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    Good Morning Friends,

    Friday is here at last! I thought it would never get here. I turned our heat off last night and slept with my windows open! How cool is that? According to the forecast I'll be turning the heat back on tomorrow but for today it is suppose to get to 82-whoo-hoo!

    After work today it is either to the club or home for a nap. Right now I am feeling like the nap will win but we'll see! Later tonight husband, our niece and I are going to a late movie-we're seeing the one with Russel Crowe in it (the name is escaping me right now.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

    Marg-yesterday you asked about Tilapia-it is a type of fish.
  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- Enjoy the good weather and movie!

    Gymnastics was cancelled yesterday so we ended up with a really easy evening last night. Woo hoo! Today I'll work in the afternoon and take Duckie to a Girl Scout Dance for selling so many cookies. It should be fun because one of my friends will be there.

    Have a great day! Hi To anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, family.

    Sharon/WO, I just by luck refreshed the page, or I would have posted simultaneously. THanks for the info about tilapia - I hope it worked out OK and tasted great. A good beer batter is the best way in the world, to batter fish. Very English. And from an Aussie point of view, about the only decent thing you can do, with English beer!

    TM, well done to Duckie for earning a place at the dance. I hope she has a lot of fun.

    I've had a really busy day and I'm tired. We found out today why difficult child 3 was being so horrible last night - he was Ok this morning behaviour-wise but a bit scatty. Then I noticed a cough, I mentioned it to him, he said he felt he had a bit of a cold. Then he checked his temperature - yep, mild fever. Which would have made him extra tired last night, and when he's tired he is totally unreasonable.

    I had invited difficult child 1 & daughter in law for dinner tonight, then as a spur-of-the-monent thing yesterday, I also invited easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2. And guess what? No sign tonight of difficult child 1 & daughter in law. I'm sure they forgot - it's not unusual. I'm so glad easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 are here to help us eat the banquet. If/when difficult child 1 & daughter in law turn up for a meal, I now have lots of leftovers, I not only did a roast chicken dinner tonight, I also made a crockpot full of chicken stock, a Sri Lankan curry (currently in the fridge) and osso bucco. By letting them chill overnight before any thickening, I can let the fat set and remove it. The flavours also blend through better. So if the kids turn up for lunch or dinner tomorrow, we've got home-cooked fast food.

    And if they don't - then we've got meals ready-cooked for when we get back from Newcastle after the wedding. We'll have easy child & BF1 (he'll be sister in law by then) next weekend, overnight before they fly to Thailand for their honeymoon. So we'll have driven like made, south from Newcastle, and come home to an easy reheat of a slow-cooked gourmet meal. Assuming we have room for it, the restaurant where the wedding reception will be, serves wonderful food!

    One week to go and counting. This time next week, we'll be right in the thick of the wedding reception.

    Tomorrow is Anzac Day, husband & mother in law want to go to the dawn service. I'm hoping to go as well but it depends on how I'm feeling - I began to cut back on prednisone today and the pain is more apparent today. If I have a bad night, I'll skip the dawn service. Also, I don't know how difficult child 3 will be in the morning.
    There is breakfast organised for after the dawn service, but I didn't eat any of it last year, it was all bad for my diet. And there was a huge crowd! It's good to get together with people and talk, I also have some Anzac business to discuss with some people, so I do hope I'm well enough in the morning.

    mother in law wants to put some flowers on the cenotaph tomorrow, we weren't able to buy any flowers though, so we both cut some flowers (including weeds!) from our gardens, I need to put it all together into one bouquet in the morning. I'f I'm not there, husband will have to do it. I've included some olive branches to represent the Greek campaign where father in law was captured; some flowering herbs for the hillsides of Greece; some lavender for colour and some Ned Kelly grevillea flowers for the people at home they were all thinking of. I wouldhave put in some branches of bay (the original laurel, for valour) but my tree is looking a bit the worse for wear at the moment. Maybe next year...

    and one more thing I need to do tonight, is help easy child 2/difficult child 2 work on her bridesmaids dress design. I'm so tired...

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  4. It's Friday!!!!

    Good morning everyone. Sharon, the weather sounds wonderful! Enjoy your nap :) as well as the movie. Aren't weekends wonderful?

    TM, I'm glad you had a little rest yesterday. I hope that you and Duckie have lots of fun at the dance.

    Marg, So sorry to hear that difficult child 3 is not up to speed. I hope that he is feeling better soon. The curry , chicken, and osso bucco sound delish. Curries are my absolute favorite. Your family is lucky to have such a wonderful chef in the house. Only one week to the wedding? Time goes quickly. Enjoy your preparations, but do get some rest when you can.

    Things are busy here as well! I'm driving to North Carolina tomorrow to spend the day with my Mom - it's her birthday and she'll be 82! She is in amazing shape for her age, and she still faithfully works at her two volunteer jobs. I'm convinced this keeps her healthy. We just going to have a girl's day together. easy child and difficult child are both graduating next month and they are working furiously on last minute projects and preparing for exams. easy child has his oral boards May 7th and difficult child has his Senior Project panel presentation on May 6th. That will be a busy week...

    Everyone, enjoy your Friday. Find some moments of peace for yourselves amongst the busyness of life....

  5. Andy

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    Wiped Out - Our weather must be heading your way. We had that 80 degrees yesterday and today is suppose to be high 50 (if even that). Enjoy it - it was wonderful (shorts for the kids).

    Tired - What a fun night for Duckie tonight.

    Marg - I hope difficult child 3 catches up on his sleep and that you feel better tomorrow morning.

    One Day - Enjoy your day with your mom. I hope your kids have productive days as they work toward the ends of their school years.

    I am so so so glad today is Friday! I have been working hard at getting extra hours in at work and found out yesterday that they are in so I can leave work early today and Monday and on time on Tuesday and still have the hours I need in!

    We head to psychiatrist and therapist appts this afternoon. I am a little stressed because husband will be coming and possibly Diva. I have to be strong and remind them that today they are tag-a-longs. I have a list of places I need to get to. Somehow when they are with, I am the one to sacrifice what I want to do - not going to happen today and I am not going to put up with their whining!

    I think difficult child and I will start out early today so I can go to the bank before school and stop for breakfast somewhere. Wonder if I need to fill up with gas? Don't think so.

    Today is chances of scattered storms but atleast they are rain and not snow!

    difficult child just came to me about his math grade. He asked the teacher how he was doing. Sounds like a C or C plus but is heading toward a possible B plus by the end of the year. He wanted to know if he should ask for extra credit work to help it along. He doesn't think he needs it if the grade will end up as B plus. I told him it may help get an A minus if he does extra work. We will see.

    difficult child was singing "Jesus Loves Me" in his sleep last night. The day school kids sang that at the funeral last week. I am not even going to ask him about it but would be interesting to know what was up with that.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  6. hearts and roses

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    Good morning, everyone! TGIF, indeed!

    We're supposed to be getting that gorgeous weather also - I think it goes until Tuesday of next week!! I am wearing sandals (which made me realize I'm overdue for a pedi).

    I am taking my assistant to lunch for Admin's Day today. Nice. Enjoy the day everyone!