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    I knew when my boss hired her it was to get rid of me. I never could stand this lady and it is impossible for me not to show it. Loud, obnoxious, bossy, and the ultimate nosey. Overbearing, officius, conceited, omg, annoying. She was up here talking like a 5 year old and I just said to her two minutes ago. I am not in a very good mood, while she is sitting here talking to me all loud, she said okay, fine whatever, see if I ever bring you another zucchini. Omg I almost told her where she could stick that zucchini. She has interjected herself into every conversation I have had with anyone today, whether, it be on the phone or with the mail lady. I was talking to the mail lady, who I have known for 6 years about mailing my child her medications, and she was like what whats the question. OMG, help me, I am losing it. We both ignored her question to be in my business, but she just never gets it. She just stands there and because she is so pushy it must have worked for her many times so she keeps doing it. She just thought as long as I stand here they can't ignore me. Um yeah, I can. I am going to start being very direct with her and calling her out on her **** from now on. Polite and not accusing but it's not going to be comfortable for her at all. It may not be comfortable for me, but Im not tolerating this bull any longer. Any co-worker stories, that I might be able to laugh at or help me with my situation.
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    I could go on and on and on. Between people who think that because they are a minority they are entitled to better treatment (and FWIW, this lady was in no way a minority except in her own head), people who are dumber than the proverbial box of rocks, people who are holier-than-thou, one coworker who told me to quit pursuing her friend because he wasn't interested in me (he'd been calling me, plus I was dating husband at the time, LOL)... The one I have now that likes to slack off and then act shocked when someone calls him on it... And when he screws up and is nowhere to be found, the boss acts like it's horrible but nothing is ever done... Yeah. I understand, dear.
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    AnnieO, too bad we have to spend 8 hours a day with these people. I have turned the music up at my desk, and I am so hoping that she has gotten a vibe from me to stay away. I am going to crazy as it sounds, try practicing tonight with how to approach her when she does these things. I have to be extra careful, because I have bi-polar as to how I word things with people and how much frustration I show.
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    I work in a center with VERY frustrated people from the GET GO out of the gate.......and then you add in I think what you call discrimination, and times of the month, and then jockeying for the chance to the the Queen B, (and I'm not talking about buzzing around) and then just for craps and giggles throw in some mental disorders which were ingenious enough to fly under the psychiatric test to GET the job.....plus personal issues when 15 women work with 15 other women, and only 8 men.....(who by the way cornered me and said PLEASE stay like you are - no joke) and shake it all up then top it all of with a heaping helping of 911 what is you're emergency and add in people who tell you daily you're a so&so and don't know diddle about daddly - and where is the POPO because I CALLED THIRTY MINUTES AGO.....and it's been more like 2 minutes - and these crazy dingus' have their own mental health agendas ------and you get......14 women daily that say "Good morning and 4 minutes later want to throw a 400 lb desk at you, carve out your eyes, turn you in for having a small design of color in your navy socks (because you've worked 89 hours in 4 days....) and haven't done laundry but they don't give a rats patootie about you.....and they would turn you in to the supervisor for being 1 minute late and getting you docked 15 minutes pay........every time you got out of your SEAT.....even if it was to get up and go pass gas........
    and you have my work environment.

    So there was a Queenie - that no matter what........and I mean WHAT I did.......she had something to say about it. IF another person dumped the trash at 3 pm -------her mouth stayed shut/ but if the supervisor told (TOLD) me to do it at 5......she said "IT's too early to dump the trash -why is she dumping the trash? Then would kick her trash can further under her desk. She was rude, mean, hateful,,,,,and said things in public out loud all the time to belittle me. I never said a word back. One day - in the kitchen.....someone called her a name and they all started talking about her. I got up and left. They said "Where are you going." I said "I do not enjoy gossip, and I don't enjoy talking about people. If you'll talk about her...you'll talk about me - and that gives me a sour stomach. If I have a problem with the person you're talking about I'll be woman enough to take it up face to face with her.......I sure won't sit in the kitchen and talk about her behind her back. Maybe it's a culture thing - but that's how I was raised." and I got up and left.

    I figured - it would stop HER from talking nasty to ME - because THEY were all HER friends. NOPE.

    So one day she popped off and thought she was going to be nasty and I said back to her......I understand that you may have to right to say WHAT you're saying to me (NAME) because you're correct - but the manner in which you speak to me? Is up to me - and we don't have to be friends and we will never be by the way you have treated me since we got her - but YOU WILL NEVER talk to me like you just did again I do not give you or anyone else permission to talk down to me - ever.

    Then in a meeting - I asked the supervisors - sort of in a round about way -if a reverse discrimination law suit was filed with the (named rank and government title) regarding how I was treated by a coworker -----how would that go over with our director.

    See the boss had been telling ME that SHE was doing "swan song" that she could about the QUEEN B......and talking to her.....yadda yadda yadda........hand puppet......(out of my ****) and NOT to bother the director. Okkkkky.....So why is this STILL going on a year later?????? So I dug out my city manual......found out who was over the entire HUMAN RESOURCES division and dropped HER name in a meeting.

    Well 2 weeks ago she put in her notice and quit. I'm not cutting cartwheels.....and i'm not happy. She was a good employee.....she just wasn't going to treat me like ****. She's just not going to be happy wherever she is - and I can't fix that. Not my job, not my problem.

    Same as with this gal.........You can't fix her. You can't deal with her. You can only DEFINE your boundaries, and when she crosses them.......go to a higher authority and ......if that is your boss and you think he's "IN" on it.......go to someone that rules over him....someone that would BOTHER him to be talked to or ripped a new one by. What I found out is - my supervisors were SAYING they were talking to her and writing her up and what I found out by dropping name.....was that up until that point? I was Queenies WHIPPING boy and they were not telling THEIR boss......they were letting her go....and I was going home frustrated.....When I dropped the name.......it all was going to come out in the open.......and what the supervisors were doing was COVERING for HER.......because if she quit???????? THEY would have to do OVERTIME to COVER for her. until they hired someone new. (how sad is that? )

    So define.......draw lines.......don't yell.......and establish boundaries. Do your homework.....and have your plan already laid out before you go to her with this......so that when HE doesn't have your back......As Sheldon would say BAZINGA B......
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    Jody, I'm so very sorry. I don't know if you read my own sob story but a co-worker did get me fired from a job I loved and there was nothing I could do about it. Our state is "at will." I was really nice to her too, but she lied about me behind my back (sigh). I know how it is and you have my full empathy.

    Switching gears a bit, I noticed in your signature (which I never read before) that we have a few things in common...loving dogs, garage sales, and bipolar II :) I just came back from Chicago...I was brought up there. And now, sadly, we share having to deal with a nutcase co-worker.

    I hope that by some miracle this lady decides to quit. Sending good vibes and lots of understanding.
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    I have also had to deal with difficult coworkers. I actually had one who would brown-nose the higher ups while doing things to get me in trouble. He should have been the one in trouble because he was caught...by me and another coworker...texting my youngest son and talking about sex. He would also sit in his office and go on gay porn sites during working hours on government computers. I actually told the computer tech at work because youngest was in therapy at the time and I worried that it would come out that way. The agency covered it up, my coworker was hired into a higher position as a supervisor and today works in the state office of health and human services!!! Oh well.