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  1. Shari

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    Just a quick update, we don't have a lot of results yet, but the testing went well. They did 6+ hours of testing on Friday. Wee difficult child managed fairly well, tho the poor lady who did the testing thought we were off rockers to put him in a car and drive home. We're used to him! lol She's obviously not. She was a bit disheveled at the end of the day.

    But...there is no doubt he has various forms of dyslexia and other processing problems. We'll get the full report in a couple of weeks. She had a few suggestions for the interim, but hopefully will have more in the report. I'll keep you posted.

    Thanks for the good thoughts.

    On a very good note, I had to have the teachers fill our some forms (the ever loving forms...millions of them...) and I read some of the comments on them before I turned them in to the doctor. I copied some below. This makes me feel better about the people working with him at school this year.

    "difficult child is a very lively and happy young man. He genuinely cares about
    others and wants to do a good job. He has some significant deficites in
    reading that cause him a good deal of problems."

    "He has significant delay between the time he is asked to do something and
    he responds. I think this causes him trouble sometimes because he is a
    slow processor, people think he is ignoring them, but he's not."

    "difficult child is an awesome kid who is very interested in animals and the
    outdoors. He can hold very good conversation with others. He stays on topic. He can be extremely polite, using please and thank you consistently. He is very
    bright and has a wonderful imagination."

    Its nice to hear something positive about him for once.

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    The comments also make me feel good about where he is at. It's going to be a good year, Shari. ODAAT. Thanks for the update. Hugs, ML
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    :bigsmile: Yay for positive feedback! And it's great you'll soon have a viable report to help tailor a useable IEP for him!!! Things are looking up!
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    Sounds like a productive (if long) day!
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    WOW!!! He is a trooper! Even in good times Wiz could not do 6 hours of testing at once. Not even at twice wee difficult child's age!

    I am so sorry I could not come meet you. It has been a really rough week with Jess up and hurting all night every night. I have to travel to Tulsa on Wed and we are dealing with some kind of cold here, so it has been tough.

    I am glad you had a good trip and difficult child handled things well.

    The teachers seem to have a much better feel for him and what he is going through. I have every faith that this evaluation will generate some very helpful info and new ways to treat him! Poor guy, to have absolutely no clue what is expected and to want to please and be totally unable to do it. I would throw chairs too!

    Give him a hug from Auntie Susie! I will try hard to get over there on your next trip! I can take you to a place he will LOVE and be able to work some kinks out before the trip home.

    Then give yourself a bubble bath with a nice glass of wine or mug of coffee or whatever you enjoy - with NO kid interruptions!
  6. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I got your PM, Susie. No worries...I know you've had a rough go here lately.

    I jsut got the doctor approved on GAP coverage thru insurance, too, so we'll be making the trip for a while. I'm kinda excited about that. Closer would be better, but I've been really happy with him, so we'll make the trip. I am so glad you told me about him.

    I'm going to try to make the next trip with wee difficult child so we have time to check out some things while we are there. I've been looking and the zoo looks nice, and the space museum, etc. He'd like some of that.
  7. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    There are some really awesome things to do in Tulsa. I can give you some guidance.

    IF he likes arcade games and pizza and bowling and tv and stuff like this, we have a pizza place in Tulsa that has a HUGE buffet, will make any pizza you want that you don't already see made (no extra charge), and has a HUGE game area including bowling, mini golf, race cars, all kinds of video games, etc.... Most kids LOVE it. It is a LOT like chuck e cheese but on Schwarzenegger steroids!

    The zoo is not the typical kind. It is set in a park and is fun but can also be relaxing to just wander about. Very kid friendly.

    There is a huge rose garden, and a LOT of other fun things. Plus there is a Children's ER not too far from the doctor. And a children's hospital though it is part of the larger hospital.

    So awesome the ins co may fund this!!! He is a wonderful doctor, isn't he?

    And that toy room is awesome! My kids still want to go there to play, LOL!
  8. TPaul

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    So someone is spending time in Oklahoma?? I live about 4 hours south of Tulsa in southern Oklahoma. Hope all goes well,
    T. Paul
  9. Shari

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    Yup, we're "commuting" to the doctor in Okie!