Tell me 'bout your fuzzbutts.

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  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    A while back, we had a fun little thread in which folks told us about their resident fur-babies. I really enjoyed it, and it got a LOT of responses.

    We have a lot of new "faces" around here, and I am in dire need of a pick-me-up on this gloomy day.

    So, anyone care to tell us about their furry (or otherwise) family members?
  2. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    Well, Shari, you've heard about mine, but others may not have.

    Bubbles is the sweetest, stupidest mutt alive. He popped his skin open on an I bolt on our deck a few years back - it was well above his height. He didn't seem to notice. But he's super gentle and really sweet.

    Possum is my klutzy-kitty. He's about 13, weighs about 15 lbs, and will eat anything in sight. We're working on clearing a path so he can walk across the bookcase without knocking everything off. He's also super lazy.

    Squirrel is about 6, 12 lbs, fluffy - !!! - and has recently become mama's little girl. She's sweet.

    Now, up til a little over a month ago I also had Weasel, who was 17, and up til recently climbed walls. She loved to eat peas. She was my cuddle-kitten, slept with me every night. I miss her still. But - no tears - because she's waiting for me on the Rainbow Bridge!
  3. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    You know mine could easily turn into a novel. I'll try to keep it short.

    Jewel is our 8 year old whippet mix - buff color, with some white including a white heart on her head. The sweetest, easiest dog (other than some nasty anxiety) I've ever had. We adopted her when she was 3. Someone had adopted her before us and brought her back. I can't for the life of me figure out why. She always seems to know when we've gotten her a new stuffie before we even unpack the bags from the store. After getting the stuffing out, she'll play with the "carcass" for quite a while. She does not give kisses - ever - and will not sleep with me. Kinda hurts my feelings. LOL

    Baby Kitty (aka Holly, but we never call her that) is 10 years old, also adopted from the humane society when she was 3 months old - long hair, black cat. She has an overactive immune system that requires steroids from time to time, and arthritis in her back. She is very sweet, but does not like any of the other animals and can be quite a brat. Also quite stubborn and insistent. I recently just figured out how to keep her off the printer. That was a long, ongoing battle. She likes to lick plastic bags and the concrete patio (although she doesn't go outside - just sits at the door and licks it). I don't know why.

    Puddles is a 7 year old gray tiger. Very needy, acts all big and bad, but is a big sissy. Protects the other cats from Baby Kitty. Occasionally gets a time out for his attitude. LOL He likes to go outside sometimes, but only at night, earning him the name Vampire Kitty. If he is out during the day, he slinks and hides. He's never outside for more than 10 minutes, and when he comes in he thinks he hasn't seen you in a week. Best known for eating 148 inches of string, requiring surgery and 5 incisions into the intestines to remove.

    Abbey is 4 years old - short hair, black cat. She was born a stray and was rescued with her litter mates and mother when she was 6 weeks old. Mama cat was feral and as soon as the kittens were old enough, she bolted. Abbey was the runt, and at 11 weeks she developed a nasty kidney infection and almost died. Had to take her to the vet every other day for sub-q fluids. Found out she has deformed kidneys. She is my favorite - and a little thing at 6 pounds. There is nothing she can't get on or into. She's fun. Doesn't like to be held and not a lap kitty. She runs ahead of me into the bathroom and sits on the toilet. I have to pet her before I can pee. :D She doesn't get vaccinated because it makes her extremely sick. Indoor kitty only.

    Isa is a 2 year old tortie. Crybaby kitty. Very affectionate and often sleeps under the covers with me - meaning she often wake me pulling on the covers so I will raise them so she can get in. She has been watching Abbey and is starting to get the courage to get into new places. I knew she could - she was just afraid. Indoor only.

    Chloe is Isa's sister and a calico. Needy, needy, needy. She has a weird immune system and gets snarfly a lot. She, too, likes to sleep under the covers. In March, she was treated for a urinary blockage and has the honor of being the only female kitty at the vet with this issue (more common in males). Indoor only. Not my favorite, but you'll have that.

