TGIF - Good morning, my friends....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    :good_morning: It's Friday! Made it through the week - almost. :bigsmile:

    The hmj is brewing - looking forward to that first sip :bloodshot:. LDM it's a deep French roast with a touch of French vanilla roast mixed in just for a hint of that flavor this morning. I always feel special - like I'm eating a rich desert when I drink the French Vanilla roast blend of coffee in the morningl

    kt has no school today - totally forgot until I looked at the calendar last night. And she has a psychiatrist appointment this morning. Already updated the report I do each month so I don't waste time sitting in his waiting room filling out the same form. I already track this stuff on my computer - just print it out & I'm on my way.

    We're stopping at Subway for lunch on the way home. She & I decided to share a teriyaki sub for lunch & more importantly to split a big old chocolate chip cookie. We have other treats here at home but no chocolate chip cookies. I need a new paint brush so we'll be stopping in at Michael's; kt has earned the next book in her series of cartooning/facial expression drawing that she has been working on.

    I'll be picking up a magnified desk lamp along with a magnifier so I can try to knit again. I'm going to check out the return policy before I spend a great deal of mony on it.

    Back home to watching a couple of chick flicks of mom's choice - husband will be working anyway.

    Enjoy your day. It's Friday - a happy day (or so I'm told :talkhand: ). Take time for yourselves. Hug your loved ones.
  2. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, Linda (and all to follow).

    That coffee smells wonderful, I do have some French vanilla coffee beans, I think I'll go and grind a cup. No choc chip cookies though, I'm being good. Not that I eat them anyway - I long ago gave up biscuits, cake, etc.

    The chick flick session sounds good, too. Right now we have "Love Actually" on free-to-air TV, and the boys plus easy child 2/difficult child 2 are watching it. Not difficult child 3, though - he's heading for bed soon.

    I was thinking of going for a walk this evening, but it's bucketing down outside, it's been getting heavier over the last hour. It's been a hot dry day, but cloudy. The clouds have finally burst. I just checked the radar - Warragamba Dam is getting a lot of this too, a very good thing. Maybe if it eases off enough in the next hour I can go for that walk.

    Tonight is the opening of our art exhibition, the session where people go to be seen and to mingle with the artists. I don't go - it's too crowded to see the paintings, with all the social climbers in the way. Besides, it's a wine & cheese night and costs $10 or more to go, when I can see the paintings tomorrow, in a much emptier auditorium, for $2. And I will still get to talk to at least some of the artists, it just won't be with everybody else seeing me with them, or seeing me acknowledge by them because they happen to recognise my face.
    OK, I know it sounds catty, but I do get very bored with the local art snobs; the genuine art-lovers I like, though. And they're the ones I will be more likely to see tomorrow.

    I had to get another antibiotic injection today, I'm struggling to beat this infection. My derriere is getting very sore. difficult child 3 insisted on watching. "I have to harden my heart," he said. Translation: he has to desensitise himself to needles.

    I can hear thunder rumble now, but this can't last much longer. There just isn't that much moisture around. The rain gauge was bone dry this evening, before this storm began.

    I wonder how the exhibition opening is going? I suspect they'll all hang around a bit longer, rather than try to dash home in this, wearing all their finery.
    I probably should go - for a writer, the range of people and what they are wearing is wonderful grist to the mill - those who dress up, and those who deliberately dress down and flamboyantly, as if to say, "I am too important to NEED to impress people." But it is all 'dress to impress', regardless.

    Sunday's fair should be fun - multiply the opening night by 100, relax things a bit, add in a strong dash of honesty - enthralling!

    I like to watch...

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone. [big clap of thunder - rain stopping]

  3. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good Morning,

    Linda-It sounds like a nice but busy day you have planned. :D Sounds like you are starting it off right with your hmj:coffee:

    Marg-I'm glad you are getting the rain but sorry it interfered with your walk. Sounds like you will enjoy the art exhibition tomorrow:painter:

    I am so glad Friday is here. It has been a long week and I feel like this:bloodshot: After work today we will go see difficult child. Hopefully we can get visiting hours moved up so we don't have to hang on the west side of town too long. Then I hope to get to the health club:treadmill: and to bed early as tomorrow husband and I (and even easy child though unwillingly) have to be at the regional wrestling tournament that difficult child's club is hosting. We have to be there at 6:45 and will probably be there til 4:00.

    Enjoy your free choice Friday!:bigsmile:
  4. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :wine:Yes, we made it through another week!! Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!

    Linda, hmj sounds great - you know I have my cinnamin-charged cup right beside the laptop here! Sounds like a great day with kt - you girls have fun at the craft store :painter:!

    Marg, I do love thunder storms :windy:! Hope your Saturday is not filled with too many chores!

    Sharon, talk about a killer Saturday - or you could say a Saturday killer :rolleyes:. I think it speaks to your family's character that you are giving an entire Saturday to wrestling even though difficult child is not there. Get to bed early tonight and sleep well.

    Yippee! Not only is it Friday, but it's my every-six-weeks pamper day. Going to the salon this morning at 9 :lipstick:.

    difficult child is bringing a buddy home from school this afternoon for a couple hours. Then he and I plan to hit the book store. He's looking for some new mangas and I'm looking for a book his therapist recommended - I think it's called "Is this Normal?". I'm looking for a book to help with the sexual issues that boys go through in puberty. I have a book about his changing body and stuff that he and I have been through together, but I need a little more detail about (hope I don't get banned), self pleasuring and such. Want to be able to be honest and open with him.

    easy child is up and getting ready for her DECA trip. She gets picked up at 7:30 and will return late Sunday afternoon. So, it's me and difficult child for the weekend!!

