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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by HaoZi, Mar 15, 2011.

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    He wants to do Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale, the Wagner Hand Test, inkblot tests, and M-PACI. I think some of these are as much for his own curiosity, but I think it'll be interesting. We go on April 6th for the testing.
    Anyone got any insight on these?
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    I thought inkblot tests were discredited. I remember getting those as a kid - I was disgusted with the tester's comments on my responses, I felt he didn't 'get' me and was judgemental. It is too easy for the tester's personal opinions to colour the analysis for the Rorschach (inkblot) test. It's little more than free association, in my book. A measure of imagination ability - which may have some relevance in Asperger's. But I would take the inkblot results with a large pinch of salt.

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    I'm taking the hand test with more salt, the law enforcement community isn't very impressed with it here or in Canada - it shows up as very unreliable to them. This doctor does a lot of research and papers, so I think he's using these personality tests more as a guiding thing because his first goal on testing is really to help tweak out her IEP to the best it can be for her and to point him to other tests that might be needed later. He said he "wants to get an idea of how she thinks." I said "Differently." :D
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    LOL! I just looked up the inkblots and compared my answers to the common ones. I'm weird, and in half of those I have NO IDEA what they're looking at to see what they see.
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    No test is accurate unless there is also a lot of interaction between the tester and the child (or adult). There are indicators but, for example, both me AND my son scored OFF THE CHARTS for the Connors, and neither us us really have ADHD. Somebody can score high on the Connors with high functioning autism or bipolar as well because those conditions too manifest as hyperactive and inattentive.

    I wish you good luck :) I know you've been waiting for a long time.
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    Good Luck to you and kiddo !
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    Glad you got the approval!
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    zero insight :)

    yet wishing you lots of luck! finally, right??