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and tomorrow afternoon I head to a scrap booking retreat with 15 to 20 women.

It's a fun weekend at our church camp. There is a fairly new retreat center, so not a rustic camp like the kids summer camp in cabins without electricity. Plus there is wifi...well most the time. It's out in the boonies.

I started getting my supplies ready to load in the van. And a stack of clothes to pack.

Younger daughter has been easier to live with. Older daughter, well, I am just happy she doesn't live here. When she comes over, she seems to have such a negative attitude. Really gets on all our nerves.

She turns 19 next week...I ordered her a cheap smart phone and two months of service. She has lost or broken multiple phones. She doesn't have a phone to use even on wifi, and FB messenger is the only way I have to keep in touch. She's not even looking for a job. Has lost or quit 5 jobs in two years.

Just good to get away... Youngest was asked to go on a date tomorrow night. Crossing my fingers that it's a decent guy. She said he is more "country" where we live, that usually means more polite and traditional. I won't be home, but husband can meet him when he comes to pick up her up for dinner.

I don't know if I will get much scrap booking done...but at least I will be with other adults, served great good, and enjoy the outdoor environment! Ksm


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KSM, that sounds like so much fun!! A retreat. How peaceful and cozy! I dont scapebook, but my oldest daughter does. I have thought of starting :)

As for us, well, i have an odd work shift tomorrow at 12. But thats ok. We just planned to veg out before next weekend when i go see granddaughter with Jumper and her boyfriend. This weekend its still too cold to be outdoors to do anything fun, at least outdoors. I am so done with winter.

Look forward to reading more exciting plans by others. Have a great weekend.


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I think scrap-booking is absolutely adorable and some day I would like to do it. Seems relaxing too.

We are meeting friends tonight at the VFW for a fish fry. Have never been there or done that but husband is craving a fish fry.

Then may head down the road to see a band. This is one of our favorite couples to go out with. They live in the same town as us so we never have to travel far to get together.

Saturday we are having dinner at our son's house. It will be our two older sons and their girlfriends. We planned to do this once per month, rotating homes, but we've all been so busy we haven't done it since December so I'm very excited.

My husband flies home today after a week away for work so he is pretty wiped out but hopefully he can get some rest this weekend too. So ready for warm weather!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Well-Known Member was in the upper 70's here! Earlier in the week it was freezing and very windy, last weekend, our area of the state was battling wildfires! 9 homes were completely destroyed. My son had to evacuate his home for 3 days. The fire got within 1.5 miles of his place. But the wind was so high, that it was very dangerous.


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Sounds like so much fun! So glad you are getting away for a fun filled weekend. Enjoy!!


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Sounds fun, KSM!

My daughter and I are going to get facials this morning. It will be her first facial, though I get one every month.

We will go eat lunch and do some clothes shopping.

I will be going in my three-sizes-smaller-jeans-than-a-year-ago and feeling great!

Hubby and his younger son have gone to fish on the Mississippi and won't be back till evening.

Seems way to cold to comfortably fish (in my opinion) but they love it.

Need to do some cleaning later.

Hoping to have fish for dinner!