    Hope your Friday is a great one!:kisses:

  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Friday morning all.

    Linda, the hmj sounds yummy although I must confess to being a plain coffee person. Flavors don't seem to agree with me. Sounds like a nice day with kt.

    Marguerite, glad to hear you got rain. Fingers crossed it eases your drought conditions. My old town of Dallas got an unusual helping of snow. Amazing. We are in full spring mode in NC. Daffodils and trees are blooming everywhere. Hope you enjoy the art show. I attended an art auction on the cruise ship. I'm sure it could have been a snobby sort of thing but the young auctioneer really put everyone at ease and had a good time with it. I'm not a good judge of art. I just like pretty pictures. :rofl:

    Wiped out, hope you get a good nap. Frankly I would skip the wrestling thing. It seems like a sacrifice you and your family can ill afford. If you don't stop the wild merry go round now while you have a chance to regroup as a family and with easy child at this time it's not going to happen for a long time. Dump the tournament and take easy child out to lunch or shopping. It's a bit sad to make difficult child's activities a priority even when he isn't there. Just a thought.

    LDM, enjoy the bookstore. I always loved going there. The books were a great resource for my son's. Hope it works for you. At Residential Treatment Center (RTC), difficult child was taught that private things are private. It's why bathrooms have doors. difficult child has never been inappropriate. We dodged a bullet with that one. Whew.

    Seems difficult child has gotten a job. It's 5 hrs /day 5days/week with a job coach. Yay! It's good for him and good for us. Now if he can only keep it and do well with it.

    My easy child is coming home for the weekend. He is pretty upset about our dogs diagnosis. I think he needs a bit of home too. The dogs biopsy and illness are just an excuse but I'm pretty relieved to see him. It has been an awful week and we could use a change in the conversation and house. As we know a college kid who come home for a visit assumes every conversation is about "them". :bow:and :check_writer:, Honey sue had a bone marrow biopsy. Ugh. Hope we don't have to deal with anesthesia again. She was not a happy camper for about 8hrs .

    Have a good weekend. Think good thoughts.
  6. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Well-Known Member

    Good morning. :coffee2:
    Linda- It sounds like you and kt have a nice day planned. Enjoy the cookie!:bigsmile:
    Marg- I hope you enjoy the much calmer art show today. :)
    Sharon- I hope you can get in early to visit to difficult child, you seem exhausted.:bloodshot:
    LDM- Have fun at the bookstore. I hope easy child has a great trip. :thumbsup:
    Fran- Congrats are in order for difficult child! Way To Go! I hope you enjoy your weekend with easy child, even with all that's happening with Honey Sue. {{{Hugs}}}:good_morning:
    I have another insane day, hopefully my last for awhile. Duckie has a day off and will stay here with-husband (working from home!) until my friend gives me a call to grab Duckie and drop her off at her house for awhile. by the way, Duckie has been very unpleasant.:clubbing: I will do fish fry prep this morning until this afternoon and then supervise a cookie booth at the fish fry from 4 to 7pm. Then I bring back the left over cookies to the service unit leader. All this in what should be a snowstorm. Ugh! When will this winter end?!?!:blizzard:
    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in.
  7. meowbunny

    meowbunny New Member

    Sounds like good things planned for today and this weekend by many of you. I'[m jealous.

    I had the pleasure of being woken up at 4:30 am with a child with a sinus infection. Waiting for the urgent care clinic to open at 9:00 am. In the meantime, I've been putting hot compresses on her face, making her take hot showers for the steam (did you know that steam can set off a smoke detector rofl) and drinking lots of tea. Amazingly, it has helped.

    On top of this, we're under tornado warnings until at least noon, possibly longer.

    Definitely not a TGIF day here but we will get through it and, so far, nothing really bad has happened, just a lot of inconveniences. Think I'll be taking a long nap after the doctor's appointment.
  8. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    Good morning!

    Linda - I don't drink coffee but husband made himself a pot of french vanilla this morning and it smelled great.

    Marg - oohh, I love art shows. I hope you enjoy it tomorrow.

    Sharon(WO) - I hope you have a good visit with difficult child. Is he doing any better?

    Sharon (LSM) - Judy Blume's "Then Again, Maybe I Won't" is a good one for that issue. It is a fictional story of a boy who is going through that stage of life.

    Fran - I'm so glad easy child is coming for a visit. I hope you enjoy hearing all about college and his friends you will never meet.

    TM - I hope Duckie is able to turn it around and have a good day.

    Meow - Enjoy your nap!

    Today is D-day for us. I'll post the details in its own post, but it will be hard.
  9. sandman3

    sandman3 New Member

    Happy Friday to all of you!

    We have rain that wasn't supposed to be here until tonight, but it's already coming down strong out there. :rain-very:

    I'm off in a couple of mintues to take my Final Exam for my Ethics class.....EEK, I'm sooooo unprepared it's not even funny!:dont_know:

    But, I'm looking forward to tonight....lots of rain, hanging out with all my boys for movie night, popcorn and hot cocoa!

    And best of all.....NO having to get up early tomorrow!!!:sleeping:

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  10. Jena

    Jena New Member

    hi guys

    ok i'm not as good as all of you lol i can't list everyones names lol :)

    i just wanted to say good morning to everyone and i hope everyone has a great day. yup alot of rain tonight. that'll be nice i can stay in and not feel guilty about it.

    i'm going to paint today it's what i've been doing most of week our living room, bathroom and our bedroom. i took break yesterday but i'm going to try to become functional today if i make our home look better it'll bring us all a little bit of peace and tranquility i hope