TGIF - Good Friday morning.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    :good_morning: We made it through another week!

    :coffee: HMJ is brewed & tasting fine this morning....I'm trying to catch up on board "antics" & goings on & thinking about yesterday & the day ahead.

    I was to see rheum doctor down at Mayo yesterday - our trip was called off due to weather. husband came home from a meeting downtown & very prudently said we aren't going to travel that amount of time with kt in the car & the weather that is happening outside. I agreed with him. While I want to get this stuff done I don't want to do it at the risk of my family.

    You see we experienced rain, then snow, then sleet, then ice....thunder snow storms. I'm not sure what's going on outside right now. I do know that I checked last night & the electrical wires were beginning to be coated with ice. Branches on the tree in my backyard are weighted down with ice & snow.

    Enough already - it's spring for goodness sake! :wildone:

    kt has a psychiatrist appointment today - I'm waiting to hear how long school buses have been delayed. I doubt our school system will call off school (though the roads look like sheer ice) - it never does.

    I'm done complaining - okay maybe not until this storm is over officially.:rofl::crazy2:

    Have a good day friends. I hope the day is calm - a good lead in to your weekend. Find a reason to smile, it's good for the spirit. :bigsmile:

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :cheerleader:We Made It! Happy Friday Morning! :happyguy:

    Linda, husband made a good call cancelling the Mayo trip. Hope your day is warm and cozy though!

    Moods are up here in central Virginia. After ten days of overcast blah, we had a beautiful day yesterday with endless blue skies and temps in the 70's. Everything looked so green and fresh. We are told to enjoy it as next week we'll have some 30's at night and low 50's during the day. Ahh, spring :try2fly:.

    I've got a busy day today. After taking difficult child to school, I'll hit the gym. Then rush home and shower before the cleaning crew arrices at 9:45. Then I'll be cleaning out the bird cages (a job I do not enjoy but I love the birds). Then I have to go over to the southside of town because the chair that matches my sofa (remember I got the new leather sofa in January?) has finally arrived. I'll go over and pick it up and hope that easy child can help me get it out and in the house!

    It's a busy day but a good busy. easy child is taking her ACTs tomorrow so she is staying in tonight and she and I are going to grill some chicken/apple sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions and pots on the grill tonight. We are going to enjoy the patio while we can! We'll grill difficult child some hotdogs, but I can guarantee you he won't eat the veggies :nonono:!!

    I hope you all have a Friday where the work part goes quickly and the relaxing part seems endless!!! What a dream! Enjoy :jumphappy:.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Sorry your appointment was called off and even more sorry about your weather-that just stinks! I have to say your bad weather beats our bad weather!

    Sharon-I'm so glad at least someone is able to enjoy some spring weather! Your dinner sounds delicious!!!! by the way, you asked about the recipe yesterday, unfortunately, it isn't low points. I just put Italian sausages in the crock with some tomato sauce. I bet if you used Italian turkey sausage it would still be good. I do use the whole grain penne which has 6 grams of fiber per serving. I hope you enjoy your busy day!!

    The weather here has been and is stinky though not as bad as Linda. Ours has been all rain. I bet we've had over two inches. The wind has been bad too. In fact, my gas grill is laying tipped over in the backyard in the mud. I'm hoping it isn't ruined.

    The rain and thunderstorms are suppose to continue today and we're even due for a rain/snow mix tonight into tomorrow morning. Grrrr!

    After work it's the club no matter what-maybe a nap first. I didn't make it there yesterday but today-no matter what I will.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:peaceful:
  4. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, everybody.

    Linda, sorry your trip got called off. You did say yesterday there was a big snowstorm expected. I hope you can get down there soon - safely!

    Sharon/LDM, I'm glad you had warm weather. Enjoy your patio barbecue tonight. Sounds lovely!

    Sharon/Wiped, I hope your gas barbecue is OK. Hopefully it's tough. The auto-ignition might be in trouble, though.