    I typically wake up with at least 4 cats on the bed. They expect me to move around them when I'm sleeping - which can be difficult when they have me cocooned. A bit spoiled....

    difficult child currently has 8 rats - 2 girls and 6 boys, all rescues. We are currently running 5 cages. The girls have to be separate from the boys, of course. The 3 brothers wouldn't accept any other rats, and one of the brothers became aggressive to the others and has to be by himself. 3 other boys housed together, but Moose - the abused rat missing half his face and with a leg that had been broken and not treated, so has healed at an awkward angle - had surgery last week to remove a fast growing tumor, so he is by himself for another week while he heals. I was not big at all on getting rats, but difficult child wore me down. I enjoy them quite a bit now, but I have become very allergic to them so my interaction with them is limited.
  4. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    I just changed my Avatar to our newest fuzzbutt. She is 8 weeks old and came home last Saturday afternoon. I am still trying to figure out a nickname for her. She is Sweet Puppy's baby sister.

    Our homecoming:

    You know how puppies are often scared when you take them away from their 1st homes? I remember Sweet Puppy was very timid and frightened. The new puppy is anything but that. She is sooooo confident!!! She licked difficult child's face and was so excited to go home with us. Very happy! Felt like this was HER plan all along. She had never met us - We picked her out from pictures on the website. That night difficult child slept on the floor by her kennel.

    The next night we put Diva Puppy's kennel next to the new baby. At bed time, we put them in their kennels, turned off lights, and went to bed. Diva puppy started crying - she did not want to spend the night in her kennel so I let difficult child take her to his room (which had become her routine) leaving the new puppy alone in the darkened entry way. No problem!!! She was quiet all night. I got up in the middle of the night to check on her and she was sitting there quietly waiting to get out. I took her outside for a few minutes and put her back in the kennel to go back to sleep. Not a peep out of her! It has been like that every night. She settles into her kennel without complaint. Very content :) Even so, I can't wait until school is out so she doesn't have to be in the kennel so often.

    She is into chewing but prefers my skirt or pant legs or stocking feet. We try to give her a toy to chew on instead of us but she would rather disregard the toy and come back to the original item being chewed on. Her energy level is a little more than Sweet Puppy's was, more intense, but still a calm mellow puppy. I am happy with how quiet she is! :)

    Diva Puppy does not like her. She will tolerate the new kid on the block but is often annoyed and doesn't want to play 24/7. I think she does not like the strong self esteem this puppy has. New puppy doesn't seem to need Diva Puppy to show her the ropes. Diva wants to take Dvia Puppy with her. I hesitated thinking that Diva Puppy would be happier staying here and that the new puppy would need the companionship also. However, seeing that they are not the best of friends like Diva and Sweet Puppy were and the super confident level of the new puppy, I will allow Diva to take Diva Puppy to see if Diva Puppy will be happier living with Diva. I just want what is best for Diva Puppy. I want her to be happy where ever she is at. She is Diva's dog and misses Diva. She was super upset when Diva paid attention to the new puppy. We can always bring her back if it doesn't work out.

    I just can't come up with her CD board nickname but I will update my siggie again once I figure it out.

    Oh, She is a Goldendoodle crossback (or back cross?). Dad is a Standard Poodle and Mom is a Goldendoodle (1/2 standard poodle and 1/2 golden retriever) so she is 75% Standard Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. I did a lot of research before getting Sweet Puppy to find just the right dog for our family. Sweet Puppy was absolutely perfect for us so I decided to stay with the findings of the research and get another goldendoodle. We were so happy when Sweet Puppy's baby sister was available.
  5. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    The furry baby here is Mace. A grey tabby that was found as a stray, I could hold him in one hand when he first came home. Now he's 14lbs of attitude and teeth. Kiddo was mean to him when he was little and he's never forgotten it. He's the only cat I've ever had declawed. I've owned a declawed one in the past, but her prior owner had that done. He can be nice for brief periods (usually first thing in the morning), but mostly he's as much a difficult child as the rest of us.

