Language". I had this little pause and then started laughing and said "English".

    I had to ask, "Do people really pick Slum Language?"

    At that point we BOTH cracked up. He clearly was near the end of a long shift.

    He apologized and said the choices were, "English, Spanish, or SOME OTHER LANGUAGE:.

    After a second of giggling, we finished the survey. it was nice to have someone on a survey who was human enough to laugh when I misheard.

    I did ask him what "Slum Language" was. He told me he didn't know, but he could ask around."

    My brain does some strange things with what it thinks it hears, LOL!:tongue:
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    :D That was funny. I love when that happens~
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    I got the call from the hospital for Nichole's gathering call for pre-op. Good thing it's a small town cuz she let me answer the questions. Nichole was at boyfriend's. I told the nurse it was likely I could answer the questions better than Nichole could anyway. lol

    We had a few laughs while she went thru the questionnaire. Nice lady. Then we chatted about the snow storm, and she was wondering if she'd make it home this evening. Small town's have their downfalls, but at least when you talk to people they really talk to you. :)
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    yo yo yo yo mah...dig on that scene, cause you flipped da script and took it to the nex level Momma.

    I din know you wuz so street - bAbAY!

    I'm down wit that -

    Problem is I'm old and creaky and cant get back up.