    We're terribly unfashionable - we refuse to get gas or electric barbecues, we still use an old wood-fired one. After all, we always have plenty of wood!

    difficult child 3 FINALLY finished his English assessment today. There is a lot of work still to be completed, more to catch up on, and the holidays have now started. I have a lot to push him to do. It's beginning to look like the problems he's been having, concentrating on his work, have been due to low medications. I spoke to the doctor yesterday, he's posting a new prescription. Today I dosed difficult child 3 on his old medications and he felt he was able to work much better. And no rebound tonight, which is amazing.

    The doctor said that if difficult child 3 has been growing fast lately, it could also be a factor. And my cleaner was here today for the first time in over a month - he commented that he's certain difficult child 3 is bigger than he remembered.

    It explains a lot!

    It was warm and sunny today, I have three loads of washing on the line, although it has to stay there now until well into tomorrow morning. Here's hoping it doesn't rain overnight - they said our sunny weather is almost done, we'll get a change sometime over the weekend...

    Enjoy your Friday.

  5. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Good morning everyone! We are having a morning of no rain!!! After teh storms we have had it is rather nice. I have to find out who is going to fix our road today, as well as some other stuff.

    LInda - I am glad you stayed home and safe. I hope today there are no accidents on the ice.

    Sharon/LDM - Enjoy your nice weather. I hope it lasts for you. Good luck to easy child on the ACTS!

    Sharon/Wiped - I hopeyour grill is OK. I hear you about hte mud, our yard is a disaster.

    Marg-If we had wood from trees easily available we would burn them instead of using gas too! In fact, I may cruise around for fallen limbs in the next few weeks so we can grill with wood. I prefer it.

    Today is my day for tracking down medical stuff, including my lost lab test results and my bone density scan results.

    I have to get ready to work an estate sale tomorrow!! Good stuff, plus on Sun I will get some free stuff!!! We get to pick things we want from whatever doesn't sell, then everything goes to the thrift stores.

    I also have to get some bins and turntables because I am re-organizing the kitchen. I got some great spice racks at Ross this week. They have bottles that automatically dispense the spices in 1/4 tsp amounts. I was SO excited to find them at Ross - they were less than 1/3 the price of new ones!!

    Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day!
  6. trinityroyal

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    Good morning everyone.

    Linda--I agree with the others that it was a good decision to cancel your trip. Stay warm and safe today.

    Sharon (LDM)--Sounds like you have a busy and productive day. Good luck to easy child with her ACTs

    Sharon (WO)--Gas grills can be surprisingly resilient. Ours survived 2 Canadian winters unscathed. Here's hoping that yours is fine.

    Marguerite--There's something about the flavour of food grilled over real wood. I can understand why you don't switch. Glad that you've gotten difficult child 3's medications sorted out. Growth spurts can throw everything off-balance, can't they

    ILMS--Hope your errands and running around go smoothly so that you can get home and cuddle up with a hot water bottle for your cramps.

    It's raining the proverbial cats and dogs in my neck of the woods.:rain-very:
    Judging by the flood I found in the kitchen this morning when I went to maky my morning cuppa :coffee:, it looks like we're finally going to have to cave in and get the roof replaced. It's about 5 years overdue so the roof certainly doesn't owe us anything, but Golly! the timing couldn't be worse.

    husband is still between contracts, and even working as many hours as I can stay awake and paring all costs to the bone, I'm bringing in just barely enough to float the family boat. So I'm wondering exactly where I will find the money for a new roof.

    husband is going through all the junk in the crawl-space, garage and attic to see what we have lying around that's yard sale worthy. Who knows...maybe he'll find a priceless antique buried in that mess that will solve the problem in one fell swoop (well, a girl can dream, can't she?)

    Happy Friday everyone.
  7. KTMom91

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    Good morning! So far all is well in Central fights, no fuss, no wildebeest, and it's supposed to be close to 90 degrees this weekend! Time for Hubby to set up my solar dryer in the backyard. I'm working this afternoon, second grade, and I've been there before, so it should be a pleasant afternoon.

    Have a wonderful day!