    We also have a few mollies. We're down to four, all female, so no more after these. They were born in this tank 3 years ago, then the females decided they'd had it and killed the males (with mollies if you don't have the right male to female ratio, the males will literally screw the females to death after a while). The fish are weird, too. They don't hide when you go near the tank - they come right over to the glass to see what's going on.
  6. Mattsmom277

    Mattsmom277 Active Member

    Who has fuzzbutts that WON'T love this thread? lol We all do love to brag on our fur friends. I like it :)

    Kobe is a mongrel cat, 4 years old, was difficult child's cat but morphed into my cat. He's got a great personality and is loving although his "evil eye" is fearsome. He runs from typical cat prey (mice, pet rat, bugs crawling, birds etc). He prefers chasing his shadow on the wall, dust motes in the air. Hates people food, finicky but suddenly is "master of the house", not to be outdone by the new fuzzbutt addition (Pepper) to the family. So now he begs when she does or annoys us to give him our food, and you can see he hates to taste it but he does while showing off for Pepper. It's hilarious. He literally looks like he's ready to gag but will chomp a piece off whatever scrap he's testing out, then walk away like he has "had enough now" even though really? He is just being a stubborn difficult child, showing off.

    Pepper is 8-9 months old. A devious double coated tailless manx cat. A orange and white bawl of evil fluff on legs with a deceptively alluring bob tail/knob with huge long plumage. She wags that "stub" and you just crack up. She knows she can charm her way out of anything and uses it for her whiley ways. She's got no manners, is bossy and loud and into public shouting protests. She hasn't met a living space that has a hiding spot to stop her ability to find a way to break it. She climbs everything, eats her way through screens to freedom to hunt the delicious looking birds through the window. She eats like a pig, anything will do. Scolding means nothing to her. She'll leave in a insulted huff and refuse to acknowledge you. Then an hour later when she's worn herself out racing laps around the house, she'll get over her bad self. Then she is in your lap, trying to groom you as she would another cat, purring loudly and hates it if you move because only your lap will do. She's a character. I love her. I love loathe her. Last week my FB status ranted at how she's out of chances, next time she's gone, railed on about how I'm officially done being a cat person, OVER cats. Pepper must have laughed at my stupidity. She knew better ;).

    Schroeder is formerly easy child's rat that she developed allergies to. S/O is NOT a rat guy but is a "all creatures big and small guy". I like the rat, but don't have much interest in him on a daily basis. S/O can't stand a creature unnurtured. It has blossomed from duty to pals. I swear he'll be lost when the rats day comes. He never goes a night before bed without taking him out to play with and feed treats to. I enjoy him daily now too since I didn't get sucked into the yucky parts (cleaning cages mostly lol).

    Strangely, both cats get along with the rat. When things get a bit hairy, the rat would win if it weren't for how fast the cats take off when he gets riled up at them trying to play in a way he's not okay with. It's so funny to see, he has those cats in a state of torment between fascinated curiousity about him and fear that they'd upset him and set his wrath into motion lol.

    Can't wait to hear of your fuzzbutts!
  7. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Step, I love the names for your critters. Too funny.

    Flutter, I had forgotten you had the dog, too!

    Andy, it sounds like you got a great puppy. To not cry all night the first night there? Awesome. She sounds so sweet.

    Hazoi, what a tiny kitten! We had one that small once (born to a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cat!) but it did not survive. Was very cute, tho.

    Mattsmom - so you're saying that your manx is a difficult child cat? Am I hearing that correctly??? lol

    Our fuzzbutts (do we have a max post length???)

    Wee has a cat, Tickadee, an orange tabby male, that I really do think has some neuro issues. I don't think he sees well, and swelling from an ear infection long ago left his ear permanently flopped over, like a golden retriever's. Despite being 4 years old, he is a perpetual kitten. But boy, is he not bright. He's lived with the same 3 dogs for all 4 years, and he spent the first year nursing Wee's dog, and is to this day hateful of husband's dog. And if you put a shirt on husband's dog? He seems to not realize its the same dog, and absolutely freaks out.

    We have a to-be-outdoors kitty that's in the house right now. She's a rather unremarkable cat, tho she's nice, and a good mouser.

