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    Hi family,

    You know if I met any of you in a convention and you started talking about your difficult child and their antics - I could match your name to your difficult child almost instantly - because we talk about our difficult child's.

    What about your other kids? (OK) not necessarily easy child because who really is perfect?

    So how about it - I would like to hear about the OLDER kids in your lives - do they have kids? Are the younger ones at home going to PROM or graduating - when? Anything you want to put.

    If you only have one kid - then put something NICE about them. NO NEGATIVE stuff here -

    Dude - my difficult child and OK - Is working on getting his GED. Upset that his class is graduating 5/30/08, but still on track and doing well at his TFH.

    And you?
  2. CrazyinVA

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    Youngest difficult child -- has really pulled herself together since having her baby. Not perfect, but has gotten further than I ever dreamed she would. No more binge drinking or drugs, has a work ethic, moving out on her own.

    Oldest -- hard to pick many specific positives this week .. but I will say that she is smart as a whip (was always in gifted programs in school), makes friends easily, and is very resourceful. She's a survivor.

    No PCs in my life.. not even in my extended family .. unless *I'm* the easy child, which is a scary thought.... can't be.
  3. dirobb

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    my three 19 ds, 18, ss, 18dd all graduate this year, two on Sat and the other the following friday. We are having a big family gathering this weekend. Whoo Hoo!!! They are all on the warpath looking for summer jobs or a job. Two head off to college in the fall (one wants to be a teacher, one starting off with core studies). The other is deciding what he wants to do.
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    Of course, I posted in the WC last week that pcdaugther, at 18, has joined the army. She will be leavning on July 23rd for boot at Fort Jackson, and then off to AIT at Fort Gordon.

    She is a spoiled rotten princess---has always gotten everything she wanted---but she is a good kid. She is polite, respectful, and hard working. She has worked for the same insurance company for over 2 years. When she called her boss to tell her she had enlisted, her boss cried. The owner of the company also loves her to death.

    PCson is a graduate of the military college of the south. He is a strong, assertive young man. He has a tendency to act morally superior. He was born a politician. He can talk to anyone about any topic. He has friends of all ages and backgrounds. He works as a project manager for a large industrial construction company. He is married and has a two year old son.

    I also have a foster daughter who is a former difficult child. She is married, works for a large softdrink distributor, and has two young daughters. She has come a long way since she came to live with me at 17.
  5. Genny

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    My easy child is five years old and a graduate of Basic Obedience class. Although husband and I are her "mom & dad", she doesn't favor either of us, but has distinctive black and tan coloring (and beautiful, shiny hair!). She recently got her sluggish thyroid back up to a normal level and is working hard to get rid of the excess pounds she aquired when it was low. We're very proud of her:tongue:
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    I like this thread, Star. I'm glad that you started it! You all know about both of my children. Unless you want to hear more about my 48 year old boy. ;)
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    Doesnt everyone already know all about mine? LOL. All anyone would need to hear is me calling Jamie, Billy or Cory and they would know instantly who it was!

    Well...Billy is still driving me bonkers going to school for his last quarter in HVAC while working for Radio Shack. I will believe this is the last time he is in school when I see Of course he still lives at home...sigh.

    Jamie is still up in Stafford County which is a suburb of Difficult Child and has a dream job as an Animal Control Officer. He recently bought a "fixer upper" townhouse which he is thrilled with. His baby will be a year old in June and she is a little hog! I can hardly pick her up. He was just recalled to the Marines and goes next week to Kansas City to find out if they exempt him under the Law Enforcement exemption. We are hoping they do because his county is under a hiring freeze and there are only 5 men in his unit to cover over 300 miles so it would really put that department in a mess.
  8. ChefPaula1965

    ChefPaula1965 Oh my aching back!!

    Well I have two semi easy child
    Mo is my 12 year old princess or "daddy's girl" .. she has her daddy and and many others... most of her teachers too...
    beautiful ... sushiny (when she is not prepubesanting not realy a word i know but you get the picture LOL :rofl:) although she has been physically and verbaly abused by Andre she still worships the ground he walks on............. Tends to frequently act superior ... thinks she has a right since she is ms popular at school...........
    Boo is my love bug..... always hugging... manners ... VERY senstive (which drives his dad crazy because he dsnt think that is "manly" ) .... loves to dress up (also drive daddy crazy).. is a walking spelling dictionary... in 2nd grade started readling Readers digest... and can hold a conversation about many intersting facts. also acts very superior.... did you know that it is "false advertising" for insect repellants to put images of "arachnids" on their bottles?? :teacher:
  9. hearts and roses

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    I really like this thread, Star! Dirobb - my Lord, woman! Three graduates and two heading off to college - God Bless you and congrats!

