Texas Advanced Leadership and Advocacy Conference (TALAC) 2010

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    Hello TALAC members,

    I write to share information about the upcoming Texas Advanced Leadership and Advocacy Conference (TALAC) 2010. The team at Texas A&M, the TALAC project advisory committee, and the team at the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities have been working hard to prepare for TALAC 2010. We are now accepting applications. Information regarding the conference dates, conference registration, and hotel reservation is available at our website: http://talac.tamu.edu.

    We are excited to have Mr. Bernard Carabello as our keynote speaker. Mr. Carabello helped Geraldo Rivera break the story about the deplorable conditions at Willowbrook State School, and continues to advocate for individuals with disabilities. His life story will motivate and inspire all who hear the story.

    We look forward to meeting you in Austin again. We need your help to make TALAC a success. Please help us spread the word about TALAC 2010 by asking individuals or organizations you know who are interested in advocacy for individuals with disabilities to apply for the conference. I will be happy to send information to individuals or organizations. I can also use your help in finding sponsors and vendors for the conference, so let me know if you know someone who might be interested. As always, contact me if I can answer any questions or be of any help.

    See you in Austin,

    Jaime B. Duran
    Texas Advanced Leadership and Advocacy Conference 2010 Coordinator

    Texas A&M University
    Department of Educational Psychology
    MS 4225
    College Station, TX 77842-4225

    Phone: 979-845-1884
    Fax: 979-862-1256
    Email: talac@tamu.edu
    TALAC website " TALAC.tamu.edu"