    Wee also has a rat (aka Rodent). She's about 2 months old and quite the social butterly. I have yet to see her use the exercise wheel for anything but devious escape attempts. (and she's good)

    And Wee has Attacky, a JRT. Attacky is his owner's dog. Period. They are two peas in a pod. He is hyper, can perseverate, has limited range of interests, etc. lol His most favorite thing in the world is a ball. He lives for balls. He loves to go camping, because he can always find some fool in a campground to throw the ball for him. He is also intrigued by the rat, and would love-love-LOVE for Wee to forget sometime and leave Rodent unattended in the critter ball. His two favorite things, all rolled up in one. He's a nut.

    I have a little black senior citizen dog we call Bear. She's about 12 pounds, Schipperke mix. I got her from a rescue 4 years ago. She has very few teeth, and very sensitive skin, and loses her hair if she comes in contact with any allergens. lol So we often call her Bear with no hair (and no teef). When she is having a "bad hair day", she wears dresses to hide her hideousness. Her claim to fame is smiling. If you smile at her, she'll smile back. If you tell her to smile, she will howl. She's a hoot and my whole family makes fun of me having her because she's a frou frou dog (I had a 110 pound lab before her) and I dress her up. Hey, whatever works, right?

    husband has a blue heeler, Q. Smart, smart dog. Likes me better than husband, tho very loyal to him. She knows who her master is, and she knows who butters her bread. lol

    Oh, and Wee has a turtle (named - Turtle) He's kinda boring, except when its 9pm, and you walk by, he can create a lot of noise to get his dinner.

    Outside, we also have a fainting goat named (ready?) Goat! lol She started out as Wee's, but he sold her. I later missed her and bought her back. She's kinda fun. Lives with Wee, so not much startles her anymore. But she's a sucker for a tater chip. And hard candy. And an occassional rubber man. Other than that, she likes black eyed susans and grape leaves. Her eating my black eyed susans is much less traumatic for me that it is for husband when she eats his grapes' leaves. ALL of them.

    And of course, the ponies. We have 2 small shetland-type ponies, leftovers from children grown; the evil twins - which are the 2 that are the team that pull the buggy (yes, I still claim them); husband's mule (OMG, talk about a social butterfly - I think you could beat him with a 2x4 and he'd not leave...); cgfg's horse, a sway-backed flea-bitten gray former barrel horse that is now a mounted shooting horse and worth his weight in GOLD, he is such a good boy; my paint horse, that I raised from a foal and should have given up on a long time ago; my former shooting horse, who turns 32 this year, and is now officially retired; and difficult child 1's old horse, who is 18 this year - she and my paint survived a lightning strike that killed two other horses several years ago. She is slowly going blind, and hangs out mostly with the other old horse. Will let them live out their lives so long as they are comfy. They've both been awesome horses.

    And then of course, the cows and chickens.

    We lovingly refer to home as the Rockin' B Zoo. And I am the zookeeper.
  8. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Oh, you should know better than to get me started on this! I'm the neighborhood "dog lady". I've gone on about mine a lot but some of the newer ones may not know about them. The rest of you will just have to put up with it!

    My oldest is my pretty soft amber colored mixed breed, Ms. Freebie. When I lived out in the country, she came in to my yard as a starved, almost frozen, half-grown puppy and she's been with me ever since. She's at least ten, probably closer to eleven, but you'd never know it to look at her. She's healthy and happy and still plays like a puppy. She's very shy though and afraid of everyone but me, a hold over from her abusive early life and from being dumped as a puppy and left to fend for herself. She does fine away from the house if we go somewhere but is very protective of me and our house when we're at home.

    Ragan is my oldest Boston Terrier - she'll be nine on the Fourth of July. I've had her since she was a baby. She's nervous and excitable and bouncy and cute as a button! She's allergic to almost everything and needs a lot of extra care. Last October she had a (sedated) dental exam and cleaning but still got an infected tooth, followed by multiple infections, yeast and fungal infections and skin problems. At one point she was on eleven different medications and I really thought I was going to lose her. But slowly, over several months, she started getting better and better and now she is back to her silly, goofy, hyper little self! And because of Ragan, our vet was able to build a whole new wing on his house!!!