    My 20dd is doing amazing. She's working so hard up at culinary school and the program is just so rigorous, I'm amazed. She will graduate with her associates on July 3rd and then start her bachelor's program late September. She is scheduled to graduate with her bachelors in January 2010 and is psyched!

    She just landed the almost job of her dreams working in a bakehouse where artesan breads are made and produced and shipped out to local bakeries and cafes for sale. Part of her week will be at this company's little cafe in the town where she lives and she will oversee all the baked goods that come in, go out, how they are put in the display, how they are presented when served, etc. She is incredibly excited at this opportunity!

    This semester she received a 'group leader' pinning for her class. This means that she basically runs the class, calls meetings to discuss how to better their time, production, etc. She actually took over the job from another girl who wasn't working out. Anyway, she's gotten some really great recommendations from several of her chefs (teachers) already. She's already contacted the people at Whole Foods, which is where she wants to eventually work in their giant bakehouse in South Carolina.

    easy child recently took up mountain climbing, really called bouldering (without the straps & harness YIKES) and loves it.

    I couldn't be prouder - she's completely soared higher and farther than I ever could have hoped for! This, the little tiny scared 2nd grader that was held back and I was so afraid would be timid and shy her whole life. Wow, did she overcome a lot! Can you tell I'm gushing? I rarely get the opportunity to do a easy child brag.
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    What a nice thread. I'm fairly new to the board and have posted about my difficult child son, N or Nick (depends on my mood when I post, ha ha ha). Not much nice stuff to stay about him today, so since the thread is a positive one, I'll focus on my daughter.

    My daughter is 13 going on 29! (Just kidding, although she looks it!). She is a great kid, loving, friendly, sweet and of course spoiled. She is graduating from 8th grade in 2 weeks and will start high school in the fall. She tried out of the high school cheerleading squad and made the team along with her best friend. She also cheers for an all-star competitive cheer squad, which she has been part of for 6 years or so (I've lost count). She's had her first boyfriend recently and I am trying to squeeze in as much of "the talk" as I can get without scaring her away from staying open with me. Because of her age and hormones she is pretty moody and cranky at times, but gets over it (and then it's my turn!!! ha ha ha).

    Her proudest moment right now is that she has sent/received over 11,800 text messages in the last billing cycle of our cell bill. She says it is proof that she can multi-task (and I tell her it's a huge waste of time!). Luckily we have unlimited messaging.

    Love to hear more about everyone else's kids.
  11. Estherfromjerusalem

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    Well, I am tempted, but it is rather a large job to write about all my children (there are seven of them besides the difficult child) and the 18 grandchildren. Let me sum it up like this: Almost all of them have had some difficult child-like tendencies over the years. In fact, only one out of the eight can I say never gave us problems. All the others -- well, my hair has been white since pretty early on. No. 1, Debbie, is 40, very pretty, very talented, is a hospital nurse, has 6 kids, her husband is unemployed so life isn't easy, but it is good. Her oldest is 19, a gorgeous girl, trying to decide what to study at university next year. No. 2, Gabi, is 39, and his life is a bit of a mess at the moment. A very gifted boy, a paramedic who has supervised medical care at some dreadful terror attacks here in Jerusalem, in charge of triage, the first to get on blown-up buses, etc. His wedding was canceled this year 6 weeks before the date. No. 3, Tuvia (Toby) is 36. He was born on 29 February so he was special from the word GO. He's married, expecting child no. 5. The oldest is Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) not otherwise specified, they are doing a wonderful job with him. Tuvia is a musician and earns his living with music. He's also an entertainer, does children's programs on internet. He is VERY religious. No. 4 is Nechama, aged 35. She is a lawyer, has 3 kids, and of all my children her soul seems to be the most in touch with my soul. I adore her. No. 5 is Bracha. She is 32. She has four kids, is very religious, and is finishing her second year of a four-year nursing degree. Studying is very very difficult for her, she has to re-do almost all of her exams, but she seems to pass on the second go. She is a very emotional and warm person -- my sisters love her very much. No. 6 is Eliyahu (Elijah). He's 27. He's a dreamer. He is very religious. He married 3 years ago and it is good. They are expecting their second child. He works in computing, and is intending to start studying next year (when his wife finishes her studies -- she will be an art teacher). She is a very very talented artist. I love seeing them together, they are a great couple. No. 7, Yehuda (Judah) lives at home, aged 23. I call him my easy child, but actually he isn't the easiest of children either. And Oriel, aged 21, is difficult child.

