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    We've temporarily become a one car family. The day easy child received her temps, I was in the van with her. When we got home I got out of the driver side and asked her to pull in the drive way. She did and then wanted to straighten it out some. After a bit, I told her she had done a decent job but she wanted to try one more time to straighten out the van. She accidentally pushed too hard on the gas and hit the garage. Not super hard, the van barely has a dent. The garage was dented but we were able to still use the garage, just had to open it manually. Well, Thursday before we left we shut the garage and then when we got home and tried to open it Monday it wouldn't.

    husband and I tried and probably did more damage. Longer story, shorter we need a new garage door. They can't do it til Friday, in the meantime, one of our cars is stuck in the garage!!

    Plus we get to pay a $500 deductible for it plus $500 deductible for the hail storm! Yikes, when it rains it pours!!!

    (Poor easy child was so upset about the crash she said she was never going to learn to drive. We stayed very calm, told her it was just an accident, accidents happen. She is still upset but we have gotten her to go behind the wheel twice with the instructor and once with husband. We're working on rebuilding her confidence.)
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    My niece, who had just gotten both her driver's license and a huge truck (she wanted to be able to pull a horse trailer) did the same thing in mom's driveway except she put a huge dent in the back of my sister's van.

    Lucky me, I wound up being the one to teach her how to haul a horse trailer. Tons of fun since I hadn't hauled one in twenty years. Luckily it was empty as it might've been traumatic for the poor horses, LoL
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    I'm kinda chuckling at this -- I'm sorry! But it's definitely an interesting story -- one I'm sure your easy child will never forget! I've got some teenage car stories that I NEVER have shared with my parents, so tell her not to feel so bad!
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    Tell easy child it's OK, really...Miss KT took out a stop sign on our corner with the pickup. Minor, if any, damage to the truck, but the stop sign cost us about $800. Since she only had a permit, not her license, there was nothing negative on her driving record.
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    WO -

    I just keep thinking - WELL at least you didn't post she may be on an episode of COPS. OH no wait.....that's MY life. :laugh:

    Glad no one was hurt - ;)