    My next-oldest Boston is Katy who will be seven in August. She didn't come to live with me until she was two. Katy was owned by a so-called (amateur) "breeder" who kept her isolated in a pen so she never had the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs. As a result, she absolutely loves people but has no use at all for other dogs. Poor Katy had already had two litters of puppies before her second birthday! When both puppies in her last litter died, Katy was spayed and then given to one of the techs at our vet's office, who called me and asked if I wanted her ... an hour later I was bringing her home in a crate. Katy is a bit chubby, always smiling, and is the funniest, friendliest dog on the planet! She's amazingly smart, understands every word I say, wonderful with little kids and her antics keep me laughing, although she takes as much watching as a toddler. She loves to be around people and goes with me to every function they have in town. If somebody doesn't notice her right off, she will tap them on the leg with her nose until they look down and see her smiling up at them. It's like, "Hi! My name's Katy. You can pet me if you want!" Everybody loves Katy!

    My youngest Boston is my only boy, Trace, who came to me a year and a half ago. Not sure how old he is but he's probably around four now. Trace was given his name because he was found wandering in the Natchez Trace State Park. He had been severely abused, then tossed out in the state park and left there to die. The lady who found him took him to our vet who patched him up (he lost an eye), then turned him over to the Humane Society. I heard he was there via the grapevine of Boston owners. I got him with the intention of fostering him until I could turn him over to a Boston rescue group but one look at his sweet little face and I was a goner ... an official foster failure! It took a while to win his confidence. At first, every time I would reach to pet him, he would cringe in fear thinking he was going to be hit ... just broke my heart! It took a while but now he is healthy and happy and active. He has the sweetest, most beautiful little face, playful, mischevious and loving! You can tell just by looking at him that he is a very well bred dog - someone paid a lot of money for him. How he ended up where he did, we will never know. He's my little mystery boy but I'm just glad he found his way to me!

    And of course this is not including my whole herd of little outside kitties!
  9. shellyd67

    shellyd67 Active Member

    We have frogs, fish, hermit crabs and of course our mini dauchaund Lady V.

    She is tan and black and oh so sweet. She lays her cute little head on my lap everynight when I finally settle down to watch TV or surf the net.

    She has given me unconditional love and makes me so calm when we snuggle together.

    I just love her so ....
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Our children are ridiculously easy child. Except for the cat. She's a word I can't type on the board, and I believe after reading the book Faces of Eve and Sybil? MPD.

    The oldest; Bull is now 12 spry as ever, but mellowed out considerably yet still a killer. Sadly whatever elevator that is supposed to go up never has, never will and had it not been for a 140lb brother stepping on his neck? I doubt he would have ever quit bullying anyone and ripping faces off. Largely due to DF not 'allowing' Bull to have obedience classes. (don't ask) however neutereing has made some difference three years later - he's still A/S.

    Middle child and love of my life; Casper now 10, has succumbed to suffering occasional seizures but still loves to dress up, has a gigantic collection of tiaras, and has been known to dress like Captain Jack Sparrow and keep a weather eye on a Marrow Bone or a 'treasure' -fondly known as a rawhide chewie which he must hide from the Pirate Lord - Pootie.

    Pootie our youngest, least spoiled (right......just keep telling myself that yet she's so rotten she stinks) and daughter in law to Mstang thanks to a long distance love affair with her Chester and BFFF (Best Fur Friend Forever) with her Cloe. Is Daddy's Girl, although she can certainly put on doe eyes or when I do something wrong - OMG she can give you the stink eye - and give it for DAYS. However she is clever and smart, loves school and is enjoying Mom and dog dance.

    Miss Ouixa Boudreau is currently living in Florida wtih her Daddy and is our Granddog, pride and joy of us all and famous. She's a sweetheart and has her picture on many peoples screen saver because she is so adorable. She gets freebies all the time at Petsmart, and is currently trying out for the dog olympics as i have video of her doing the backstroke - not kidding she is awesome.

    Piper the cat. The end.

    Currently looking for an all black, male, polydactyl cat. I want extra toes just because and black because they usually get put to sleep quicker than the others due to being odd and dark. It is my dark belief that anything would be nicer than the cat I currently own. She's ungrateful, miserable, hissy, growly, demanding, mean to the dogs, and anyone else would have tossed her out but she is what she is.