    Star, this is all your fault. You asked. I haven't written about anything "real" for ages. I find difficult child overwhelming -- that's why I don't write much about him. Actually, I find life overwhelming. Now you have seen my list of children, you all know why my life is overwhelming.

    None of the married children live in Jerusalem, but they pop in occasionally. Since they are out of town, when they "pop" it is always with the children, and I have mixed feelings about it. However, being a grandmother is an amazing experience. And since I was born into a family with no grandparents (it was just us 3 girls and our parents), I get a real kick thinking about the multi-generation family we have. My grandchildren have all their grandparents, and some great-grandparents. Isn't that something!!

    I will stop rambling now. Sorry to have gone on for so long.

    Love, Esther
  12. peg2

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    My step-daughter just graduated from Fordham U. in the Bronx, my 22 year old has a nice girlfriend, shares a condo with her(not what I prefer!)and works 6 days a week for a dry cleaner, just bought a brand new car, my 20 year old is doing ok, but has issues. Working now and going to community college, very good with my elderly, sick mom,though, fills in for me when I can't. Ofcourse, my just turned 18 year old difficult child...........................
    We do need postive thoughts, congrats to all!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. tinamarie1

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    hmmm this is a hard one. ok ok, easy child is good at taking the bad attention off of difficult child and putting it on herself.
    she is good at:
    being a drama queen
    rolling her eyes
    beating a dead horse over and over and over again
    making really good grades one 9 weeks and then just when she has you fooled, she announces she hates school and is failing everything, even P.E.

    some days i wonder if i should switch the easy child/difficult child roles that i have given my kids. she outdoes him most days lately.
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Ya know - I AM AMAZED -

    To some of you: I'd know your children blindfolded - but I'm not saying which.

    To the rest of you :

    OMG YOU REALLY DO HAVE A LIFE!!!!!!!! I'm envious.

    Esther: I am now in total awe - lol. Not of your children, I've always thought they were special - but of your white hair. I had pictured lol.

    So many of you are so lucky with high school grads, and college graduates, and cooking school chefs, and cheerleaders, and kids on sports teams and it's just really so wonderful to get to know the other side of your life.

    And for those of you with furpeople or featherpeople? Yes, my salvation lies in the slanted, deep-set, soulful yellow eyes and pink nose of a nearly albino 137lb. only loves Momma and Jesus American Bulldog whom I love so dearly. And even though I've lost my favorite rat Mannie recently - what a kid - I have the best memories. When the rest of the world abandons me? My dog is sitting there.......with me.......asking me ever so kindly - Will there be kibble?

    This is turning out to be sorta a reunion thread - like Meet the Family!

    (not to be confused with Meet the Fockers ) and I have NOTHING to add about that. :tongue:
  15. Big Bad Kitty

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    Thanks for this thread, Star.

    We had our worries about Copper, and with good reason. She left home right when she turned 18 and just barely graduated. This was after a couple years of running away, cutting, stealing the car, psychiatric hospital stays, and a pregnancy scare. She did have a diagnosis of BiPolar (BP) and was on depakote at one time.

    Now she is 20. She is still with the same guy that she fell for 5 years ago. She is happy. They both work. She is off of ALL medications (I honestly question her need for them in the first place; in her particular case I think it was more of an oil and water situation between her and my mother, with whom she lived during her late teen years).

    She defied the odds of the rest of our fat family and is a size ONE. She is just gorgeous:

    And I do not get to see her near often enough. But when I miss her, it's not because I worry. It's just because I miss her.

    Tink may be my difficult child, but she is the reason I breathe.

    My stepsons (they will ALWAYS be my boys) are all terrific. The Snake graduates 8th grade this year.
    Beefcake & The Kidd are currently in baseball, doing great, and as soon as baseball is over, they start football.

