TGIF.....Good Friday morning

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    Made it thru another hectic week.

    I'm awake way too early but don't want to go back to sleep quite yet. I have the day entirely free - to myself. No one to bother me.

    kt's not coming home until tomorrow morning for a pass so I can take today & get some bills paid, laundry done & a general clean up about the house. And really sleep. One really big nap.

    I need to schedule the one outing for kt & myself tomorrow - hair & manicures. I haven't had a manicure since my wedding day. After that it's home to various & sundry chores then a friend of kt's is coming over to hang out.

    I'm going to be baking some cookies & Chex mix to take on our long trip to WI for T'giving this next Wednesday; that with butterscotch popcorn (my dad's favorite treat).

    Have a calm day all - hope your difficult children are cooperative & you find at least one reason to laugh out loud today. As always, leave you loved ones with loving words.
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    :thanksgiving11: Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!

    Good Morning Linda! You certainly are up early, I have class in 35 minutes so I have an excuse! Are you and kt taking the train to your dads? I bet you are excited to be back with your family - and for Thanksgiving makes it even better :thanksgiving1:. You and kt have fun with your manicures tomorrow and enjoy that big nap!

    Busy day ahead, but it's all good. easy child is coming here after she finishes up at the gym this morning. She will be vacuuming the steps and cleaning the bathrooms while I'm just running the vac and doing a quick dust - house is clean - just needs to be refreshed! Big cousin's weekend starts Saturday morning and culminates with the Skins/Cowboys game on Sunday. My dad's family were big skins fans and he and all his sibs (native Washingtonians) had seasons tickets. We all grew up going to the games with our parents. Since this is the biggest game of the season, we thought it appropriate to end on that note! The best part is my baby sister will be here too!

    Going to do a grocey run and a craft store run today too. I've been looking for a new Christmas wreath (I have a non-standard front door - it's extra wide) and just haven't found "the one". I think I'm going to have to make my own!

    Hope Friday morning finds you happy! Make a good free choice today :thumbsup:

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-You seem so full of energy this morning, I'm glad you have that nap planned in-you know important I think napping is:sleeping: by the way, feel free to drop off some of that chex mix as you pass Madison next week-it's one of two of my all time favorite snacks!

    Sharon-Your weekend sounds likes a ton of fun!! Some of my best childhood memories are from hanging out with some of my cousins! I say some because I have 42 first cousins-36 from my dad's side so some were quite a bit older or younger so I didn't get to know them as well! Enjoy your weekend!!

    I was up way too late last night running errands and then baking pumpkin bars for Saturday night's early Christmas party in Michigan. We leave after school today and tomorrow husband and I are going to the Michigan vs. Ohio State game. It will be nice to have a day away from the kids. We'll meet them at the Christmas party as they will already be there hanging with their aunts, uncles, and cousins.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, enjoy your break. The hairdresser and manicures tomorrow sounds like a great time together planned.

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like a busy day planned tomorrow with the big game. I hope it goes well.

    Sharon/WO, Christmas parties already? I suppose I can't talk, I've got one next weekend...

    I've been getting some sun time over the last couple of days. I didn't get to the beach today - mother in law rang to let me know she was getting the bus to the shops, she needed to go out to get medications. That bus trip would have been hot, bumpy and hours long. So I stepped in and offered to drive her to "the mainland" in my air-conditioned car. As it turned out, it was a good thing, because the pills she desperately needs are out of stock everywhere and we needed to get the pharmacist to ring the company and fix the problem for us. We dropped difficult child 3 off at the speech pathologist's while we were out, dropped inthere on the way back. difficult child 3 has some exercises to do.
    We got home in time for me to cook an early lunch before going to the beach but by the time we were finished, the clouds were gathering and the storms were looming. I spent a bit of time sunning myself on the deck, I'm starting to get a bit of tan already.
    Then the storm hit - spectacular. Finally a particularly large thunderclap signalled the rain, but only for a few minutes. I went out to see if I could get wet, but the path was barely damp, the rain gauge was completely empty. There had been a short burst but so brief you could see the individual raindrop splashes on the path. It was all dry in minutes so I went back out for a bit more sun time and Vitamin D. Then there were a few more light drops, so I went back inside.

    It was 37 C today (that's body heat), it's cooled down to 32 C here now (almost midnight). That is as cool as it will get. Tomorrow will be another scorcher. I had a cool shower earlier on, I'm sitting here in a thin cotton nightie with the fan blowing.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll get to the beach. The trouble is, tomorrow is Saturday and the tourists will be in. Nowhere to park!

    I'm not sure if the Catastrophic Fire Danger rating still holds tomorrow. The storm this afternoon being mostly dry, it set fire to some houses on the other side of Sydney as well as lit a number of fires.

    The weather is on the night news as I'm typing this - hottest day since those bad bushfires (38 C) and Catastrophic rating. There were choppers overhead today, I remember, as we drove through the bush. It's been really hot today.
    They say it will be cooler tomorrow, but even hotter than today, on Sunday. And Sunday is when husband & I (and difficult child 3 & mother in law) will be in Wollongong, out in the heat. I've promised to be there. Pray for rain, folks! That will cancel our obligation for Sunday! Either rain, or pray for not such hot weather.

    I know I wanted it warmer, I prayed for summer over our winter, but not quite so much of it!

    Oh well, time for bed.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  5. Yes, it's finally Friday!!!

    Linda, your day sounds absolutely delicious... nothing beats a good nap. Your upcoming trip and time with kt sound like lots of fun. Be sure and pace yourself. Even fun times can be exhausting...

    Wow, Sharon, your day will be busy. I hope you find just the right wreath. Christmas is so much fun. I love our attempts to light up the short, dark days. It gives us hope :)

    WO, those pumpkin bars sound delish. Enjoy your game and your day away from the kids.

    Marg, I'm so glad that you were there to assist mother in law with her medications. I know she really appreciates you and your kindness. The prayers are going up for cooler weather and some gentle rain! Hot temps are not my favorite, it's just so difficult to get comfortable. I think that a trip to the beach would really assist.

    Today's a big day for easy child. He's going to defend his thesis. He was up late last night, baking cookies and making hummus for his advisors. He had a last minute snafu as he had neglected to complete an online graduation request. The dean of the graduate school was digging her heels in and refusing to let him graduate next month because he had forgotten this form. I'm proud of the way he handled the problem on this own. He asked one of his advisors to assist and she finally relented - as long as he brings her a "late fee" in person today. Yes, he'd be glad to do so !!!

    He tried on his suit (it's a little big, but it will do) and showed us his new I-phone app that works as a remote control for his power point presentation. Yes, he's pumped.
    It's really good for difficult child to observe all of this activity. Nothing teaches like example!
    easy child had difficult child have been spending a lot of time together this Fall. We're paying easy child to transport difficult child to his classes and it's really been a win-win situation. The time together has been good for them both.

    I'm working at home today (my favorite!). I can get so much more accomplished without the constant interruptions at the office. Maybe I'll fit in a workout at the YMCA.

    easy child will be treking back from the University tomorrow, and we plan to celebrate at a new local restaurant "Cakes and Ale", which has had excellent reviews. The owners grown all of their own food and the ale is locally brewed. The menu changes daily according to the plants of the season. It should be fun!!

    I hope that everyone finds a few moments of peace and solitude within their busy days today.