    And as far as other pets - if it crawls, creeps, howls, hoots, barks, meows, or slithers, flies, is 1/2 dead or injured? It ends up here - just last night? We had 2 puppies again. Two litle boys walk around and identify them - so I was glad they went home and not a blot on the road. 1/2 way home the kids put the dogs down and yelled "GO one GET HOME" and I nearly came unglued - ran after them and ----well the rest you can only imagine. Needless to say BOTH boys chased BOTH puppies for an HOUR until they were caught - and then took them HOME.....and I watched the ENTIRE way I know they weren't happy - but the puppiies were safe. hah.
  11. mechelle

    mechelle New Member

    we did have a Chihuahua named Chilupa, but he was stolen last year, with my daughters conditions, maybe that was for the best. we haven't gotten any other pets since.
  12. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    My avatar is my sweet Buddy, an 11 year old Jack Russell terrier, who keeps the cats in line for us.

    Our senior cats are:

    Cobra, a gray fluffy cat, who was originally supposed to be named Rainy or Foggy, to go with Stormy, but when we got him home, he began to hiss and strike at the others...hence the name Cobra. We've had him nearly 11 years.

    Cappuccino, the demon Siamese, is the only lady of the group. She rules with an iron paw. We've had her about 9 years.

    Pounce, a beautiful tuxedo cat, is very shy and timid. He was an adult when we adopted him nearly 11 years ago.

    And the naughty toy panthers, who are 2 years old:

    Wednesday is my panther. Black with a small white tuft under his chin, his favorite thing is looking out the window and watching the world go by.

    Onyx is Hubby's panther. Solid black, his favorite things are watching the Bird Channel (the bird feeder on the front porch) and napping on our bed.

    Thor is Miss KT's panther. Also solid black, his favorite things are picking fights with his brothers and following Miss KT around.

    The bunnies are Apolo Rabbit Ohno, who hates everyone but Hubby, and Miss KT's little white bunny Niamh, who is an absolute sweetie.
  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Mine are:

    Rowdy, white lab, official hero. Gentle giant, very protective.

    Molly, shepard / rhodesian ridgeback mix. Thinks she is a person. Guard dog. Babysitter. Has helped teach nearly every grandchild how to walk. They use her to pull up on and she'll very slowly move around with them hanging on. She seems to think tending children is her job. Too smart for our own good. Can spell Walk, Bye-bye, eat, ball, and several other words because we started spelling them like you would with a small child......and yeah, like I said too smart for our own good. Loyal to a fault. Will adopt any animal brought into the home. But she is Boss Dog. Period.

    Betsy, lab / bassett mix and Rowdy's daughter. Official LOVE puppy. She will protect, but much more prefers to get as much love and affection as possible. She just turned 5, but still thinks she is a small puppy. She won't accept new dogs into the family but is in LOVE with cats. Her bestest friend in the whole wide world is Minnie.....a stray that became one of our outside cats. You can always catch the two of them snuggled up together in the yard.

    Bruce, orange and white tabby. A stray grandson Darrin begged me to take in. Lap cat. Can't get enough affection. FINALLY turned mouser. Thinks he's a dog. lol

    Minnie, grey and white tabby. One of two kittens that were sort of dumped on us. Sweetest cat, loves kids and dogs. Fantastic mouser. Stays outside.

    Mr. Underfoot, all black cat. Minnie's brother. Likes to weave in and out between your feet. Another who can't get enough affection. Adores his sister and Betsy. Haven't seen him in more than a month and am worried about him.

    Soon I'll be adding a Beta fish. Seems Nichole has been breeding them and Aubrey has decided Nana really really needs one. She has picked out one of the lil fries for me already. Too tiny to bring home yet. lol

    Over the years we've had various other cats, dogs, bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, a lizard, a snapping turtle, an eguana (didn't last long), a red slider turtle, guinea pig, possum, squirrel, and a lil hedge hog. This doesn't include the pride of strays that still feed on my front porch.......IF they befriend Minnie first. She bosses the cats. lol
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    HOLY COW! Kt mom has a WHAT?

    Oh a CAT named Cobra...........:imok:
  15. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    My sister has a cat named "Kevin". Every time she calls her cat I have to laugh.
  16. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    "Kevin" is a great name for a cat! I used to know two girls, sisters, who shared an apartment. They named their cat "Mother"!