    And the little guy (Tink's baby brother) I just want to put him on a cracker and eat him up. He is SO cute.
  16. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Nice thread. I don't get to brag on easy child much. lol All my family lives too far away.

    My easy child is very much a easy child and always has been. Not actually perfect, cuz no one is really, but a darn good kid with a huge heart.

    easy child is my straight A student. All because a teacher way back in the 2nd grade chose to criticize her perfect cursive writing because it didn't have the right "slant" to it. lol Ahhhh, my profectionist. And yes, we've worked hard to take the edge off of that character flaw.

    At 5 or 6 easy child announced she wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist much to our amazement. She will be 24 in July and has never waivered in her dream. Getting pregnant with Darrin right before hs graduation put a damper on her plans, but we worked thru a solution together to keep her in school. Two years ago she graduated Com laude (sp) with an assoc degree in Nursing. Now she is working on her master's degree and headed toward medical school while working fulltime as a nurse in the Intesive Care Unit, and on call for another hospital.

    easy child is a wonderful Mom to grandson Darrin who is showing signs of having much of his mother's personality along with his Daddy's mechanical brilliance. Ought to be one heck of a combo. lol

    SONS GONE WILD Moms goin' crazy

    What a great idea, Star. Glad to hear all these wonderful things about everyones' families.

    My easy child 14 yo boy just finished his only 8th grade exam this year (1st year in high school) - he was exempt from all other exams because he had an A average - and only his Geography teacher didn't "believe" in exempting so he had to take that one today! Has a job working at the park concession stand this summer and is playing baseball. My big teddy bear (at 14 y/o and he's about 5 ft. 10"!)

    easy child girl 7 - just about to finish 1st grade, about to have her dance review, playing softball in the summer and will be going to summer camp - and just loves life. In counseling due to some nightmares (possibly related to her brother's difficult child issues, and recent family deaths) - but she's doing great. A real sweetheart.

    And, believe it or not, difficult child is doing well and being respectful and "trying" to go to his rehab meetings as much as possible. Even registered for the ACT test and enrolled in college for the fall. Only time will tell with him, but I will take any moments of peace that come along!
  18. KTMom91

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    It's nice to post good news for a change!

    Stepson #1 just got his journeyman electrician's card! He has a very nice girlfriend, who is a meter reader for PGE (the gas/electric company, for those of you not in CA) and no intention of getting married any time soon. Stepson #2 just got married last Saturday. He's a graphic designer. My new daughter in law is a receptionist in a medical office. They are so much in love! My sweet little Jack Russell is my third son, and he always escorts me out to the clothesline and guards me while I'm hanging clothes.
  19. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I don't have older ones, but Jess has been working very hard on finishing her schoolwork so she can have a summer break. She is becoming more responsible every day, and is working very hard with her homeschooling.

    Tyler finishes 2nd grade tomorrow. He came to ME asking if we could do an end of year gift for his teacher because "she works really hard and loves us and we are a really rowdy class this year". he also asked if we could plan his Half-birthday party and invite his class. With a birthday 7 days before Christmas, no one can ever come to a birthday party. So we do a family party, and then invite whoever we can get ahold of to a half birthday party. This year he wants to give invitations to his class BEFORE the year is over.

    When I started looking for invitations to make, he asked if he could use HIS money to buy them. he siad they wouldn't be as cool as the ones I make, but he didn't remember until the last minute and didn't want me to work that hard making them with no notice. I got teary, he is really growing up!

    Wizard had a performance last weekend, and even remembered to invite Gma and Gpa the day before the performance!!! He even apologized for not giving them notice. The other performances this year (choir and drama) he let them know 2 hours before, or not at all. So this is good progress.

    Jessie asked if we could get the mower fixed so she could take over the lawn mowing this summer!!

    And Captain Morgan finally learned that when Mama is in the kitchen you can't lay down in the path!! All I had to do today was say "Path" firmly - no large cup of water on his belly needed!! Gracie has become a total lovebug with me, even wehn husband is home (he is her favorite).

    Glad to hear all the progress with all of your kids!

  20. ChefPaula1965

    ChefPaula1965 Oh my aching back!!


    Tinamarie are you sure you are not living with my 12 yo easy child daughter Mo????????? what a resemblance ............
    Fun fun fun thread, I am enjoying reading about everyones other than difficult child kiddos...