Texas Advocacy and Leadership Training Conference

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    forward for all in Texas!

    Hi all,

    I am seeking your assistance to publicize our March 2009 Texas Advanced
    Leadership and Advocacy Conference. This conference will provide legislative
    advocacy and leadership information/training to adults with disabilities,
    parents of children with disabilities and other interested parties. In order to
    attract more applicants we have broadened our criteria for attendance and
    extended the deadline for applications. The new information and application can
    be found at:


    Please help us get the word out to parents and any young adults that you think
    would benefit from this conference. Two nights lodging, several meals and up to
    $200 travel reimbursement will be provide to each participant selected to
    attend. We would also be most appreciative if you'd circulate it to your
    professional colleagues who are associated with persons with disabilities and
    their families.

    If you have any questions please contact me either by email cgrenwelge@...
    or by phone.

    Thanks so much.


    Cheryl Grenwelge, M.Ed.
    Research Associate
    Department of Educational Psychology
    4225 Texas A&M University
    College Station , TX 77843-4225
    979-458-1593 Voice
    979-862-1256 Fax
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    Cheryl, are you a school psychiatric? I didn't realize you worked for an educational psychiatric department.
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    This looks like an email TheOnlyMe received for a parent training seminar. I believe 'Cheryl' authored the email?

    Are you planning on going TheOnlyMe?
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    Yes, in fact they emailed me and said the conference committee is discussing printing, and distributing the article on Ednews, and maybe another opportunity may arise out of it.

    The Conference is to training for local and community activism for the disAbled in their community.

    Yes I was forwarding the email because that is what they ask us to do, the TAMU-Disability Center is also having a Transition Conference in February also.

    I am also going to try to go to Washington for the COPAA Conference which is the same week as the TALAC Conference.

    Thanks for the clarification Shelia!