    My son has a friend who named his beagle "Dennis". He even looks like a "Dennis"!
  17. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    my farm used to be much larger than it is now. Right now we have my little 4 year old parti havanese named Buddy. He is black and white and smart as an average toddler. I swear! He has quite a following on FB too just under Billy's Billy takes tons of picture's of him and evidently people think he is cute or I just think he is six pounds of evil genius waiting to pounce.

    We also have Nina who is the pitbull that Cory brought home Xmas 2009 as a starving puppy. She is simply not all there. We love her but we cant keep her inside because she wont house train and she wont leash train so its a kennel for her in the yard. We play with her a lot, bring her in a lot, and she seems happy. I feel badly for her but I cant imagine ever giving her away because Im afraid someone would either fight her or kill her.

    We also have a 4 foot or so iguana named corporal Iggy. Not a whole lot to say about him.
  18. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Fran, reminds me of Up...that bird the kid called Kevin. Lol.

    Love it!
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    My best best friend is a Reddish Golden Retriever. He will be two years old in October. His name is Broady, aka BO BO. When you are a kid and you can't wait to see what Santa Claus brought you. That's what he was for me, I couldn't wait to get up and see him, and play with him. I couldn't wait to get home and see him. First thing I did was get him out of his kennel. We got him at 9 weeks old. Beautiful pup. I was a snuggler and he wasn't. He liked to be with me but just next to me. Now he is a big cuddler and will give me those sad puppy eyes if I don't lay down with him after work and pet him. He is well mannered, he fetches and brings it back. I didn't know that I had sleep apnea until, he would wake me up when I made gasping sounds and stopped breathing. He did it very gently. He always watches me when I get ready to sneeze to see if I need his assistance. LOL. If my fibro was bad he always would lay right next to me, and was very calm despite the fact that he didn't get to play that day or go out for a long walk. He's content to just be with me. Having him with me, helps me with my anxiety. Haven't had to take any medication for many many months. I don't think i'll every have another pup. He's just the best boy. I might sound a little crazy, but he really is my best friend. I am most comfortable with everything when I am with him. He was the easiest puppy to train. If you told him no, in a gentle voice he would just leave it and go do something else. He talks too. LOL. I will say I love you, He says woo, woo woo, sounds like I love you. At least in my mind. If I tell him it's raining and we can't go out. He will ruuu, rruu, ruuu and lay his head down, I saw we'll go out later and he says, ru. LMAO. It is cute and only another person with a dog that talks will understand that. Then I have a cat names Cassy. Psycho cat that drives me crazy, she's a beautiful all gray cat with some darker gray stripes. She's soft and can be sweet and then she can show her other personality (evil cat) by clawing you when you are petting her. She tries to kill me by tripping me wherever I walk. If she doesn't get what she wants when she wants it she takes her claws to my furniture, then I put her in a room with no furniture, but not after 10 minutes of chasing her. Anyone want another cat, I can ship her.
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    "Currently looking for an all black, male, polydactyl cat. I want extra toes just because ..."

    Star, what you're looking for is usually referred to as a "Hemingway cat" and there's lots of them in Florida. Supposedly, they are all descendants of three polydactyl cats that were given to Ernest Hemingway by a ship's captain. There's dozens of them that still live on the grounds of his house in Key West. Not all of them have the extra toes though.

    My daughter has one that she got as a tiny kitten - he's at least twelve years old now. He has two extra toes on the inside of each front paw, like thumbs that are webbed together. He can use them like thumbs too, to pick things up with his paws. His feet are white and with the extra toes, when he puts his weight on those front paws, they spread out and look HUGE and round, like he's wearing catcher's mitts on both feet! He has a very strange personality, sort of Siamese like, and was very mischevious in his younger days. I always called him the "deformed mutant"! He's really big and his back legs are longer than most cats, making his back end much higher than his front end. And when you look at his face from the side, his nose is much longer than other cats. At his age he's slowed down some but he's still wierd. His favorite thing now is to crawl head first in to a clear plastic garbage bag and just sit there all day looking around the room and marveling at how different everything looks that way! He's a strange little guy.
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