TGIF - Good Friday morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Mar 27, 2009.

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    We made it thru another week! :beautifulthing: Some of us by the skin of our teeth; others had good weeks with their difficult children but by God we made it. :angel2::bigsmile:

    I'll be here alone with kt for the next 2 days. I'm planning some mother daughter things. kt needs new undergarments ~ a shopping trip comes to mind. As all we seem to talk is the upcoming remodel kt would like to paint her room with PCAs help. We're heading out to pick paint & a bean bag chair for her room.

    I'm making (with kt's help) a lamp from an old bird cage stand for kt's room as well.

    Personally, I have items on my desk that have come thru the last couple of days to attend to. There's a bit of laundry & cleaning as well - you know, those Becky Homecky things that never go away.

    I believe I'll put together a batch of cookies to bake when kt gets home from school; she's been begging for home made cookies.

    If I get half of the above done I'll be satisfied. kt will be miffed but she's a teen & is always miffed of late. :angrygirl: She'll get over it.

    Here's to a wonderful Friday. Free choice & all. Enjoy!:cheerleader:
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    Sounds like you have a pretty busy day planned Linda! Pace yourself and take some time to do something for YOU, even if it is just watching the birds in the backyard or reading a book for 30 mins.

    Tyler is off of school today - they are having parent teacher conferences. I don't have one scheduled because the stinker didn't bring the form home last week. I will call later to see if we need one. Usually he is doing fine and things are "great" and a conference isn't really needed.

    So I will take some time to cuddle him and watch Pokemon (NOT my fave thing but he really wants me to). I have some chores for him to do and then we are maybe going to make a carrot cake. I got 5 pounds of baby carrots at Sams and they are AWESOME for my special carrot cake.

    Then I think we are taking Jessie and her BFF to see Witch Mountain tonight. I LOVED the original movies and I hope these are as fun. I just have to make Jessie find the popcorn bucket. We get fifty cent refills on it so we can AFFORD to get popcorn at the movies, LOL!!!

    I hope everyone has a great (or at least not horrible) day!!
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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, enjoy your shopping with kt. It sounds like a positive thing all round - new underwear, plus redecorating supplies. Exciting stuff.
    A thought on the repainting of the room - with your artistic talent, have you considered doing a mural on one wall? I did this in my girls' room, in acrylic house paint, a bit at a time as I could manage. I bought primary colours plus black and white. I did the sky first beginning at the top, lightening the blue as I worked down the wall. Then I did the green of the ground, then after that I painted a large tree (trunk and branches). Then I would mix up a tablespoon of green (yellow with a touch of blue) and I would use it all up by painting another couple of dozen leaves. That way all the leaves were a little different in shade, like nature. After that it was put in what I wanted, or not. I painted a bird sitting on a nest, then I was going to add some hooks onto the tree to hang toys but we never got that far. Anyway - just an idea.

    Susie, if you feel a parent-teacher conference would help, the school should be able to fit you in. Anyway, enjoy that carrot cake!

    I've been busy today, it's still busy (mentally) with difficult child 3 interrupting all the time so I can't get my own paperwork done. I have a meeting tomorrow and some work to do beforehand, but I need chunks of uninterrupted time, and having difficult child 3 still up doesn't help. Then the phone rang (late) and it's a friend who wanted to borrow difficult child 1 as babysitter, for a fairly long job (four days). This friend is always difficult to get off the phone, we have to go over and over what we've discussed and decided on, before she feels free to move on. And it's late, I still have a lot to do and my brain hurts...

    Today I had to head in to difficult child 3's school for quick meeting, then head home again. No stopping to shop, just home. I still had to pull over to catnap, then I got home to find difficult child 3 still needing to be pushed to work (so most of the school day had gone, no work done). He did actually get a lot of work done after I got home, but I was so tired when it was done! I was only mentally tired, so we headed out to the garden and difficult child 3 helped me pot up some climbing vines, then I went to mother in law's to put one in for her as well. Our mail-order was in, clothes we ordered a few days ago. Some of the order, anyway. So I tried on a dress I'd ordered for easy child's wedding, and it was too small. Another dress (a back-up, or easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding, whichever way it goes) fits well so one way or another I have something to wear to easy child's wedding as mother of the bride.

    difficult child 3 has finally gone to bed. I'm heaving a sigh of relief. He gets upset when I start to get snaky at this time of night, with the interruptions.

    Oh well, tomorrow is another day... and at least I got a fair bit done today, without getting physically tired anyway.

    My brain hurts...

    Enjoy your Friday.

  4. Happy Friday Everyone!

    Linda, it sounds like you and kt have some fun things lined up. I know that she will be excited about her room. The birdcage lamp sounds very creative. And, the cookies? Count me in!!

    Susie , hope you make it through Pokemon - I remember those days! Carrot cake is the BEST! I have a recipe that I adore, but because it's expensive (both in cost in calories) I don't make it very often. I know you all will love it. Enjoy Witch Mountain. It sounds like fun!!

    We have a bittersweet day planned today. Our beloved niece has been deployed to Iraq. We are meeting her at the airport as she is flying through here, and we'll probably be able to spend around 4 hours with her before she takes off. She joined the army ten years ago to go to medical school. Iraq wasn't really a blip on the radar screen for her then. She completed her residency in psychiatry at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington last year and she was sent to Fort Knox in Kentucky. We breathed a sigh or relief then, but a few months ago she was deployed - they say for 6 months. She works with children now, so this will be a HUGE change for her. Also, she is leaving her 3 year old daughter for the very first time. Of course, she is very distraught. But, she's a tough, smart girl and I know she'll make it through. We'll be sending care packages - to her and to the little one.... She's been so good to me, helping me out with difficult child. Her stepbrother is difficult child's age, and he also is an Aspie, so she has lots of insight. We'll miss her.

    easy child is trying to get someone to cover his radio show this afternoon (he is a DJ at the university radio station) so that he can come as well - so he'll be visiting this weekend. We always love to see him. difficult child didn't get his Senior Project completed for the deadline yesterday - so we going into the last quarter here. I truly hopes that he makes it - he has offers of our help as well as his mentor's help. I think that this project is a good test run for college. We'll see!

    My boss and coworkers had a complete and total melt-down at work yesterday. We have meetings every Thursday and they sometimes turn sour. My boss went to her office after the meeting and shut her door, which she never does. After a couple of hours I knocked on the door and went in her office to see how she was doing. She was crying and told me that she felt like a total and complete failure. We talked for quite a while and I suggested that she go home to get away from the toxic environment, which she did. She emailed me later and asked for some help with her job. We'll be talking by phone today as I work at home on Fridays...I really feel for her. It's tough being part of such a stressful environment. I work at home three days a week, and I'm happy about that!

    Everyone have a great Friday and weekend. Take some relaxing moments just for yourself.

  5. Sorry I missed you Marg...

    Sounds like a very busy day. I hope that you can get some rest worked in there... Sorry about the dress, I'm glad that you have a "back-up". A good friend of mine has daughters that are marrying within months of each other. She's so busy it's just unreal - so I can only imagine what you are going through.

    Funny thing, I had decided to get some flowering vines for my garden arbor this weekend - Carolina Jessamine. What kind of vines did you and difficult child 3 plant? I love a flowering vine - they add so much to a garden!

    Have a great weekend...

  6. artana

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    TGIF indeed. My youngest (who I was worried about) got suspended. He spit on another child. The child that had teased him the previous day. I talked to a behavior therapist and he said that when he watched easy child at school, he tended to whine a lot. That the other kids were reacting negatively to his whining and were being mean. He said that while it was wrong of the other kids, this happens enough in school that we need to get easy child's skin to be a bit thicker so he doesn't react so much.
  7. Good morning, all! Back from another business trip. Too much to do and ... I have the joy of parent-teacher conferences today. Lucky me! Well, difficult child hasn't been suspended yet this year, so it can't be too bad. Hope everyone has a good day!
  8. susiestar

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    Sounds like everyone has a busy day.

    marg - the teacher will HAPPILY fit me in for a conference as we have a great time chatting and lots of parents don't come. I am having a rough day and shouldn't drive though. We will have a phone chat and all will be well. thank you is having a great school year, as far as I know. His teacher is very communicative so if there were problems I would know. Thank Heavens!
  9. Andy

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    Timer - Wonderful mother daughter activies.

    Susie - I was wondering the same thing about Witch Mountain. I also loved the original. I think this one will be fun but missing some of the original flavor - too advanced for me?

    Marg - I hope you got everything done.

    One Day - It will be nice to see your niece. I hope you are able to give your boss the support she needs.

    Artana - I hope your youngest can work through this.

    Running - Have a great day!

    I stayed home today. difficult child has an 8:30 eye appointment so we have to get out the door in a few minutes (and I am not dressed). Our Fargo appointment is cancelled - there are involuntary evacuations and major roads closed for sanding truck use only up there. I hope it is opened by Wednesday.

    husband is around today so I am going to go into work for awhile after the eye appointment.

    No school here today either.

    I hope everyone has a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  10. Marguerite

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    We planted pink Mandevillea. I put a pot on each side of our front gate, where husband erected a gateway pergola last weekend. I still have a lot more gardening to do, this was just a start. A good start, though.

    I've also got some Chinese star Jasmine cuttings hopefully developing roots. I have a brick wall I'm trying to cover with it, but I need cheap (preferably free) plants to fill it out.

    Heading for bed now.


  11. lizanne2

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    I am so happy to be back... I will do my signature soon.

    My weekend---- daughter has saturday detention so IGET TO GET UP EARLY!

    Looking forward Occupational Therapist (OT) a spring weekend.